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What To Do When the Land Fills with the Wicked?

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As the wicked fill the land. Remain faithful to Jesus. This has happened before. The people of Judah were surrounded with people who believed in different gods. They cried to the Lord collectively and God delivered them. Our job is to remain faithful to Jesus. Perhaps, if we cry out to Jesus together, he will hear our plight and deliver us. Prayer alone has never been the answer. We must do all of his commands.

That means put the alcohol down and be sober. That means turn the pornography off and use that time to work or study. That means make a plan to pay off all your debt. No excuses. God is going to help you. That means owning a vehicle within your means, which means not paying interest or a monthly car payment. Be content with such things as you have.

If it impossible to be delivered from the monthly car payment, don’t stress, but have a plan to pay it early. You should know how much money you are hemorrhaging every month. If you do not know this, God is not going to help the wicked and unprofitable servant.

Those who own homes will have the greatest hemorrhage (interest payment against you). Have a plan to pay your home early. No excuses. God will help you. Fear is counterproductive when God says he has not given you that evil spirit, but instead has given you the HOLY SPIRIT of POWER.

If you believe you must remain in debt and be its slave, then you deserve your slavery, but God throughout the Scriptures, has made his faithful people lenders and not borrowers. The disobedient servant is enslaved as God’s punishment for disobedience.

The majority of the wealthy today are that way because of fraud. God is reserving their judgment because his people seek to serve their gods, instead of him. Because God loves you, he will cause you to remain poor and impoverished until you wake up and cry out to him with obedience following. The Lord’s hand is not too short, but your sin causes your calamity and lack of peace.

There are a lot of black conscious people on youtube who talk about the Bible as if they know the author. 99% percent of them do not have theological degrees, but utter foolishness about its content and when you look at their life they are found wanting. They boast about wearing someone else’s name and take pride in liabilities.

Take pride in knowing your name is written in the lambs book of life. Take pride in your self-control. Take pride in owning your own home and car, instead of giving all of your money to the bank in interest. Take pride in money made on your credit card and money market account and fund. Take pride in giving to those in need. Take pride in giving to an institution that furthers the Kingdom of Light.

I did not speak on credit cards or student loans and yes they both carry interest and a plan should be made, however I would seek to own a home first. Find yourself an affordable home and make a plan to pay it off. Do not let fear stop you. God will help you. Seek God as you seek a home and buy the one he gives you peace to buy. The bank will always give you more home than you can actually afford. Make a plan before you seek a home, how much it will take to pay it off early. I would still get a thirty year loan, but work to pay it in 10-15 years.

You should start paying on your vision (home) as soon as you can. By paying on your vision immediately and not the vision of another you are investing in your future. By paying on your vision early, you align yourself with the mindset of I can pay this off early and I do not have to be in debt. You also carry this over to your credit cards and student loans. Remember, God will help you.

The demon of limitation and fear will try and choke you. Take your hands and choke the air before you and say look demon. Hold your hands out and say in Jesus name go straight to the pit. Why? This house serves the Lord Jesus Christ. Now make the action and throw him into the pit.

Do not think the fight is over. It has just begun, if you did the above in faith, but God will help you.


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I must confess that I have been bitten. The werewolf did not do it. The vampire is not the one guilty. It was someone else. Someone I met long ago. Someone that touched the fabric of my clothes as the oil dripped from my forehead. I recall the anointing.

I recall the power of God grabbing a hold of my mind and changing my thoughts. I was going in one direction, not the group, and found another. I changed the way I dressed. I changed the way I spoke. I changed the way I viewed life. For the first time I viewed life from an eternal perspective at not local.

No one told me to change. The Holy Spirit told me to change. I chose to be obedient. He chose to continue speaking. Disobedience closes the mouth of God and like the children of Israel you will wander aimlessly without direction and live in confusion.

Some believers, so called, said to me it does not take all that. You are being legalistic. Those same believers, so called, have cheated on their wives, lost their jobs due to drunkenness and have molested their children. I hear the words previously spoken “it does not take all that.” Really!!

Why would God in his complete awesomeness give us the Holy Spirit if he wanted us to continue living the way we lived without him? Why did he send his only Son? For me to say “it does not take all that?”

I assure you, it takes everything we have to live holy.

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: Matthew 7:22- 24

Are You Growing Up?

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Are you progressing in your walk with God? – Are you, “growing up in all things concerning Him?”  If your answer is, “Oh yes, – I’m learning so much.  I have gained so much knowledge.”  You may need to ask yourself if the knowledge you’ve acquired has transformed your life?  There is a great difference in gaining knowledge and information and putting that information into practice every day.  The book of James says we must be “doers of the Word and not hearers only.”

Each week we hear some of the best preaching in the world.  There are loud “amens” along with thunderous applause as expressions of agreement to the anointed Word being preached.  As you leave the sanctuary, you join with others in exclaiming what a great message you just heard.  But what do you do with  that “great message” once you leave the parking lot?  True Pastors are anointed to give us a Word from God for the purpose of encouraging us, giving us hope, equipping us, correcting us, challenging us and ultimately causing us to mature in Christ Jesus.  This is true every time you hear the Word taught, whether it’s Sunday morning, or evening or at a weekly Bible study.  So when you hear the Word taught, I challenge you to ask yourself, “How am I going to walk this out? How do I live this?”  Because that’s how we mature as Believers.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what He wants to do in you through the Word you heard.  If you’re still doing the same things you did when you first became a Believer, struggling with the same issues and you’re hearing the Word taught consistently, there’s a problem.  You’re not growing.  The Word of God will transform your life if you’ll “do the Word.”


Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman: Satan’s Attempt to Mock God

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You may have seen in the media a transformation taking place in the public for the world to see. A man known worldwide adding a “wo” to his man and becoming a woman. What better person for Satan to select … Continue reading

CAST OUT Diabetes mellitus

For those who have been following my blog you may have noticed that within my life there has been significant growth in my walk with Jesus Christ. As a followerer of the Lord, I seek daily to grow in his wisdom and in the truth and POWER of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for the sacrifice that the Father has given, by releasing his Son to die for me. I am grateful; he saw fit to write my name, as I believe, in the lamb’s book of life. I currently await his return or my death to meet him face to face.

Last night I spoke to a spirit called Diabetes and cast that spirit out. I wanted to let you know why this spirit has access to the body. First and foremost it told me sin. As I drilled down this evil spirit told me idleness and masturbation. Now, this spirit had some other spirits I will not mention along with it, but at the root it was sin.

Now, I will say that diabetes may come from generational curses and other forms of disobedience to God that the individual did not commit, however, if you have blatant sin in your life, the Bible says its wage is death. This evil spirit told me he got there six months ago, he was not generational.

If you have diabetes and want deliverance you can contact me. Make sure you believe in Jesus and you are fighting your sin. Jesus said, when a demon is cast out, not to go sin again, or your second state will be worse. This is true, as I have cast out demons from the same person and they had more, just like the Bible said.

Also, if a notable miracle, which in my opinion is not a miracle, it is just an evil spirit with a particular function being removed, a doctor should be used to verify. God tells us to test the spirits. Deliverance should be tested as well. Luke was a physician in the Bible.

P.S. If you are playing mature video games, watching horror movies, of course pornography, demons have told me they have the capability to enter from the screen. You have been warned! Gluttony is also a sin.

For those who watch horror movies you may notice weird things happening in your home, they are demons and you need deliverance. Somewhere along the lines we as Christians have learned to play with sin instead of confront it and remove it. The Bible tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Let’s be obedient to God and enjoy having our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

If Jesus was not so kind and good, he would leave us in our mess, but he said, come to me. I will lift your heavy burden and give you rest.