Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.19.38 AMI recall from the womb the first touch. The touch of the hands of my mother. The touch of the hands of my father. The touch of the hands of the doctor. The touch of the hands my Christian School Teacher, who would lay hands upon my head and speak a mystery, she called tongues. The touch of the greeting members at church. The touch of the coach. The touch of my first girlfriend. The touch of my brother and sister. The touch of my friends embrace, after facing trouble. The Bible has a lot to say about touching.

The unholy and immature thoughts of the godless may at first be offended. The abused and those hurting through inappropriate touching may strike cords of hatred, resentment and anger. Touching has been a tool used to manipulate and cause anguish, but there is a touch that brings healing and warmth. All touching is not good and there is an appropriate time for touching and a time to refrain from doing so, but in its proper season it is powerful.

The women with the issue of blood cried within herself if I but touch the garment of Jesus I would be made whole. Many where healed through the touch of napkins from the apostle Paul. The anointing may be transferred through touch (1 Tim. 4:14).  The letters you see upon the screen appear through the touch of my fingers upon the keys and if you glorify God from reading this post, I assure you that God will touch you.

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  1. Love how you connect touch to the heart of God…yet acknowledge the difficulty for those who have been victims of the wrong kind of touch. God’s touch is powerful! Good message!

    • I appreciate your comment. God uses people to bring people closer to him through touch. I will never forget a meeting I attended with a pocket of believers and one individual embraced me and because of the genuine embrace I returned, in fact, I thought of not returning, but the warmth of that embrace made my mind reconsider and go again.

  2. So true.Love this post! Thank you. 🙂

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  4. excellent. we all have within us the need to be touched in the right way…to feel the comfort of another human. It is so sad that many have abused this and made people afraid to hug or touch.

  5. We all have the same words available to us as we try to convey a thought in our writing. I like the ones you chose and the way you put them together.

  6. This is such a powerful and thought-provoking message! I’m glad I stopped by this morning. Thanks for visiting my blog! God bless you!


  7. Thank you for this reminder! You have a great way with words

    God Bless 🙂

  8. As a musician of many years, i normally don’t like worship music, but this is great stuff… love the article too, you should flush it out a bit more, has great potential for explosive points!

  9. This is a gorgeous post. Very glad you found my blog so that I might find yours.

  10. I firmly believe, endorse, and manifest the power of casual touch.

    Good post, Roger. I’m glad I checked you out.

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  12. I really enjoyed your blog. Thank God for using You as his vessel to
    spread his word. May God continue to Bless And Keep You.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I Am A Witness For Jesus Also.
    I Love And Need Him Too! Your blog gave me strength to keep on
    keeling on,

  13. I’m smiling, what a lovely post.

  14. Thanks for following me at Lyn Leahz and God bless you. If you haven’t, you might want to check out my other site, Thanks again! And have a blessed week in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  15. This post was very touching =)

  16. Thank you for allowing others to feel the touch of God today through your words.

  17. There was definitely something tactile about the spreading of the Church as recorded in Acts. If one were to be convinced of the happy arrival of Messiah he would first have to see a “hands on inclination” in His followers. Not just words.

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    Very effective explanation of the power of Christ

  19. Talking about this stuff puts a smile on my face!

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