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Weathering the Storm

As a believer in Jesus Christ the first thing you must understand is that this world is not your home. Do not forget this. This is important. I know you have decorated the home and everything looks nice, but you are a sojourner. This thought must be fastened within your mind.

Now that you understand that you live in a temporary home, whether you paid off the mortgage or not, you understand that all storms are temporary. They will all pass. A believer in Jesus Christ is an eternal being. The concept is difficult to grasp, but nonetheless truth.

While you live in this temporary body you are subject to invisible warfare. Because many believers miss the first paragraph, it becomes almost difficult for them to get the second and even this third. It is because you are stuck in the natural. If you had the eyes that I have you would see all around you demons and angels. God has given me eyes to literally see light battles within my home. These spirits interject thoughts within your mind constantly. Everything you do will either help aid in your success of the battle or give the enemy the leverage he needs to bind you.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, you cannot afford to let thoughts slip. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (2 Corinthians 10:5). When you allow thoughts to slip, you have just entertained fear, lust, and worry. Just because you believe in Jesus does not make you exempt, unless you catch demonic thoughts immediately and cast them down.

I will give you an example that happened to me on Friday, while I was out feeding the homeless. If you have read my blog for some time, you already know my weakness in the flesh is women. I know I have some company here. Don’t judge me incorrectly. We all have weaknesses. Anyway, the day was ending and the time for cleanup had begun. So, I went to the truck to get some cleaning supplies and before me, was a beautiful creature that God had created and she started to campaign (flirt) and immediately I felt the spirit of lust. I cannot remember what she said, but I know exactly how I felt. It was a super good feeling that I almost entertained, but as it came I cast it down within my mind and the feeling left and thank God I was saved.

Here is the thing. The spirit of lust would have entered me, if I did not cast it down within my mind. I could see she had the spirit of seduction, because of my gift, nonetheless all spirits use our weakness to get us to accept something so they can enter.

Your weakness may be worry or fear. The spiritual method is the same. Calamity comes and immediately the feeling of fear hits, now you have a very, very, brief time before fear enters and it is when you have accepted it. As a believer you should be filled with God’s word. The Bible says, “The Lord is my sheperd and I shall not want” this should immediately be the thought that casts down the thought of fear. Once fear enters he now controls you and you will need deliverance. This means fear will have to be cast out of you. You can be coached and see doctors and pastors and still be bound until that demon has been delivered from you. You will experience worry and fear over minor and minor things, some things that have occurred and things that will never occur.

Never underestimate the power of demons. If I had entertained that girl with the spirit of seduction, the devil would be sure to use it to destroy me. His mission is to destroy us all, by whatever weakness he can exploit.

A good baramoter for effective warfare is measuring the hours you spend watching television and the hours you spend reading your Bible. If you spend 105 hrs a week, which is 15 min. a day reading your Bible and you spend 210 hrs. a week watching television, that is one thirty minute show a day, do not be surprised by the infiltration of demons. Most shows teach demonic doctrines, so do not be shocked by your lack of power in God. Imagine the discernment you would have if you changed the times around.

The devil is a roaring lion always seeking to destroy you.


laying hands

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. – 1 John 4:1-3

Recently, I have been in the path of those who claim to have gifts of healing, but they refer to their power coming from the Most High God. They deny Jesus. Some have even asserted to be in control of demons and are using them instead of the other way around. The delusion is thick, as the evil spirits have meticulously allured them through the flesh.

Do not allow these people to lay hands on you. They may heal you, but you will now be cursed and the healing does not come without evil spirits entering you. The moment you accept, like a vampire needs to be asked in, you have opened yourself up to demonic infiltration.

Any means of accessing the spirit world outside of Jesus Christ is a direct invitation to evil spirits. Yoga, meditation without Christ, automatic writing is demonic. There is no question whether each of these things, give you an experience, because they do. Because they have been designed by demons using man and demons have power.

If you are receiving what science calls sleep paralysis, you have demons. If you experience them pulling you out of the bed, you have demons. If you wake up in terror, you have demons. If you wake up screaming or have fear of sleeping with the lights off, you have demons. You have either allowed a false prophet to deceive you or some trauma in your life has allowed them to enter.

Side note: if you are obedient to the demands of the demons they will not attack you in the night. If you try to come to Jesus they will attack you. If you go in a different direction then they desire they will attack you.

So how does one get the above things to stop for good? Jesus. You confront the issue by confessing Jesus. Believing from the heart that God raised him from the dead and asking him for total deliverance.

Also, God has given certain men and women the ability to cast devils out. Only make sure their God is Jesus and not some ambiguous Most High God. Do not be deceived by this. Jesus is the only answer for mankind.


Lil Wayne gets an Illuminati Eye Tattoo on his Face !!!

Lil wayne
The phone is ringing. Can you hear it? Pick it up. Jesus is on the line warning the nations of the world that his time for arrival is approaching. Can you see the acceleration of demonic worship?

People abusing their flesh with tattoos in harmonious praise to evil spirits that most are unaware exist. The illuminati is a term that is being thrown around as a secret society that is exposing itself more and more. Why? Satan’s time is winding down.

Parents must be vigilant with their children or you will raise pagans. These musicians and entertainers (i.e. WWE, Olympics, Football, Actors) are aligning themselves under the same symbols for a reason. The dragon is striking already.

This year is going to be more difficult for Christians to breathe. Do not fret. God has already promised the victory to those who remain in the faith. Do not be ignorant of Satan’s devices are you will be swept up. Like Lot’s wife you will look back and become a pillar of salt.

Examine your heart. Do not put too much stock in this world. These musicians are glorifying and normalizing evil. The generation coming up is more ignorant of this because they grew up being programmed by television from out the womb. Many will not see until the evil descends upon them and they cannot escape like in the days of Noah.

There is going to be a lot of death in 2015. Many will not make it and unfortunately hell hath enlarged herself. It is time to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. He gives his obedient children eyes to see the unseen world.


Spiritual magic and powers from mysticism and spiritual catalyst are real. They have power given to them in their eyes, legs, privates, backsides, walk, hands. and feet. There may be more, but this should suffice. These individuals can be very dangerous. Some unfortunately make their income from using these powers and will have a difficult time coming out of this heavy deception.

Now this power is not from Jesus the One True God, but the god of this world. They have been given power to heal and can produce real results that is why the deception can be so thick. But here are ways you can identify God’s power from an imitation as far as I see. Sin.

Women, I come across will dress seductively and use sex. They have an evil spiritual power of seduction in their eyes. Those not protected by the Holy Spirit will not be able to resist them. Not all of these women know they are using demon power to produce these results. Many believe it’s harmless and focus on the immediate results, not seeing Satan’s payoff their soul in hell. It literally hurts me. The deception is so thick. Heterosexual women can be seduced by these women as well, so do not think this gives you protection. A relationship with Jesus Christ is the only protection.

Also, do not let them lay hands on you or listen to their demonic instructions. They have power that is evil and will give you evil spirits that will manifest in a healing, but your end will be destruction.

Also, this heart sign that everyone is making is demonic. When you listen to someone that tells you to picture an arrow going through it, there is an evil spirit moving inside those who are not protected by the Holy Spirit.

Men, I come across using magic, meditation, spiritual catalyst will also have evil spiritual power of seduction. They will have charm and smoothness. Women call this swag, but it is an evil spirit. This is more visible when a guy is not physically attractive and can manage to have beautiful 10’s around him. Nevertheless, the Bible says that every man should have his own wife and everyone women should have her own husband. This is the mark of the Holy Spirit.

People using evil spiritual power appears to be growing and many are being initiated into the kingdom of darkness. There are youtubers pushing this who have 100,000’s subscribers and they are destroying many.

You will know them by the fruit they bear. Jesus is ALL POWERFULL! He alone gives the perfect gift from above with no shadow of turning.

Satan gives booby prizes. A reward that ends in destruction.

If you are being tormented contact me and I will lead you to live a righteous life in Jesus Christ.

CAST OUT Diabetes mellitus

For those who have been following my blog you may have noticed that within my life there has been significant growth in my walk with Jesus Christ. As a followerer of the Lord, I seek daily to grow in his wisdom and in the truth and POWER of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for the sacrifice that the Father has given, by releasing his Son to die for me. I am grateful; he saw fit to write my name, as I believe, in the lamb’s book of life. I currently await his return or my death to meet him face to face.

Last night I spoke to a spirit called Diabetes and cast that spirit out. I wanted to let you know why this spirit has access to the body. First and foremost it told me sin. As I drilled down this evil spirit told me idleness and masturbation. Now, this spirit had some other spirits I will not mention along with it, but at the root it was sin.

Now, I will say that diabetes may come from generational curses and other forms of disobedience to God that the individual did not commit, however, if you have blatant sin in your life, the Bible says its wage is death. This evil spirit told me he got there six months ago, he was not generational.

If you have diabetes and want deliverance you can contact me. Make sure you believe in Jesus and you are fighting your sin. Jesus said, when a demon is cast out, not to go sin again, or your second state will be worse. This is true, as I have cast out demons from the same person and they had more, just like the Bible said.

Also, if a notable miracle, which in my opinion is not a miracle, it is just an evil spirit with a particular function being removed, a doctor should be used to verify. God tells us to test the spirits. Deliverance should be tested as well. Luke was a physician in the Bible.

P.S. If you are playing mature video games, watching horror movies, of course pornography, demons have told me they have the capability to enter from the screen. You have been warned! Gluttony is also a sin.

For those who watch horror movies you may notice weird things happening in your home, they are demons and you need deliverance. Somewhere along the lines we as Christians have learned to play with sin instead of confront it and remove it. The Bible tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Let’s be obedient to God and enjoy having our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

If Jesus was not so kind and good, he would leave us in our mess, but he said, come to me. I will lift your heavy burden and give you rest.