Pulling Your Power Out

It is hard to believe, but the human body is capable of housing a legion of demons. One human has the capacity be filled with over 3,000 demons. Each with a separate personality and function. Although, they have the same master and follow the same playbook, they each have specific functions on the prism of evil that may be performed on earth.

Considering that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we also have our own spirit within the center of our being, angels and even God is able to occupy a space within the vastness of what is considered our being. Very difficult to comprehend and so complex that no one knows how it all works, but God allows us to catch glimpses or parts that enable us to grow spiritually.

What this means is that we must cling to the Word to be free to obey the will of God. Demons are fully aware of our blindness to them and work diligently to stay hidden, while working behind the scenes to destroy your life and those you love.

You may have the gift to cast out demons, but be aware that your level of anointing has a limit and some evil spirits are so powerful and can withstand so much torture that even after you feel light, there may be stronger ones that you cannot see.

Now the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and God alone is to be feared, because he alone has hell’s keys and decides whether your fight of faith was acceptable. It must be stated that faith without works is dead. Your salvation is a gift in so much as your faith (work) is able to receive it. The Bible states that many will think they are God’s servant and will discover later they were the servant of Satan.

How does this happen? There is no fear and trembling in the working out of ones salvation. Fallen into the demonic attack that God doesn’t require much from us is a lie that many in hell today have fallen victim to. God requires a lot and Job tells us that man born of women is few days old and full of trouble. So how do I pull the power out?

You must recognize first the darkness within and call it out in Jesus name. You know the areas of your life where you are not faithful to God and behind those actions there is a demon. Call that evil spirit out. It may be lust, fear, pride, anger, worry, limitation, anxiety, envy, or depression and many others. Call out whatever is wrong in your life by name/function and tell that evil spirit to descend into the pit in Jesus name. You must call that evil spirit to the floor and recognize his work. Laziness is another evil spirit. Once you have done this, until the point of a physical manifestation, then ask for Jesus to fill your entire being with more of him. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and forgive others and ask for more of him in your life.

Let Jesus know that you want to be hidden and crucified in him. That when people see you they see Jesus because you have died and no longer live for self, but whatever the Father wills. You want to operate through Jesus love and not your own. You want to operate through Jesus peace and not your own. You want to operate through Jesus joy and not your own. When people see you they see Jesus because you have emptied your will and ask Jesus to fill you to overflowing with his will. This is how you pull power out.

It is not humanism, pulling on some vague inner strength, but a replacement of your strength, you connect to Jesus and pull from him. Just like the woman with the issue of blood. She knew how to draw from Jesus, now you know how to draw from Jesus as well. Everything you do is by faith, but you are working out what I have already written.

Preparing the ground through forgiveness, Calling out the darkness, and asking for the filling and replacement power source in Jesus name.


‘Big Brother’ contestant’s daughter dead in apparent suicide amid recent string of teen deaths in Ohio town

The teenage daughter of “Big Brother” houseguest Amber Siyavus died in an apparent suicide on Monday, making her the fourth student from the same high school to have died in the past six months.

Lexi Tomcavage, 18, died Monday night and her death is being investigated as a suicide, the Stark County Coroner’s Office told Fox News.

The coroner’s office also told Fox News four other teenagers from Perry Township have died in the past six months, and their deaths have been ruled as suicides. One of the deaths is still being investigated but it is a suspected suicide.

The teenagers’ ages range from 14 to 18.

The answer for your children is Jesus. There is no sufficient purpose to live without the knowledge of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit. There is no sufficient power without the Holy Spirit.

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

Protect your children from Satan the destroyer by training them in righteousness, so that they may be covered. Pray for those affected that they may turn to Jesus and repent. People without God are under a curse and their heart may be turned to and fro by the whim of Satan. Pray for them.

The Problem With Moving Forward And Maturing

There is this idea for some that Christianity operates on point A to Z spectrum. You start at point A (unsaved) and you move to point B (saved by the blood) and with Biblical study and obedience you move to point C (holiness) and point D (extreme holiness) and so on. There is a verse that reads, “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord (2 Corinthians 3:18). Naturally, this would suggest that your so called progression makes falling that much more difficult as you are now mature in Christ, but you would be wrong.

The same flesh that controlled you before salvation is not deactivated in salvation, it is only contained as you stand guard and make sure it doesn’t escape. Your maturity in Christ is the amount of knowledge you hold about the things of God, but does nothing for your ability to walk in obedience with God. Ask Solomon how wisdom failed him. He did not keep watch over his flesh and it escaped and it took over and he married many ungodly women who turned his heart from God. Wisdom alone is not enough to keep you.

What keeps the believer is God’s grace and our purposeful attention to watch on a daily basis. This means both day and night. Our failure to watch will be our demise. It will not be your knowledge or your wisdom, but your faithfulness to watch your flesh and make sure it is contained. Sometimes people get the idea that deliverance equals cure. No deliverance is like flu medicine. It helps with the feelings of sickness, but it does not cure your body. No your body continues the fight, until the sickness is contained. You are never cured, given the right environment and the flu will be upon you yet again.

If pride was an issue when you were lost, it will be an issue when you are saved. If lust was an issue when you were lost, it will be an issue when you are saved. If anger was an issue when you were lost, it will be an issue when you are saved. Moses spent 40 days in God’s direct presence and in an instant his anger & I would say his pride flared up and he had to return to the mountain top. That is how alive our flesh is. Paul said, he beat his body and made it obey him, his body and our body will fight us. It does not like the law of God at all. Sinning is so easy, but walking in obedience to God in our weak area is not. We must fight it and watch for it daily. If we fail to watch, we will fall.

Every believer would love to have a wand that made obeying God in our weakness easy and sinning difficult, but no such wand exists and no such believer within the pages of Scripture did not struggle with their flesh on a daily basis. It is one reason, you should take each day one at a time and do not borrow worry. There is already enough evil in one day to deal with, don’t add evil from another day.

What I Learned From 2017 – My Thoughts on 2018

Christianity under attack is not new. The war against God’s children will not cease and the war on the ignorant to keep them blind will never cease. The war against light and dark, predates the creation of the earth and will not end until God is ready. So what have I learned from 2017 about the strategy that Satan is using against God’s children?

To the church of the United States of America, I have seen your works and how some of you are resisting abortion, sexual immorality, and the political attacks on Christianity in the media, film, television, social media, & and movies. I also see under the same umbrella you support financially the things that promote Satan’s agenda by handing over your dollars to the very same people who support sexually immorality, abortion, and political attacks on Christianity. Your mouth is saying one thing, but your actions are saying something entirely different.

I have seen white Christians in particular support the system of white supremacy and require pressuring to give lip service that race doesn’t matter, but every action they take is saying something entirely different. When challenged about the disparity between white and black wealth in a supposed Christian nation on statistical paper they ignore the reality, sidestep, lie and dismiss the millions of blacks who experience the assault of white supremacy on a daily basis.

I have seen black Christians in particular support charlatans in the pulpit as they make merchandise of you and you foolishly continue in the same way, even though you still live in poverty. The black and white wealth gap has increased while your false prophets have lied to you about the blessings that God promised. Is God a liar? I think not. You live in denial and you are wasting your God given gifts.

It is no secret that Christians and the unbeliever need money to survive and thrive. Satan and his children know this more than Christians do. The advancement in sexual immorality, the black & white wealth gap, and US Christian persecution is the result of political funding in the market place. Satan works hard to make Christians think poverty is a badge of honor. The Bible says that money answers all things and it is a great defense. The children of light need to learn this now for 2018.

Satan is sending out legions of evil spirits of limitation, specifically designed to retard Christians. In 2018, the focus will be to strip the Christian out of all their wealth. These evil spirits will be working overtime to get you fired from your job, cause division in your family and give you feelings of euphoria to enter bad relationships and fund the ungodly through vain purchases. Your mentality going into 2018 should be to make calculated spending that promotes Godliness. Before you go to the theater, you should know what the director funds, the actor and actress and don’t fund your own demise. You cannot escape funding the devil in some way or another, you would have to leave the planet, but you should minimize spending disposal income on deviltry.

In 2018, hold your pastors accountable. If they are not spending more money in changing policies that effect you as a citizen in the United States of America and protects and emboldens you as a Christian, fire them. Serving God should result in tangible results of change. No one in America can say they have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. The foundation of Christianity is known. We must move past the foundation and start working on the structure itself and get this building up.

White Girl Decides To Speak With Two Black Teenagers And Jealous Angry White Men Attack Them

“A white girl started talking to one of my black friends and they were running it with each other and she had a boyfriend and her boyfriend got mad,” Shannon Dumas explained. From there, Shannon Dumas says the conversation escalated and more people gathered around. “And I asked him if he wanted to fight and he said, ‘Yeah,’ so he was like yeah, so I took my jacket off and when I took my jacket off, somebody hit me with a bottle and I fell and they hit me again and I fell again and they started jumping me,” Shannon Dumas added.

He and his cousin, who was also injured, insist they did not throw the first punches. They say five or six white teenagers surrounded them and attacked. “The dude’s friends ended up sneaking me from behind and they had pulled me by the hood of my jacket,” Sam Scott said. Sam Scott has already been interviewed by police and given names of the boys he says were responsible, but the mothers feel like the case is not being taken seriously. “Down here, to me, it’s like when you’re white, you’re right.” “I feel like if they would have done that to them, they would have been in jail the same night.” “To me, nothing is being done and it’s not right. They could have taken my son from me that night. All I want is justice.”

Grady Gieger, 25, of Prairieville, was arrested Friday. He is charged with second degree battery. Dylan Recotta, 19, was also arrested Friday evening. He is charged with second degree battery as well.

Jordan Hitt, 21, was arrested Thursday, December 28 and is charged with aggravated second degree battery.

The incident involved two black teenagers who were reportedly beaten by a group of men for talking to a white girl. The victims, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, both had to be transported to a local hospital to be treated for injuries they sustained in the incident. The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

The incident garnered a lot of attention after the mother of the 15-year-old victim took to Facebook about what happened.

2017 can’t end without another lynching over a white female choosing to have a conversation.