Directed Thoughts

Our thought life as Christians is crucial to our growth and sustainment in the will of our Heavenly Father. Our meditation in the morning and at night works to perfect our ability to cast down imaginations that work to exalt itself above the knowledge that we have of God.

Our meditation keeps us from wandering in our flesh and allowing the devil to receive  a foothold in our life. It is our meditation that keeps us connected to Jesus. It is the abiding in him that grants us access to God’s power to produce righteousness and operate in spiritual gifts.

When we fail to meditate on the Lord Jesus Christ, we fail. Our flesh is weak and cannot be depended upon to commit righteous acts without deliberate doses of Jesus in the morning and night. It is your thought life that will determine your success in Jesus and whether or not you will be prepared for His coming.

Your meditation is watching. Your directed thoughts are making you ready to receive the power of God. Your directed thoughts makes you a good husband or wife. A good father or mother. A good brother or sister. A good friend. A good boss. A good employer and employee.

God requires us to take responsibility for directing our thoughts on Him.


The spirit behind the scene: When I knew I liked black men

Rachel dolezal
You may or may not be aware there is a push for self identification. Canada has recently made there national anthem gender neutral. New Bible translations are removing the gender identification and female school teachers are now asking to be called Mr, instead of Mrs. or Miss. The advances in technology and our ability to communicate via the internet has made the transmission of evil that much quicker. Satan is riding on a high current today.

The video attached is an example of a new identity crisis that Rachel Dolezal made famous. A white woman wanting to be a black woman since kindergarten. This woman goes into great tragic detail about her experience with pencil shavings and black markers to make herself black and finally the best way to be black is to pursue relationships with black men. Anyone who watches this video and is familiar with Rachel Dolezal will understand immediately why this is a problem from the standpoint of white supremacy, but this situation goes deeper.

It is demonic. From the beginning, Satan tempted the woman with something outside herself. God said, everything was good and Satan comes along and says, not really. What you have is not good enough. So go ahead and put tattoos on your body. Go ahead and pursue that career, even though your husband makes more then enough for you to raise your children. Contentment is Biblical and presupposes God supplying your needs, but discontent is demonic and a chasing after the wind. So the woman runs and runs and runs, until her discontent becomes depression and depression becomes suicidal and she dies while living.

This is the vision that Satan has for the woman and the method is demonization through chasing the wind, instead of chasing Jesus Christ and becoming satisfied in Him.

A 12-year-old girl is in custody after a shooting at an LA middle school

Two students were shot, and at least three others were wounded, after a shooting in a classroom at Sal Castro Middle School in the Westlake district on Thursday morning, and a girl described as a “person of interest” is in custody, authorities said.

LAPD received a call of shots fired at a school in the 1500 block of West Second Street about 8:55 a.m., according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison.

He confirmed the original call was made at the middle school, which is located on the campus of Belmont High School and located near downtown L.A.

Sgt. Edward Bernal of the Los Angeles School Police Department said two students were shot, and that the victims — a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl — were transported to a local hospital.

This is the result of teaching children yoga in school instead of Jesus Christ. Teaching breathing and saying affirmations, instead of teaching them Christ. This is the result of parents using psycho babble to raise children instead of the rod. This is the result of our judicial system supporting white supremacy instead of justice.

The next generation coming up will make this generation look like children in their evil deeds. It must get a lot worse before the Lord comes in.

Yoga Instructor accused of murdering twin pretended to be her, boyfriend

The trial for Alexandria Duval, the woman accused of murdering her twin sister by driving their car off a cliff, entered its second day Tuesday, bringing disturbing testimony from the deceased twin’s boyfriend. Frederico Bailey, who dated Anastasia Duval, said Alexandria dressed up as her sister after the car crash that killed her.

Alexandria dressed up as her sister, wearing an outfit she had worn just a few days prior, and tried to flirt with Bailey, he testified Tuesday.

“She began cuddling up on me, it seemed like she was flirting with me,” said Bailey, who was dating Anastasia at the time of her death, according to the New York Post. “She sat down beside me really close and lay her head on my shoulder. She put on Anastasia’s clothes. I started talking to her about what happened, she avoided answering any of my questions.”

Alexandria, 39, was behind the wheel with Anastasia in the passenger seat when their car plunged 200-feet off a cliff in Hawaii, where they lived, in 2016. Alexandria sustained major injuries but survived the crash, though Anastasia did not. Alexandria pleaded not guilty to her sister’s murder, maintaining it was an accident.

Prosecutors, however, claimed the crash was intentional.

Witnesses said they saw the twins arguing in the car before the crash. Chad Smith, a resident of Maui, testified that he passed them on the highway before the crash and saw them arguing but could not hear anything. Smith said he was forced to swerve out of their way to avoid them.

“The girl that was on the passenger side [and] she was yelling and yelling and yelling,” said Cecelia Kupau, according to People magazine. “And that’s when the girl who was driving the car said, ‘Call the psychiatrist, I need a psychiatrist.’”

They are teaching yoga in schools today as a way to control students. Pray for your children or they will be demonized by the yoga teachers that are feeding your Pre-K, and Kindergarten children.

Who knows the countless ways that Satan will use their bodies for his service in the kingdom of darkness.

Babel NightClub Assault


At the Babel NightClub or the antichrists club, Sophie Johansson, 19, was assaulted by an unknown man  that grabbed her between the legs. She responded by pushing him away and the man responded with a punch and bottle over the head. Due to the lack of evidence the case has no leads. Police are appealing for witnesses in order to reopen the case. The devils club had been previously bombed in November.

Hopefully, this young lady thinks twice about hanging out in the devils house with the expectation of righteousness being the norm in Satan’s house. Over 90% of the females who attend nightclubs will have unwanted physical sexual attention. This will never change. It is foolish to think you can demand or expect holiness in a den of iniquity.