Is Black-ish Dangerous for Black People?

Blackish is dangerous for Christian children. Especially dangerous for black children. It questions gender. It questions God. It questions whether prostitution is a good choice. It questions and mocks Jesus and prayer. This show is highly demonic. A propaganda piece to destroy and confuse black children. If you find this humorous and think its harmless, you are dead wrong.

You want to know why you have sickness in your body and grieve all the time? It is because you suck down demonic teaching (poison) like a nutritious meal for  people who desire constructive living. The idea of questioning everything was the same formula Madlyn O’hair used to promote taking the Bible out of schools, and prayer. We see how well that is working in our school system, with children out of control and shootings. Just think about the shootings you don’t see on the news. The news only catches the tip of the iceberg and what they want you see.

Anyway, protect your children from filth and they will not grow up filthy. They will grow up as servants of the most high God and not blemishes on your record, but citizens of Christ. You must watch (pray) and keep your children from evil. God is holding you accountable as the parent. If you do not watch, then Satan will run through your house and destroy everything in sight. You will look stupefied and wondering why my children behave this way, I have told you now. This is demonic television programming at its finest.

Nothing passes the subconscious like a good laugh and then watch my house get filled with depression, doubt, and confusion.

Protect your children. Hide them in the Lord and then sit back and watch them shine when all your hard work has paid off and your children are successful in the Lord.

Gorilla Spirit

Gorilla Spirit,
It has come to my attention that there is a spirit behind the idea of people coming from monkeys, apes, gorilla’s whatever you fancy. It is called the “gorilla spirit” and its function is to deceive mankind into following a false doctrine. There is a continuing battle for your mind to be filled with damnable heresies that lead a persons soul to hell. It is this spirit that resides in all those who hold the doctrine that Europeans, Africans, and Asians are descendants of primates.

When this spirit is interwoven within the fabric of ones mind coupled with the desire to be free of God’s law, it works wonderful to deceive the masses into believing God does not exist. It is Satan’s primary objective to disconnect humans/mankind from that of their creator. He works diligently to sever this relationship so that his rule of law may be accepted and ultimately man will find no future after death, but hell.

This spirit is backed by Lucifer who in turn will give its victims fear, confusion, and doubt. It is a horrible cocktail designed to keep the victim blind. They cannot see any logical conclusions, but are driven to find others filled with same spirit to make sense of the disconnect found in man coming from apes. Once joined with other powerful demons they become a huge force to reckon with. They solidify this false doctrine in books and legislate laws to make this lie a national truth. It is here where the white man demon is installed.

Through natural selection the white man becomes superior and all nonwhite people become inferior. If you watched Star Wars you see this played out in John Boyega’s character. His inferior role as a lead star is sickening and demonic. Once fully engaged it becomes a global idea pumped into the system so that the entire globe may be affected. White supremacy is demonic. It starts with the gorilla spirit and then its pushed out using spirits of limitation for the impoverished.

The biggest lie Satan has performed is on the ones who think their superior actions will go unchecked and unpunished by God. God is only using them to be a blessing as he has called the weak, foolish by the worlds standards, impoverished to be rich in faith.

Fear not child of God. You cannot convince the person filled with the gorilla spirit that he has been made in God’s image using logic. It requires an awakening of God’s revelation within them. Your role is to keep persistent in prayer.

Pray  that gorilla spirit is broken. Pray that spirit off your family members. Don’t let up in prayer. Say Jesus, that evil gorilla spirit on my wife, husband, father, mother, brother, sister, coworker, friend I spoil your house and send you to the pit in Jesus name. Your work and hands have been broken. Your power has been stripped and your destiny is fulfilled. Now in Jesus name.

Exposing the Devil’s Playbook

exposing devil's playbook

It is a simple strategy on the outside, but it is still hard to maintain because of pesky praying Christians. The world without our presence would be hell on earth. The church is responsible for true hospitals and true charitable organizations. Not like the philanthropy of Bill Gates (another discussion).

The first order of business is communication. Make sure that my message is communicated the loudest and the longest. Start using Disney. We will teach them magic. You must get them young. I want my demons to fill their heart early. If I can get the father or brother to molest the girls it makes our job easier. Make sure my message is preached on all outlets. This includes mailing seductive advertisements with witchcraft on them. This includes television, radio, and Internet shows. This includes preschool all the way to a doctoral degree. Make sure our message is concentrated in seminary.

As they preach and teach the message we gave them, their hearts will belong to us. Whatever good they think of, will be like filthy rags to God. Keep filling the children with our message. They will become my greatest allies.

The current Barna study indicates that nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching the age of 13 (43%), and that two out of three born again Christians (64%) made that commitment to Christ before their 18th birthday.

The second strategy is to bully the Christian message. We must censor them. Have them use God in their music instead of Jesus. I have thousands who are my slaves in the “Christian” music industry and they will unknowingly be singing my praise. They will not miss the name Jesus from the lyrics. Our greatest hits will not have his name. His name to us is evil. It must not be in our tongues at all. Use the name God that’s fine. But that name is going to be problematic. Have them sing about ocean waves, stars, and their troubles, but they had better keep Jesus name off of their lips or else I will strip them from the fame and the glory I gave them. As long as they sing my praises unknowingly I will send them people to worship me and those people will glory in them and not in Jesus Christ. The band or artist name will be on their lips and not Jesus.

The third strategy is our most difficult. Preventing the power Christians from opening their powerful lips. These are Christians who spend hours everyday in prayer. God hears them and they are very dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. These Christians are the ones holding us back from inflicting more pain on the earth. These Christians are resilient and many of them, you will never see in the open. Make no mistake God has given them power to open hell and cast demons inside. Our best strategy against them is to exploit their weakness. Keep in mind they can still be dangerous. God’s grace allows them to fall and then get back up. Some of our greatest weapons against them is python, appoloyon, and my warrior evil spirit. We will discourage them from praying. Send ungodly people to argue with them, let my servants waste their time. The main goal is to use whatever you can to stop the stream of prayer. Because of their righteous living, God hears their prayer and their cries are damaging to our kingdom. I took prayer out of schools because when children pray to Jesus, its like the venom of a baby snake more lethal than adult snake. Let’s get to work and end all Christian prayer. I am working on the military now to remove the invocations/prayers from their ceremonies because some of those chaplains are problematic to my kingdom. Prayer to Jesus must simply be stopped at all cost. Wherever you see it. Interrupt it. Do not allow children to pray at all. Stop them early.

The fourth strategy is to kill them. This strategy as you know can only be done with God’s permission. It’s not really a strategy as some of these martyrs do more harm then good to our kingdom. It is almost better to make them look like fools in front of the world, this serves us a little better. However, I understand your hate sometimes just drives you to kill them, when permission is given.

I want to thank Beyonce and Katy Perry. They have successfully, all by themselves I might add, delivered over 1000 people to hell. Their music was the catalyst. Good job on those suicides and club deaths. I am raising new artists that will replace you, and if those numbers don’t increase your future existence is on the line. – Your slavemaster, Satan

The Mystery Behind – Sleep Paralysis

sleep paralysis,
This post is not for the normal Bible reader. It is for the Christian who operates in the Spirit and possesses gifts found in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and the book of Acts and Timothy.

Let’s start off with the lies you hear about sleep paralysis. You must live with it. You can only cope with it. It is all in your head. These are all lies. As a Christian you have been told by the Scriptures that you do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual beings in heavenly places. These spiritual beings are not friendly ghosts, but demons sent on an assignment to deceive and destroy.

Sleep paralysis is a demon. He is a gateway demon. He opens the door for your spirit to enter the spirit world, while being in the body. It is like being inside your self as a little man, while looking through your eyes. As the gateway demon he allows the demons within you to make a connection with you, these can be demons of fear or lust mostly. You will either be connected with sleeping with a demon in the spirit world, who will appear as a human that you fancy. They know you, they have been inside some of you for decades. The spirit of fear is used to torment you with either suffocation, night terrors, end of the world scenarios, death or simply giving you a glimpse of their terrifying physical appearance.

Deliverance from sleep paralysis is possible through simply casting out the evil spirit. I have done this for family members who have reported to me that since I cast it out, they have not been tormented since. It seems to be an easier evil spirit to remove. Of course, heavy use of horror films or pornography are gateways inviting a host of demons to fill and use your body as their playground.

Sin is serious business.

If you have this and want prayer let me know in the comment section. You don’t need to be specific. You may simply say this is my lot.

Christianity For Seekers

Jesus died for you. If you believe and follow him, he will save you from the coming judgment. This means that your sin will not be held against you. You will become sinless before God as he becomes your scapegoat. You will be filled with the Holy Spirit of God and He will guide you.

The first thing to consider: “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

Get Baptized by immersion by a man of God:

“Look! Water! What prevents me from being baptized?” And Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.” And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”Acts 8:36-37

Read your Bible:

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, – 2 Timothy 3:16

As you walk in obedience to what you hear from your reading of the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s teaching you will grow in wisdom, strength, and power. The pace is all up to you. The more Bible you consume and obey, the faster you grow.

Warning: Christianity has been infiltrated by imposters, false teachers and money worshippers. So, if anyone tells you to move on feelings and has no Scriptural backing for their belief, you have just ran into a Christian imposter. You cannot educate these people, just work to avoid them. Do not engage them or discuss things that gender strife. Satan uses them to deceive the weak, but you are not weak, but strong, especially if you are reading this blog.