Millions Of College Students Are Using Their Bodies To Pay Off Student Debt

Americans owe more than $1.3 trillion to the federal government and private lenders for borrowing money to go to college. That’s more than two and a half times what they owed a decade ago, according to Pew, and it’s thanks to higher-than-ever enrollment numbers and rising college tuition costs.

The student debt crisis in the US has gotten so bad, there’s a growing group of young women — and some men — who are taking an unconventional approach to paying for college. Christina, a 29-year-old Sugar Baby and MBA student living in Las Vegas, talked to Business Insider about her experience. She’s received over $90,000 for education-related costs.

Through dating websites like, Sugar Babies, as they’re called, partner up with wealthy, often older, men who want to spend money on them.

Some 2.5 million Sugar Babies identified as students in 2016 on Many of these Sugar Babies turned to the site to find someone who will pay for their education so they can graduate debt, and worry, free.

This form of prostitution is more palatable because it is wrapped inside a dating experience. The women are often taken on dates, bought gifts, before sexual intercourse takes place. They are also on tap to answer calls at any time at the request of the sugar daddy. Feminism has created a new beast. Independent? Not really? Women still needing men without the connection and commitment of marriage, but now relegated to a human barbie doll.



A Teen Killed Herself After Being Tormented By Rumors That An Ex Had Shared Intimate Photos Of Her

A 15-year-old girl killed herself after being plagued by rumors that an ex-boyfriend had posted intimate photos of her on social media and incessant bullying from classmates about her hair — and then a photo of her dead body was leaked to a popular messaging app.

Karina Saifer Oliveira, who lived in Brazil, seemed like a typical teenager. Her parents said she was smart and wanted to study law. They said they had no idea that she was thinking of suicide.

It is the parents responsibility to arm your ignorant children of the dangers of dating and the parameters of which they should engage to stay safe. They should be shown my blog or others with these examples of children who engage in child porn, because intimate photos of a fifteen year old is child porn. They should understand that the countless photos of child porn online and porn in general is made to look glamorous, but the effects are damaging.

The only person that should see your naked body should be your husband. The internet is filled with naked rich women and it seems like sexy selfies is cool, but now look at these same rich women and their accusations of sexual harassment for selling sex. There is truth to the law of attraction, although it is a spiritual thing. There is no reason for this behavior and parents should inform their children of what happens to people who perform this. Let them learn from others.

If you take care of the root, the branches die.

‘Bully’ Dairy Queen manager, 21, accused of manslaughter in 17-year-old employee’s suicide is now charged with stalking, assault and harassment

Kenneth Suttner, 17, shot himself in the head on December 21 outside his home. The Missouri teen had been bullied for years at school and at work.  His former Dairy Queen manager, Harley Branham, allegedly bullied him. She was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter over his death. Aggravated stalking, third-degree assault and harassment charges have now also been filed. Witnesses claimed she forced him to lie on his stomach to clean the floor. She also allegedly threw a burger at him after he made it incorrectly.

Do not allow abuse to be a quiet struggle. Tell your parents, tell law enforcement, tell your internet family and tell God. If you have been isolated, within the establishment and you are not getting the resolve you need, its time to leave. Is not the body more important than raiment (clothing)? Money may be made elsewhere and your life is important than money.

‘I have been hit, kicked and restrained from behind – by FIRST-GRADERS’:

Teachers in trouble: First-grade teacher Amanda Shaeffer (pictured) tells a Harrisburg, PA board meeting on Monday that she has been hit and punched by children under her care.

At least 45 Pennsylvania teachers resign in just three months due to student violence and those that remain are ‘begging’ for help from school board. Complaints came from 3-4 unidentified schools in the PA capital of Harrisburg. On Monday teachers begged the school board for help with the trouble students. Stories included children assaulting teachers and smashing school equipment. The board agreed to set up a committee but said parents need to get involved. Read more

Satan rejoices when chaos ensues and those who speak of God are quieted. Psycho babble only works on simple children. Smart first graders are not fooled by these tactics of manipulation. First of all, manipulation should not be what is used anyway, because now you are training children, how to be manipulators when they grow up and now your problem has compounded.

God’s solution? Invite me inside the schoolhouse and pledge allegiance to me and I will bless you with a rod that should be used on the child to draw out the evil lodged within their hearts from birth. Spare the rod and the child will be raised by Satan and his employment package always ends in chaos, destruction and early death.

If the parents fail to use the rod, then the school should have a person designated to use the rod to correct evil/sinful behavior. I went to school and the principal had a rod and used it on children within the school. I never needed his rod because my parents used the rod God gave them. As an adult, the police have not needed to use the rod they have been given because the evil was already beaten out.

There is no reason that grown adults should be running from first graders. That is crazy. It makes sense, when you implement Satan’s curriculum in the schools.


Define Christianity By Behavior Not Images

People were first called Christians in Antioch according to Acts 11:26. The original Christians were followers of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. A doctrine that did not have any objects or imagine worship. Jesus said, in John 4:23 “that true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” Image worship comes from Satan. Antichrist doctrine is rooted in images because it takes your eyes off of the real Jesus and places them on things attached to the earth, when Paul tells us to set our affections on things above. Things you can’t see. So what image can be drawn? All such image worship is Satanic.

Don’t be surprised when you see a so-called Christian church fall, when you look around the church and all you see is image worship. Image worship is what the people of Israel wanted to do, right after Moses left to speak with God on the mountain. People love their worship of images and they will perish with them, just like the Israelites did in the wilderness.

Disconnect yourself from image worshipers and worship God the way he wants and then nothing can ride you. China wants to replace so-called Christian images with an image of a communist President. Is that what the world should see as Christian? Or is this communist President deceived into believing Christianity is white and American and that is his real issue? People may be blind about the knowledge of God, but when your heart is filled with Jesus, your conversation will immediately inform people of who you are. Your conversation forms your conduct and reveals your heart. The disciples did not walk around with pictures of Jesus, when they healed the sick, cast out demons, fed the poor, or caused blind eyes to open. When you have no power, you have to use demonic images. Just be about the raw word of God and God’s Spirit will be revealed to the lost. You already know that. I am speaking to the so-called Christians out there. I see you. Better repent of adding to the Bible or else deal with God’s judgement without remedy.