Trust God!

The Lord promised to save you and bless you. He promised to give you His Spirit, which is a sound mind and peace. He promises to bless His children, like a earthly father does his own children. He has revealed his plan to his children and makes known many secrets to the righteous. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Walk in his way and be filled with his power. You have the tools necessary to succeed in God. You have been all things. You have all things. All things have been given to you by God. He does not withhold his good pleasures to those who please him. Write the vision down and make it plain. Follow the steps that align with it.

If You Lost Your Mind To Satan – This Prayer is For YOU!

This prayer will require your undivided attention and will require your heart and mind to be in agreement with the words that exit your lips. You should pray this prayer out loud, yelling isn’t necessary, just be audible. If you get stuck, you feel something building up on the inside desire to escape, start over and read aloud. Keep starting over until you can read out the prayer without any hesitation. If should flow from your mouth to heaven smoothly. Let’s begin:

I have subjected my body to sin. I have disobeyed the commands of God. I have surrendered my life to the will of my flesh and have not resisted the temptation to sin. I have sinned in mind and my heart has not been perfected in Jesus Christ. I have chosen every time to do it my way and have not acknowledged the Lord in all of my ways. I have sinned and require your forgiveness Jesus. I chose right now to forgive individuals in my life that have sinned against me. I no longer hold them as prisoners attached to their sin. I forgive my dad, my mother, my brother and my sister. I forgive my co-workers and my friends. I forgive my lover and ex-lovers. In Jesus name. I do not hold them guilty in my personal trial in Jesus name.

I turn my attention to receiving your forgiveness as promised in your Word. Thank you Jesus for forgiving me as I have forgiven others. I submit myself under the authority of your Word and my heart is prepared to receive your transmission.  I look up and my heart is directed towards the heavens. I see the light of your gospel shining on me. Your light is streaming from the third heaven and is filling me. My head is being filled, my torso is being filled, my arms & legs is being filled, my hands & my feet is being filled. The darkness that is within me is finding it difficult to remain as the light within me is exposing every hiding place. The poisons in my stomach are coming out of my mouth in Jesus name. The demonic forces within are looking for the pit as your eyes look directly at me. The angels are disconnecting them from my body and my mind is becoming clear. Go evil spirits of infirmity. Your license to this body has been revoked and Jesus is filling me. Go evil spirits of lust. Your license to this body has been revoked and Jesus is filling me. Go evil spirits of divination. Your license to this body has revoked and Jesus is filling me. Out comes all the darkness and flees into the pit and in comes all the love & joy that is found in Jesus. The love is filling me. The peace is filling me. I see the angels with the buckets of joy in their hands and they have begun to pour them over my head. There is so much joy coming out of those buckets that I can hardly take it. Love is also in the buckets. An overwhelming peace is in the buckets. Jesus has handed me his heart for mine and he has also handed me his mind, for mine. I am undone with his love and with his gifts in Jesus name.

Jesus, I will take your love, peace, & joy. I will share your heart and mind with those I meet. I will walk holy and guard my heart as Satan has lost some of his army fooling with me. In Jesus name. I declare from this day forward, I will fight the good fight of faith and hold onto your commands through your wisdom found in Psalm 1 to meditate on your Word both DAY & NIGHT.

Thank you Jesus.

Vibrations and Invisible Friends

invisibleIt is important for the Christian parent to be aware of invisible friends. Often demons come to children early to deceive them into doing things that will destroy their future as adults. These invisible friends are responsible for child suicide, murder, & stealing.

You may have recently heard the news that Canada will take your children, if they want a gender reassignment and you refuse as a parent. This is coming to America. It already exists in the military paying for such surgeries, while war veterans walk the streets with no medical care. Satan is not playing any games.

As a Christian parent, you cannot afford to be naive in this hour about spiritual beings showing up in your house to destroy your children. Make your children comfortable with the subject by simply saying that you would like to meet their invisible friend. Also, ask what have they been talking about. Some kids are just playing. You will know if they are talking to someone by the complexity of the conversation. Moving on to vibrations.

Spiritual people will speak about vibrations or frequencies and these things are real. Similar to the gift of speaking in tongues it is another language stream. It is demonic. Those who practice and teach others will pay for the blood they have shed. Your child should know that vibrations is evil. The best way for this is to teach them about Jesus and his love and Him alone being the source.

Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus Christ you are welcome in my home. Fill every room with your glory, light, and love. May it be tangible within the borders of my house. Send your angels to guard the door frame and windows. In Jesus name. Bless my children with a hedge of protection when they go out and when they come in. Keep them from the evil one that desires their destruction. Cast into the pit any evil invisible friend and give my child supernatural discernment in Jesus name. Amen.

Follow The Patterns

stockIf you want to see the hand of God, you must look at the patterns you see in life. You must start with the commands of God. You must start with the origin of man. According to the Bible, man sinned against God and he cursed man with death. His life on earth would be temporary. The very first pattern. Sin=’s death.

We fast forward and we find a pattern for a nation of people. When a nation of people sin against God it equals death. When a nation repents we find a pattern of God’s forgiveness and a delay in death. The people of the nation experience peace and joy. A pattern that is also seen on the individual level.

We find a pattern of disease, sickness, & death when man disobeys the laws of God. For example, prayer was removed from schools in the US and every year from that time mass shootings, death occurred. Before prayer was removed we did not see the pattern of death. Sin=’s death. We find the same pattern in death from sexually transmitted diseases. Those who practice sexual sin do so with the cost of sickness, disease, & early death. A pattern that is clearly seen. Those who commit adultery, obesity, all have high disease, sickness, & early death rates and they all happened to be sins. From the very beginning until the present the pattern of sin equals sickness, disease, and early death is clearly seen in our data and if we are honest, we have seen the harm of rape, drug & alcohol abuse, which are sins that cause sickness, disease, & early death.

God is revealing himself with this pattern. There is another pattern of forgiveness that God gives that allows one to escape diseases & early death. Its the pattern you see in followers of Jesus Christ. No one can escape the first death. God cannot go back on His Word to Adam that if he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil that He would die. The escape is in the second death for people who reject Jesus and live according to the rule of sin. These individuals will die a second death. Sin can only produce death, but forgiveness from God allows one to escape. Look at the patterns in your life and in others. See the hand of God in it. Sin=’s early death.

Target “Peeping Tom” accused of taking pictures of teen in dressing room

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Police have arrested a man after they say he took pictures of a teenage girl in the dressing room of a department store. Now, officers are asking the public to come forward if they believe they’ve been victimized.

Officers arrested Matthew Ryan Rush on Sunday and charged him with production of child pornography and unlawful filming. The incident allegedly happened at Target on Independence Boulevard in Green Run.

“It’s very disturbing,” said Brenda Stevenson, a shopper who says she has daughters. “…To think of someone filming them without them knowing is horrifying.”

Police say the victim, who is between 15 and 17, looked down at one point to find Rush’s cell phone pointing at her from under the dressing room door. Officers say she alerted store security, but officers say Rush took off.

“It could happen anywhere,” said Stevenson. “You never know what people are thinking or people out in the community, you never know their state of mind.”

Actually, a man that wants to be in the same dressing room as a teenage girl has only one thing in mind and everyone knows what that is. There is a reason target is being targeted for peeping toms and perverts.

Shopping online and at Walmart is the best option. This will keep happening as times moves on.