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Navigating the Voices


You must understand by now that everyone on the internet writing and producing content has an agenda. No one on the internet is completely objective, every page including this one. My agenda is clear. I want everyone on the planet to love God and love people who are created in his image. I want everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to become disease free. I want everyone to receive the correct information about Scripture and understand sin. I want everyone to understand we are not alone, aliens (demons) live among us and they are a huge part of our destructive thinking and doing. I want everyone to understand that angels take on human form and also play a role in rescuing us from death and destruction.

Navigating the voices can only be done through the singularity of ones ear. Everything I hear passes through the door which is Jesus. I know him. It is why, no new doctrine moves me. It is why, I can see the deception repackaged for new consumers. It is why, you will see the new deceptions repackaged. Nothing is new. It may be called new because someone new is pushing this doctrine, but it is not. Satan does not care who you serve as long as you do not serve Jesus. Why? He is the only door that leads to eternal life.

Man is not on earth to merely suffer through. He was created to worship and serve the Creator and through this man finds his ultimate purpose. Anything else is confusion. That is why you see many people running around from one doctrine to the next. Satan pulls you here and then pulls you there. Let’s try yoga. Let’s try being a witch and mess with occult powers. Let’s try worshipping statues or toast with Mary on it. Let’s worship Beyonnce or Kanye West. How about Taylor Swift?

Now you may think this sounds strange, but everyone mentioned have people worshipping them. The Bible said, man found pleasure worshipping the created instead of the Creator who is blessed forever. Before Christ everyone worshipped the creature in one way or another.

You navigate the voices through keeping your ear single and full of light.

Recruited Through Lies


Sponsors with ties to both Africa and Europe lure African teenage girls out of the continent. These European men promise jobs as maids or au pairs, opportunities for higher education and have even given loans to pay for their trip into what is perceived to be a chance to make something of their lives. When they arrive, the girls are forced into sex slavery or trafficking to an abundance of white men and military personnel. The perpetrators take the girls’ passports and other official documents. The girls are unable to seek help from authorities because they fear being deported. Read more

Their fear of deportment over being a sex slave reminds me of “stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.”

Psychological damage to this degree is not necessarily a death sentence, but it will take a whole lot of deliberate work. The most important work is having the mind to call on the Creator. This may be very difficult as your anger toward God boils for why he allowed you to be a victim.

As the dust settles, you must come to understand that Jesus is your only way out. No one else can raise themselves from the dead, but God and God give this power to his children. Both after death and in the present as you become a new creature with new revelation.

Slavery does not limit God’s power and in the Old Testament we see many stories of God’s triumph for his enslaved people. Become a child of God through confessing your sins and believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. Run after him and let the peace that passes all understanding guard your heart.

You will have to fight. But victory is promised to those  who are in Christ.



For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Romans 6:23

Are You Growing Up?

growing, stronger,

Are you progressing in your walk with God? – Are you, “growing up in all things concerning Him?”  If your answer is, “Oh yes, – I’m learning so much.  I have gained so much knowledge.”  You may need to ask yourself if the knowledge you’ve acquired has transformed your life?  There is a great difference in gaining knowledge and information and putting that information into practice every day.  The book of James says we must be “doers of the Word and not hearers only.”

Each week we hear some of the best preaching in the world.  There are loud “amens” along with thunderous applause as expressions of agreement to the anointed Word being preached.  As you leave the sanctuary, you join with others in exclaiming what a great message you just heard.  But what do you do with  that “great message” once you leave the parking lot?  True Pastors are anointed to give us a Word from God for the purpose of encouraging us, giving us hope, equipping us, correcting us, challenging us and ultimately causing us to mature in Christ Jesus.  This is true every time you hear the Word taught, whether it’s Sunday morning, or evening or at a weekly Bible study.  So when you hear the Word taught, I challenge you to ask yourself, “How am I going to walk this out? How do I live this?”  Because that’s how we mature as Believers.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what He wants to do in you through the Word you heard.  If you’re still doing the same things you did when you first became a Believer, struggling with the same issues and you’re hearing the Word taught consistently, there’s a problem.  You’re not growing.  The Word of God will transform your life if you’ll “do the Word.”

Derren Brown Satanic Demon Magician EXPOSED !!!

roger tharpe

Christians! Notice the comments below for this video. You can literally see Satan’s attempts to discredit. Satan is working hard to keep people blind, but some people are starting to see anyway. Jesus is the only way.