Modern Day Segregationist Campbell Park: Separates the white kids from the others

principalHoffman created an uproar last week when she sent an email to her school staff about classroom rosters for the coming year and said “white students should be in the same class” with no explanation or context. She later sent out a second email to staff apologizing for “poor judgment,” and a letter went home to parents Friday with an invitation to meet with parents Monday morning and afternoon.

Hoffman requested the transfer off campus and will not return, said Lisa Wolf, a district spokeswoman. In her absence, an assistant principal will take over, assisted by a member of the school district’s Transformation Zone team. Hoffman will be at district headquarters. It’s unclear if she’ll be reassigned to another school.

It is stories like these that should motivate Christian parents to pray. Racism and white supremacy will not go down without a fight. It is dying and drawing its last breathe, but the war is far from over. Children of all races need to be treated right. A good person loves life and desires to see it flourish no matter what skin its wrapped in. Hopefully, her ordeal discourages other principals from participating in such devilish behavior.