Grandmother, 63, is ‘DECAPITATED by her son’s ex-girlfriend, 35, after going with her nine-year-old grandson to the killer’s home’

Rachael Christina Hilyard, 35, was arrested on suspicion of first degree murder, when police discovered the decapitated body of Micki Davis, 63, in her Wichita, Kansas garage.

Davis and her grandson had gone over to pick up some of her son’s belongings from Hilyard, an ex-girlfriend who used to date the son, according to police. Shortly after they arrived, a woman began viciously assaulting the grandmother in front of the nine-year-old boy, who fled in terror, Wichita police lieutenant Todd Ojile said in a press conference.

The quick-thinking boy managed to grab a phone from his grandmother’s truck, and called police around 1.30pm, police said. Police found the terrified child on his own nearly half a mile away, and the boy bravely led them back to point out the house he’d fled from. When nobody answered the door, officers checked the home’s attached garage and made a gruesome discovery.

She is being held pending $200,000 bail for the murder charge.

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