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1228228782_7Satan said to a convention of Demons, “As long as Christians stay close to God, we have no power over them.  So here are 12 things you can do to get victory over Christians.”

1)  Keep them busy with non essentials.

2)  Tempt them to overspend and go into debt.

3)  Make them work long hours to maintain empty life styles.

4)  Discourage them from spending family time together, for when their homes disintegrate there is no refuge from work.

5)  Over stimulate their minds with television and computers, so they can’t hear God speaking to them.

6)  Fill their coffee tables and nightstands with newspapers and magazines so they have no time to read the Bible.

7)  Flood their mailboxes with sweepstakes promotions and get rich quick schemes to keep them chasing material things.

8)  Put glamour models on TV  and on magazine covers to keep them focused on outward appearances.  That way they will be dissatisfied with themselves and dissatisfied with their mates.

9)  Make sure couples are too exhausted for physical intimacy so they will be tempted to look elsewhere.

10)  Make Santa and the easter bunny bigger than Jesus to divert them from remembering the real meaning of the holiday.

11)  Involve them in good causes so they won’t have time for eternal ones.

12)  Make them self  satisfied. Keep them busy working in their own strength so they’ll never know the joy of God’s power working through them.

Remember my demons, keep them busy!  Busy!  Busy!  Because we know what it stands for:





Author is:  C.S. Lewis



Have you watched the show “Doomsday Preppers” and thought that this show is really weird? Why would these people work so hard and spend so much money to develop tactical skills of combat, fire resistant buildings, and underground shelters? Have they stumbled upon something that has caused them to spend so much time doing this or is it a schizophrenic action?

I believe these preppers are on to something, but will it work? Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain (Psalm 127:1). Can they really prepare against a natural man empowered with supernatural power from Satan, using natural tools? Can they hide from God’s judgment? Actually, they can (John 3:16).

Christians must understand the battlefield. Christians must understand that we will always be at war against principalities and our inner desires to worship pleasure. Christians must be doomsday preppers, but not in the building of underground tunnels, but in seeking first the kingdom of God. Natural tools will not save you. You will either die at the hand of another person, sickness, or old age. No matter how much money you spend to prepare. Only God can save you.


120124-find-from-the-mass-burial-in-dorset-credit-lion-tvYou may be tempted to think your destiny is to own houses, cars, and other things, but you would be awfully wrong. Your destination is the grave. Your whole life is headed in one direction. From the ground you were produced and shall return. Cover up the casket it does not matter for both shall corrode.

Did you actually think your destiny was something else when your strength is failing and your arm flaps faster than bird wings and your breasts sag lower then necessary at the same time glasses cover the face and grey hair abounds?

You covet. You desire. You run over people who have less wealth than you. You turn your nose up at other races and call yourself a Christian. I understand. The term Christian is dying and practically dead. You have Christian porn stars. Christian swingers. Christian rap artists and pop stars. Christian yoga. Christian pole dancers and whatever else you desire after all being a Christian is so popular.

The devil knows you desire all these things, so just slap Christian on it and now its Christian. Don’t judge me.

It’s time you wake up to your real destiny. It’s time for real Christian’s to take back our term. I would say call me a Jesus Follower, but the world and Satan’s followers would distort that too. So for you that are confused about the term Christian let me explain. The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch (Acts 11:26). Christians suffer persecution and glorify God (1 Peter 4:16). Christians do not make excuses for sin they call it sin, some cry and then change.

Christians know their home is in heaven. They work for the kingdom of heaven. They pray for the Father’s kingdom to come. Christians have no confidence in the flesh or their naturally wicked heart. Christians set their affection on Christ and his righteousness. Christians will rule the earth and judge angels. Christians have a ruler and his name is Jesus. Christians will be resurrected like their King and all others will perish.

It’s no secret the current ruler is the devil. You want huge sums of money in this life? Join the devil. His servants own everything. Ask TD Jakes and Joel Osteen. The devil offered our King the same thing, but Jesus refused, he chose to suffer with the peasants. Moses did the same thing. It is impossible to be in the devil’s world and not suffer persecution. No different than blacks in a white mans land expecting to prosper financially. Not going to happen.

Real Christians have one goal. One Father. One Mission. One destiny. Same suffering.


This blog may cause the reader some nausea, so I warn you from the beginning. This subject is one fraught with disagreement and some even get violent when it does not fit the mold in which they are comfortable and that is fine with me. We all have areas of growth. Namely, loving our neighbors as ourselves. With that aside, I begin.

For those who may be confused about so-called Christians listening to secular music, let me clear it up. They are not following God. They profess to follow him, but do not in this area. How do I know? Who receives the glory and adoration in secular music? You or God? Is God dividend? Are there more than two kingdoms? So if you conclude that there is the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light, then it must mean God has music as well as Satan?

How does one identify whether or not God or Satan inspires the music? Can a spring produce both fresh and salt water? So if a person has titled their music as secular then how is it not Satan’s music? Or could it mean some can be holy and others not inspired? Really? Now if a secular person decides to sing a traditional Christian song, should this inspire? Should the believer be pleased with this deceptive and hypocritical behavior? Would Jesus be pleased?

How does one manifest the attributes of one working toward perfection when one meditates (listens to secular music) on lies and deception? You do know Miley Cyrus new song right? “We can’t stop” Which goes:

It’s our party we can love who we want
We can kiss who we want
We can live how we want

To my homegirls here with the big butts
Shaking it like we at a strip club
Remember only God can judge us

Is this scriptural? I realize some will say, is all her music like this? Again I say can a spring produce both fresh and salt water?

Don’t get me wrong, I pray Miley Cyrus comes to know Jesus and feel sad for her father. But professing saved parents and grown people what message are you giving your children?

I could use Beyoncé’s new song “Bow Down” Which goes:

I took some time to live my life
But don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted

This my sh-t
Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches

Really! I know she sung a song about putting a ring on it. To this I say, can a spring produce both fresh and salt water? Protect yourselves and protect your children.

We are to be separated from this world, in the vicinity, but not of it. It is crucial for us to remain individuals, so that when Miley gets tired, she has somewhere to go.



It’s raining. April forgot her umbrella as she arrived at the mall. She must now make a dash inside. She decides to wait inside the car, hoping for the rain to let up before making her move. She sees a young man go inside and decides to make her move. Awaiting her sprint inside is a young man who holds the door open, so that she can get in quickly.

Smiling and responding to the young man with a thank you she walks inside. The young man asks, if she would be interested in the sale of the day. She asks, “What is the sale?” He tells her about this special sales card that gives her access to anything in the store half off. She looks at his store badge and says, “What do you need from me?” I need your credit history, name, home address, relationship information, place of employment, and drivers license.  She hands over the information with a smile and he uploads the data into the store computer. Within minutes he smiles and hands her the sales card.

April is now off to use the special card to make anything in the store half-off. She gives it a try on some shoes and it works like a charm. She gets so excited that she spends $1000 dollars within the store. With full hands and a happy face she leaves the store.

Now excited by the savings she decides to purchase a new car. After all the car she now drives is 5 years old. So she immediately goes to the car dealership and while speaking with the sales person she chuckles and says I wish I could use my half off card. The sales person pauses and looks into her eyes and says do have you the sales card with you? She pulls it out and leaves the dealership only paying half price for the car.

By now as you can imagine she is stoked about this newfound prosperity. She is acquiring all the things that she has ever wanted. She realizes the card works everywhere and is fully engaged in making the most of it. She buys a house and boat for half off. Her life could not be better. The only problem is she faces death.

April’s life will end and she will not be able to carry any of the things she is purchasing now into the next one. She will lose it all. She has not considered what will happen to her soul. She literally lives for the moment and does not consider her future.  She dies without hope.

How sad for such a precious life to be consumed of selfish lust. Thinking only what she could gain on earth she missed heaven.