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Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman: Satan’s Attempt to Mock God

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You may have seen in the media a transformation taking place in the public for the world to see. A man known worldwide adding a “wo” to his man and becoming a woman. What better person for Satan to select … Continue reading

Heart Sign Deception

heart sign
What I am about to say requires spiritual discernment. It is not canon (in the Bible), but I would not share this, if I did not believe it to be true.

Prayer for protection: Lord Jesus Christ. Forgive me for every sin that I have committed as I forgive others who sin against me. Guard my heart and mind. Protect me from the deception that is within the world and give me supernatural eyes to see. In Jesus name.

imagesThere is a new symbol on the scene that is targeting children. You may have seen this in the cartoon called Penguins of Madagascar. The heart sign. This heart sign is also flashed by those in the music industry as well, Taylor Swift etc.

This sign is a portal. A gateway into your spiritual heart. Every action we do in the flesh has spiritual significance. When you do something that is not natural you should ask yourself why am I doing this? It is foolish just to do something because you see others doing it. Question why?

When you do this with your hands you are connecting with the powers that created the symbol and that power is satanic. Satan created this symbol. There is an evil spirit that enters those who are not protected by the Holy Spirit.

There is a heart spirit that acts as a host for the spirit of deception and doubt. The saddest thing about this spirit is that, unlike the spirit of schizophrenia, autism, diabetes, or similar spirits in this vein, you cannot see its actions so visibly. This spirit works to keep people from seeing Jesus. You plant the seeds of the gospel and this spirit comes to remove it. Real nasty.

Satan is using the heart sign and publishing it all over so that the masses will doubt everything about Jesus and be deceived into thinking the antichrist will be the true Messiah.

The awakening of spiritual manifestations is taking place and your children are the target, it is time for Christians to wake up. The occult worshipers and those who practice witchcraft are often way smarter than the church going Christian. Stop sleeping and wake up. The devil is getting your children, as you foolishly make these symbols you are being deceived.

Prayer for vision: Heavenly Father, protect me from the spirit of deception and doubt. If already present in my life, please remove this evil spirit from me in Jesus name. Convict me to read your Word so that I may grow in understanding. In Jesus name.


AntiChrist Superstar – Marilyn Manson Servant of Satan

One of the saddest things about this is that many people do not believe that Satan exists. Many think the show is just an act and when the hair and makeup is off the act is over. The problem with that thinking is that the preparation always takes far more time then the performance. Every athlete knows this. The diet and time in the gym spent in preparation far exceeds the time spent on the field. This worship of Satan is Marilyn Manson’s life. He even joined the Church of Satan.

The arrogance of the church of satan is revealed in this video as they let you know they do not care about the poor and weak. Love has no place in our society and Christianity needs to be destroyed. Meaning remove Jesus. Notice, that no other name bothers them, but the name Jesus. That right there should make you consider.

God is really pouring out truth and revelation. You should pick it up. The kingdom of darkness is getting bolder. Satan’s time is running out.

Please do not be a casualty. Nothing wrong with switching teams. Many switch football teams that are failing. I am not mad at you. Switch to the winning side. It is wise.

Here is what God has said. It will look like darkness is winning from the natural eye in the beginning. But our God is dramatic and will swoop in on the final hour and it will be dreadful for those who remained on the side of darkness and did not come to Jesus Christ.

Dark Horse – Satan’s Lie K Perry

I wanted to speak to those who think because they have been tricked by Satan they must remain with him. It is simply not true. You may have heard Katy Perry say:

You may have heard the lyrics of Katy Perry’s song Dark Horse:

Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
There’s no going back

“There’s no going back” is a lie from Satan. The blood of Jesus Christ breaks the curses and power of Satan. There will be a battle and the spirits you have entertained and given control will fight you tooth and nail, however the end result will be freedom in Jesus name. He is the only one that can set you free. Yoga will not do it. Satan owns that. Meditation and strange potions/mixtures will not do it. Alcohol and drugs will not do it. Rehab cannot do it. How many enter rehab and later commit suicide? Jesus is the only answer. You already know the spirit within hates the mentioning of the name of Jesus. Do it anyway. Find a strong Christian that has power and be delivered. In Jesus name.

Other artists who have voiced offering their bodies to serve:


Eminem – Female abuse worship song


Music is worship. There are many things man can find to worship, but God only considers music that glorifies him as pure worship. All other forms of worship is sin. It glorifies Satan.

Eminem has produce much worship for the glorification of his father. He has done a good job of promoting things that God abhors. He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 49.1 million albums in the United States, and 100 million albums worldwide. He has over 18.9 million twitter followers. He has been busy.

Satan hates women. Women have the power to make his life problematic. Ask Mary the mother of Jesus. He wants them beaten and bruised. Denigrated and made to feel worthless. The best way to progress this agenda is to have people sing and worship lyrics that exalt the destruction of women.

Look at some of his lyrics below:

“Play nice? B…., I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice.” (“Shady XV — THE CXVPHER”)

“Don’t you get it, b….? No one can hear you/ Now shut the f…. up and get what’s comin’ to you/ You were supposed to love me/ Now bleed, b…., bleed.” (“Kim”)

“Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee’s ti.. off and smacked her so hard I knocked her clothes backwards like Kris Kross.” (“My Name Is”)

“Six semen samples, 17 strands of hair found at the back of a van after the shoot at Vanity Fair/ Hannah Montana, prepare to elope with a can opener and be cut open like cantaloupe on canopy beds.” (“3 A.M.”).

After you read this really small sample of his lyrics, please recall above how popular this individual is. Satan is busy.

Christians must be vigilant against the host of darkness. A woman is precious in God’s sight and as the weaker vessel must be protected. Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers (1 Peter 3:7).

The antichrist spirit is here. Understand our warfare is not flesh and blood, but through prayer and walking in obedience to the word of God do we defeat the power of darkness. Fathers, boyfriends, and males all over, I charge you to be a defender of women and turn this crap off and turn the love on. In Jesus name.