Middle school teacher and married mother-of-three, 47, ‘kills herself in front of cops’ one day after she was accused of having sex with a student

Gretchen Krohnfeldt, 47, was pronounced dead inside her home in Arvada, Colorado. A day earlier, she was placed on administrative leave at Drake Middle School pending an investigation into her alleged relationship with a male student. The probe was launched after a school employee tipped off a resource officer about having allegedly seen Krohnfeldt with a student months prior. Krohnfeldt had worked in Jefferson County since 1993, teaching social studies and English.

All of these stories should be proof that people are not inherently good, but evil. The removal of the Bible was the devils greatest success within the school system. Keep in mind, that the Bible should be taught exactly as it presents itself to receive its full power. No supplements are required. The first class in every school should be the teaching of wisdom found within the Scriptures. This will force the devil to live outside the school grounds instead of within the school yard. Drive out predators with the Word. Why do you think demonically filled teachers and principals fight against the Word? It is because they cannot practice their deviltry when Jesus is standing in the classroom with them.