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A New Dimension

Jesus way
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father (John 14:12). In order to do greater works one must entertain the Lord. Your affections must be on things above the natural realm. God is omnipresent in knowledge and conscious, but his seat and throne is in heaven. In heaven the four and living creatures are before him crying Holy, Holy, Holy.

The new dimension is not new in the sense that God has changed, but new in the sense that if you have no spiritual power/gift that you are currently using to edify others then entering into a new gift will be for you a new dimension. How does one find out what God will do through you? It is through action. For example, if God is granting you the gift to heal, you must stir it up. Do this now. Take your hand and place it on a family member who may be in pain or sick in the hospital and ask for the fire of the Lord to heal them in Jesus name. Does your hand get hot? If it gets oddly hot, then you’re at the preliminary stages of the gift of healing. You cannot stop there, but continue to pray until that person is restored.   When God is using you in this manner, understand demons and fallen angels are working diligently to prevent the manifestation of healing, so you’re continued prayer isn’t an issue of faith, but an issue of perseverance. God wants us to be intimately connected with his work. You may recall from Exodus 17 that when Moses hands were held up, Israel prevailed, but when they lowered they were overtaken. His hands needed to remain up, until the battle was completely won.

This next one should only be done on people who profess Christ, but still have issues in certain areas. It will work on non-believers as you the gift address the evil spirit, but you will make a non-believer worse as Satan will make sure that once you leave their presence, he binds them tighter than they were previously bound. He can bind them so tight, they go spiritually blind. You may be granted the gift to call out evil spirits. Most cigarette smokers have a generational demon that flows to their arms and helps them pack cigarettes, it gives the hand a tingle feeling as well. Most often, when its about to be cast out. If you know someone who desires to quit and may have tried using the patch with failed results and is willing to try anything to quit (people who have prayed the sinners prayer). Ask them, if you can pray over them (they should immediately say yes, otherwise when they said the sinners prayer, they were playing games with God and await God’s judgment, leave them alone after such discovery). Look them in the eye and say “You evil spirit of infirmity and limitation, detach yourself, in Jesus name and come out of them and enter the pit in Jesus name. You may have to ask God to increase the temperature if you do not see any physical manifestations, because when casting out demons, there is always physical manifestations.

Will speak on other gifts in another blog post. If nothing happens when you try these things, it could mean one of two thing. Your level of obedience is to low for God to release it or its not the gift God desires for you to have.

All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, who apportions them to each one as He determines (1 Corinthians 12:11). This means that God gives his gifts in certain numbers and certain people as his discretion and not simply because you desire it. It is so that we as the body of Christ can function as a body. Some are the eye and another may be the hand etc.

Isn’t God so awesome. Amen.

Joy of the Lord

“Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).”

It is important the believer in Jesus Christ not forget the answered prayers from the Lord. The quick prayers before a test and you receive an A. The quick prayer for something on sale and God is merciful and the price you wanted to pay shows up on the cash register. The time you loose your keys and ask Jesus to help you find them and he reminds you that you left them under the bed. Do not take for granted his love, grace and mercy. These things should bring you joy that the Creator of the Universe would answer the very large prayers like the healing of a family member or small prayers like helping you find your keys.

Enjoy your relationship with Jesus and when temptation, trials, and/or persecution comes your way, just remember what God has already done and never forget what he has already prophesied about the future of those who remain faithful until the very end. He has gone to prepare mansions in heaven for you.

Black / Melanoid Empowerment

What is destroying the black community and why hasn’t the Christian church been able to help? It is very simple. Failure of people to keep commands. So year after year they remain in a cycle of poverty. No group ever broke free of bondage without supernatural intervention (God). For the evil side and the good. God chose a people who disobeyed him and God raised up another nation to destroy that same group of people. We see this pattern very clearly in one book of the Bible called Judges. I suggest you read the whole book. Over and over again the people were in bondage and it was the direct result of their sin. When they got fed up and turned to God, he delivered them. Not until he saw their hearts change.

God is not opposed to death and destruction. He creates it in every generation in an attempt to save peoples souls from an eternal hell.

There is a group of people who call themselves empowering black and melanoid people, which is a great idea. My people perish for a lack of knowledge. The children of darkness or wiser then the children of light, we can learn some things believe it or not from those who serve Satan. It is unfortunate their knowledge is bound to the earth and when they die they face the same judgment as Satan, which is an eternal hell. What can be learned? The importance of personal responsibility. Satan helps pop stars and entertainers, but these people must still work very diligently for their success. The harder they work towards a particular goal the closer that goal becomes reality. This is for the most part what black and melanoid empowerment teachers teach. In addition, they highlight the propaganda that white people have engineered to remain dominate. This is of little value, value yes, but little.

God is always in control. Look at man running around trying to cure STD’s and then another one pops up. Stronger then the first. Always running after the carrot that God has dangled and just when they think they can reach it, he moves it further away. This is simple. SIN is the problem. If Billions of dollars where spent in teaching the Bible, teaching people how to love one another and husbands how to love their wives and children, then this blog post would be meaningless.

Fathers would raise their boys in the art of being men and wives would raise their girls in the art of being a woman. God would remove sickness and disease because STD’s are for porn stars, harlots, and whores. Everything Jesus told us not to do they do. Which some black empowerment teachers teach. They see the significance in being raised in a two parent home. The wife brings something the man cannot and the man brings something the woman cannot. It isn’t rocket science its the order of nature. Its perversion causes confusion, chaos, and ultimately God’s annihilation of man on earth.

In conclusion, black empowerment without the foundation of Jesus Christ and following the rules that many black empowerment people borrow, like being diligent in your work and not having multiple children outside of marriage will lead you toward a greater economical freedom and the financial blessings will rain and so will peace.

Running Is Futile When The God of Heaven and Earth Created War

There are some Christians who think they can hide from war. You will find them abusing the verse that mentions that our thoughts should be on things above and not below or if it brings joy think on these things. They miss the verses where God commanded Israel to destroy the ungodly (men, women, children & animals). They ignore the fact that society has always had armies for the specific purpose of killing, destroying, and harming people. They do not carry weapons of mass destruction for sport, but use them to destroy people. Abortion mills are weapons of mass destruction that’s sole purpose is to destroy children. The drug mills and porn shops are designed by Satan to destroy peoples careers, blood cells, life, and brain cells. Life is filled full of war and death. The idea of dismissing your Christian responsibility by denial will be judged by God.

The master took the one talent given to a man who hid it because he was afraid. God is not going to allow your fear to be used as an excuse. He will judge you nevertheless because he knows that if you had his Spirit, fear isn’t an option. His Spirit within the human body causes boldness.

Don’t run from news stories and hide in cowardice. Stop sinning and obey God’s command to pray for our leaders. Hiding your face reveals a lack of your faith in God. If you serve the God who hung the stars and controls the winds and wave, then use his power to change the world. Use prayer, use your written word, use every tool God has given you for the accomplishment of pushing righteousness forward. Joy always follows righteousness and light. Depression follows cowardice.

P.S. What do you think the purpose of this picture is?


Fallen Angel Presidential Pick II

You may have read my first post concerning the presidential election (Fallen Angel Presidential Pick) and you can see how things are lining up. I wrote another post concerning race and serving God (Do Black and White Christians Serve the Same God) and this should have been food for thought.

If you have not read Fallen Angel Presidential Pick and Do Black and White Christians Serve the Same God this post may make little sense without the background. Some take aways are Satan’s number one choice is Hillary. You should catch glimpses of this by her associations. The music industry. All Christians at this point should understand that secular music ministers have been preaching the gospel of sex outside marriage, drugs, depression, death, and suicide for years. This alignment with this industry should speak volumes. The alignment with the media in general. The American citizen killings by cops without a trial and the coverups.

The good news is that whomever God chooses based upon the democratic process of the majorities heart, it will not limit the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells the believer. You will still have more power within, then the enemy that is without, if you have the Holy Spirit. If you are reading this and have doubt, your lack of faith cannot please God and you do not have the Holy Spirit. Repent of your sin right now and ask Jesus to forgive you and give you the Comforter and when you wait and feel the peace of God come, you have received the Holy Spirit and now you must work out your salvation with fear and trembling as Satan and his followers will seek out your annihilation.

You should also tag those individuals who have given false prophecies about the president of United States and the end of the world. The Bible is clear that not even angels know of his coming. So those witches and warlocks that speak to fallen angels and demons are being told lies about the end of the world. Those false dreamers that hear from demons in their sleep you should now identify. Some of these dreamers claim to be Christians and speak about Jesus, so don’t let that deceive you. False prophecies and dreams come from demons. *This does not automatically mean that person is unsaved, as Christians, we grow in knowledge and maturity. If this person shows no growth, I would stop listening to them.

Now what is my response as a believer in Jesus Christ? Like the 12 spies that spied out the land in the Old Testament, I give my report to Moses. God will decide based on the majority who will win the election. In Moses day the Israelites won the vote and died in the wilderness. They listened to the ten, instead of the two filled with faith in God, but God kept the two for the promise land and the ten perished with the other Israelites.

As Holy Spirit filled individuals keep voting righteousness because in the end God will keep you. Ten thousands may fall at your side, but God’s righteous hand will keep you. This is why it is so important to know God because then you already know this. His Spirit has spoke to you already. Be still and know that I AM the ALMIGHTY GOD who heals all of our sickness and restores what the palmer worm (sinful men) has destroyed.