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Let No debt Remain Outstanding, Except the Debt Of Love

Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law (Romans 13:8). In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you. For this is the essence of the Law and the prophets (Matthew 7:12). By this the children of God and the children of the devil can be distinguished: Anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is anyone who does not love his brother (1 John 3:10).

As Christians we should strive to be debt free, because debt is often an exposure of our lack of satisfaction in Christ and over dependence on the things of this world to provide pleasure. God holds our relationships in high-esteem. Over and above things. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes (Matthew 6:25)?

God has promised to provide for our needs without a requirement of worry. He told His disciples that if they speak and believe, what they say, it shall happen as they have said it. Have faith in God! When you waver in faith this can anger God and he will curse your prayer. The devil is also able to intercept faithless prayers as well. Most prayers get intercepted because Christians don’t believe what they say. Also, ask the Lord to give you the ability to see the diverse ways that He chooses to answer it.

When you don’t acknowledge your debt problem, it is sin. This type of sin will limit areas in your life, when you decide to operate in God. It is important to note that God does not give suggestions, but commands. When he tells us to do something it is in our best interest to do it.

This is not a call to stress over debt already acquired, but an awakening to God’s ability to set you free, when you acknowledge him in this area of your life. As Christians we live for him and should acknowledge him in everything that we do. Let’s never forget that the way that leads to life is narrow and few find it. Let’s watch or have our house broken through.

Necessary Seed For Full Life In Christ

Anyone that has ever been in a relationship with people can attest to the fact that you can always find something that does not line up with the way you would do something. Your ideas will never exactly parallel another. Anyone who has ever done a school project knows that your ideas may not be the ideas of another. This does not change with our relationship with Jesus. The big difference is that He is God and has all knowledge and we are finite creatures with a huge limitation in our understanding.

This means that when I come to the Word (The Bible) there will be things that I will not like about the Lord. Things that we will have suffer for His glory. Yes! He suffered for us on the cross, but when you are in the midst of the fire personally or He has shared with you the fire ahead, it does not make it easy. However, this suffering is a necessary seed for a full life in Jesus Christ. No great man or woman within the Bible was without trials and tests that their OBEDIENCE guarded them from. There are things you can reap because of SIN, but the Christian life is full of suffering with being righteous. Take Joseph for example. Accused of rape and sentenced to jail for a crime he did not commit. He was faithful to God and God did not spare him from prison.

In Revelation, God makes it clear that many Christians in the last hour will be martyred. We may die a criminals death, just like Jesus did beside the two thieves. We should always be ready in all things for the Lord Jesus Christ. If its God’s will for us to live a prosperous life on earth with limited issues and a nice burial, praise the Lord, if through martyrdom, praise the Lord.

Added Meat To: Most Wicked Demonic Prince Has Arrived! Spotted In Washington D.C. Name Identified

This blog post requires a certain level of discernment and is not intended for the spiritually blind. You may want to pass over this one.

Some added ideas I have from watching this video. Nothing political, but everything to do with the spirit realm. Readers Beware. The demon identified is working with the elite businessman, rather than specifically for the President. There is another spirit working there. Also, demons did not just arrive in the US. They have been here from the very beginning. The fluidity of there movements is based upon the amount of believing praying Christians. They operate mostly through fear. As Satan puts pressure on Christians by threatening them with job loss and imprisonment for standing for Christian values and walking in their religious convictions they are given more licenses by God to bring about more destruction.

Demons need our sin. They grow in number, I am told, through masturbation by millions who spend countless hours watching pornography and offering up demonic tributes. Male semen, I am told creates demons. The male is the key that launches judgment. Women are merely accessories to the crime. That is why God in the Garden of Eden did not appear until after Adam ate the fruit and not Eve.

Keep in mind, that demons outnumber fallen angels and I am told even the angels of the Lord as they are being created in massive numbers daily through as I mentioned before pornography. Today, you are seeing more and more people doing sexual deviant things because this is where the evil power lies. Female witches called teachers are molesting male children at record numbers in the US. This creates a cloud of evil and its results are seen in the sexually deviant things, you see in every movie and television show that is being churned out.

This is the backbone that fuels the coming war. I am told within less than 3 years we will see something very sinister. Satan is working very hard to make this war happen within the year, but there are believing Christians who are fighting hard in prayer to push it back, I am told, because they fear for their children. Not sure,  if we are going to be able to push this one back. Satan is using every tool in his arsenal and God is waiting on our obedience and faithfulness.

Look, women are taking center stage in the movies. They are taking on male roles and the reason for this is to bring about the judgment of God. In the last day the Bible records that seven women will grab a hold of one man for marriage. They will tell the man they essentially have their own money and just want his name because they will receive a reproach from the Lord. God is going to remove their beauty and their elegance.

I have more to say, but I will stop right here.

The Challenge Of Standing In The Middle Of Being Surrounded By Devils

The devil is trying to move you away from the standard found within the pages of  Scripture and you must reject all of his attempts to move you. You must dig your feet into the ground and refuse to conform to the worlds standard of calling sin good and something to be fully enjoyed and not refused. You must choose to live holy and even more so aggressively obey all that is found written within the Bible.

God has not changed his mind about sin and his positions about human behavior has not been altered. God is angry with the wicked everyday, but as believers we must suffer the assault of the devil and his children until God sends us deliverance and rescue. Don’t be confused by the trials as Jesus told us before time that some of us would endure them. Some even to death. Be faithful and you will not loose your reward.

Starve the BEAST: Fight Discrimination Against Christians

The devil is using a multifaceted approach to the destroy the Christian in America. He is mainly using the Christian’s own lust to destroy him and his family. You must starve the beast. The complaint of job, school, business, and everyday discrimination against Christians is fostered through the belly of the beast, being fat (having wealth) to force Christians to convert or die.

The devil has placed many of his quasi-Christians in key positions to foster the lust and keep the stream of money entering Satan’s kingdom by the millions. Christian prosperity is found in starving the beast and refusing to feed it. Every dollar you spend toward maintaining obesity is feeding the beast. Ever dollar you spend at the movies that promote sexual immorality, sex outside marriage, murder, hatred, and all kinds of lusts, you support the beast. Christians are hemorrhaging and the beast is feeding on our blood, sweat, and tears.

The beast has no limit to its appetite until you are enslaved by your lusts, driven to work countless hours to maintain your drug addiction, your porn addiction, your car addiction, your clothes addiction, your shoes and purse addiction, and furniture addiction, your home improvement addiction, until you having nothing left to give but your life.

Money answers all things. When you spend your money on the beast, you’re  approving his actions. Don’t feed the beast and then complain about demonic agendas set out to destroy Christians. Starve the beast.

A starving beast is a weak beast. If divorce is high or people shacking is high and mega churches are growing, it should tell you that maybe the beast is running that church and not Jesus and when you sow your seed into that church, it is only another stream of income for the beast.

Use your money strategically. Use your money wisely. STARVE THE BEAST!