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Before It Gets Too Heavy Get Brotherly Help

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The Christian walk is hard. There is a tendency in all of us to continue in sin after we have met the Lord Jesus Christ and have been forgiven of sin because of his shed blood. God says, if we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, but he is faithful and just to forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The devil knows that a lifestyle of sin will get you the sentence “depart from me, you WORKER of iniquity I never knew you.” So it is important that we confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Don’t try and carry your burdens alone or they will overcome you and you will be found out. Of course, the confession of sins should be with brothers and sisters in Christ. If you’re married, you should be confessing your sin to your spouse and pray for one another. If you’re single ask the Lord for a godly friend to pray with. A church community that loves the Lord.

Don’t keep losing a fight without involving other Christians to confess with for help. Your sin will come out. Its best to get the healing early so that your soul may be saved and it strengthens others, because we all have to fight sin.

Putting Too Much On God

It is important for you to realize that coming to Jesus Christ and receiving the benefits of knowing the Creator of Heaven and Earth and having a relationship with him as close as friends and even closer as a son or daughter that God has work for you. Sometimes we can make the mistake in believing that somehow God is now responsible for everything in our lives when he is the one who commands and we are responsible to listen and obey.

The Lord says fear not for I am with you. Our responsibility is to stop fearing. The Lord says trust in him and do good. Our responsibility is to trust him and do good works. The Lord says honor and your father and mother. Our responsibility is to honor our father and mother. The Lord is not going to do our part. If we are too lazy or uninterested to do our part then we will not receive the rewards he has promised to those who do.

Our employer expects a certain level of work from us that makes us profitable to the company. Our supervisor steps in and guides us through a difficult situations that exceed our level of experience and then expects you to continue working with a higher level of experience. God is the same way. He expects his sons and daughters to take responsibility for their sin. When an attack from Satan exceeds your experience level, then cry out to him.

Don’t expect God to live your life for you. He is not going to do that. He guides, opens and closes doors, but you must crawl, walk, and run through every situation. You must live you life. The more you obey God the more power you have with God. Its called promotion. Do you want more of God? Show him by your works. You cannot become a doctor without going to school. God will help open and close doors, but you must study those books and pass those tests. Don’t expect God to study for you.

You want that cute girl? Don’t expect God to be your wingman. Go over there an campaign. Open your mouth and tell her how you feel.

Putting too much on God is expecting God to do the chores he gave you to do.

Racist Thug George Zimmerman Sells Lynching Memorabilia For $250k

george zimmerman
Whenever Black people were lynched in our society, it was common practice for the perpetrators to take souvenirs away from the ritualistic murder scenes. The white supremacists would take the ropes and other weapons used to lynch the victims with them to display them as trophies. It was more common for the white supremacists to castrate the victims or cut off other body parts to keep as mementos.

In a long standing tradition in white supremacist culture, the weapon used to lynch an innocent unarmed Black child was auctioned off for $250k. The auction was orchestrated by racist career criminal George Zimmerman, who now spends his time on social media making racist comments about President Obama and Black society in general.

Zimmerman made headlines again last week when he announced he was going to auction the gun used to violate the Constitutional rights of  Trayvon Martin. The initial gun site that was going to host the auction backed out, but another suspected white supremacist gun  site agreed to host the auction. According to TMZ, the lynching weapon was sold for over $250k this week.

Despicable acts like this should force Melanoid people to realize that we are in a complete system that is dominated by the non-justice system of white supremacy. This is a system where racists can still lynch innocent Black people with impunity, and have the support of other white supremacists. We have to remember, there was a suspected white supremacist police force in Florida who supported Zimmerman. There were suspected white supremacist jurors who acquitted Zimmerman-who we now see has a career of crime and violence. There are several white supremacist organizations and donors who support Zimmerman. Click here to read more.

It is important to be informed about the world around you and the evil that is being praised and magnified. You should especially be aware as Christian parents about what the world with power considers pleasurable. As your children will receive the greater impact of the brain washing via television, internet, school, and interaction with those who have no knowledge of God. Keep your children from idols and teach them about the love of God on every opportunity.

Near Death Experiences

There are multiple books that have come out and no doubt hundreds more will be printed that speak on the subject of dying and being raised from the dead. Many of these stories are in direct contradiction of the word of God and should be viewed as demonic deceptions. Satan will use every aspect of life to deceive and will succeed in deceiving many.

I am not discounting the visions or the experiences as I believe they happen. Unfortunately, someone not covered by the blood of Jesus is not protected from the devil giving them visions of beautiful places and angels. He is a very powerful angel and the prince of the air. It would be foolish to underestimate him.

Spiritual power that does not come from the name Jesus is demonic. A good protection from deception is to ask or look for the name Jesus. If anyone is speaking to God and the name Jesus is missing you should immediately think deception.

Be vigilant. Protect yourself from false persuasions by reading and rereading the Bible.

Frontline Prayer

Now more than ever is high time to be in the throws of frontline prayer. Frontline prayer is praying that God would send his angels against the forces of darkness within the leadership of our country. That the citizen may live in peace and prosperity. That God would expose the deeds of unrighteousness that leads many into battle and grant the requests and desires of the heart of those who stand for life, liberty, and freedom.

It is time to pray for Jesus to lift the standard within our home and bring conviction to our heart on any and everything that brings, invites, and causes abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, and pain. Let freedom reign in our homes, because whom the Son has set free is free indeed. Free to love, protect, cherish our family, friends, and even enemies.

Let’s sound the trumpet in our homes and pray saints of God. Pray for God to remove sickness and disease and give us strength to strategically come against the forces of darkness with power and might. Pray for God to restore what sin has destroyed and what parts of our body have been ceased by the devil. Pray that every chain is broken and every stronghold has been cast down. Pray for the release of God’s power in our heart and for our whole frame to be filled with light. In Jesus name.