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Keeping Your Way

Good success follows good meditation. What you do in the morning and at night sets a tone for your life that will either help your walk with Jesus or make you less fruitful, if even fruitful at all. It is important to never forget that the unseen evil world is constantly at work to limit your capacity for demonstrating God’s power in your life. Satan works diligently to make sure your thoughts are not Godly, but filled with worldly pride that produces more and more ungodly thought, while ignoring the gifts that lay dormant in oneself.

As a Christian every man and woman should be demonstrating God’s power in their life. You should not be a simple Bible reading hermit, but you should be operating in spiritual gifts listed in Corinthians. God gives everyone at least one gift that should be operating in your life. If you cannot name your gift, then you are not producing fruit and your salvation is in question. God took away the talent of the man who hid his talent and gave it to the fruitful person.

If you don’t want to use your gift of healing, I will take it. Do not sit on your gifts and if you do not know what it is, ask Jesus and believe. Every gift that God gives grows. For example, if you have the gift of healing, it starts out with healing  small things and as you stir your gift by using it, you begin to heal big things, like growing new limbs or if God’s will, raising the dead.


Marital Fidelity

marital fidelity
On average, young married men, aged 28-30, make $15,900 more than their single peers, and married men aged 44-46 make $18,800 more than their single peers.

That’s even after controlling for differences in education, race, ethnicity, regional unemployment, and scores on a test of general knowledge. What’s more: the marriage premium operates for black, Hispanic, and less-educated men in much the same way as it does for men in general.

Marriage does wonders for your emotional quotient and minimizes loneliness and depression. Of course, with all the benefits of marriage there are things that Satan can use to eliminate all benefits and make one believe it is the worse decision that one could ever make.

Serious enemies to marriage are parental involvement, single friends, & toxic church members or even co-workers. These individuals may be blessings, but only when they stay within the lane that God has called them. God tells the man to cleave unto his wife and that he and the wife become a single unit with borders around their relationship. When these borders or boundaries are crossed a root of bitterness can grow. This root of bitterness can eat on your marriage like cancer and will destroy it.

Your mission as a marital unit is to keep your marriage free from extra people within its borders. The only authorized person within the boundaries of your marriage is Jesus. When Jesus is the center of your marriage and he is the source of your power for living holy, you will fulfill the promises you made at the alter and the marriage may be guarded by angels sent from heaven.

Do not hesitate to gently nudge well meaning people out of your marriage, if they have trouble with boundaries and let them know God’s plan for marital units and why its important for them to cease being busybodies and entertain their own marital unit or find someone that is free of marriage to get heavily involved with.

What Have You Come Against?

When you make a decision to follow Jesus Christ, you will come against Satan’s first attack, which is designed to neutralize and paralyze you. Its design is to make you question whether a decision to follow Jesus was wise. He will use previously held relationships with unbelievers, namely your ungodly friends to draw you away from learning about Jesus and begin the process of walking in obedience to his law.

Expect the first attack from Satan to be long and drawn out. Persist through this first wave with success through massive exposure to the Word. Read the Bible voraciously. Start with Matthew and read as much as you can, all the way to the book of Revelation. Write your vision down. Read at least ten chapters a day.

As you read the Scriptures, God’s Spirit will begin the interpretation process as you read. Your understanding of God’s will for your life will begin to manifest and the voices of demons will find it difficult to get your ear. Keep reading and do not stop. No matter what you feel or what distraction Satan will produce, you must stick with your vision. Do not stop reading the Scriptures.

In order for you to be able to effectively wage war against the forces of darkness, you must understand your role as a Christian. You must understand God’s gifts and how to access them. You must know how to use your spiritual gifts to protect your heart, your family, & your walk with God. You cannot do this without first gaining knowledge. This is done through reading the Scriptures. Reading the Scriptures is crucial. Submitting to the text will give you access to God’s power. You cannot access God’s power if you put your feelings above the text. Some things you will find in the Scriptures will go against your evil heart, but you must submit to it.

Your submission to the read Word of God is your power. Transformation into the likeness of Jesus is a process. You can control its speed by how fast you read through the Scriptures and your willingness to submit in obedience to what has been written. The speed in which you learn God is in your hand. This is step 1.

Don’t Speak Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Bible, Bible, Bible Without Action

We are living in dangerous terrain for Christians. While President Trump has signed a light executive order protecting Christians and has spoken about making sure we are not removed from every facet of life, there is much knowledge to be had and work to be accomplished.

When the Bible speaks about conforming to the worlds standard, it is specifically speaking about things that God has called sin that the world has called good. Side chicks are not sinners, they speak to the need for outsourcing in marriage. Fornication isn’t sin, its a trial run for marriage. Genocidal behavior is not sin, its a calling from birth. These things the Christian should not conform to.

Christians should seek to change the world. We should be deliberate about using what God has given us to be a blessing. We should be the epitome of love and should be the ones that continually edify. We should know about the things that are happening in our world. We should seek to change them with our resources. We should not allow the devil to move without contending for the faith. We should be standing in our armor fully clothed. We should not be afraid or dismayed by evil news, but should be encouraged to know the truth and be bold in our speech to proclaim it.

Running away from bad news has never healed the sick or made things better. Confronting the news in the power of God through Jesus Christ is the way a Christian should behave.

White Woman Deceives Boyfriend Into Taking His Life Jailed For 15 Months


Conrad Roy, 18, took his own life after his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, encouraged him to – then she listened to his last minutes but did not call 911. She was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in June after his death in his own truck in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, in July 2014. She faced up to 20 years in prison for the crime, but the judge sentenced her to 2.5 years, however, she will only have to serve 15 months. The judge suspended the rest of the sentence; Carter will be on probation for five years once she is released. The judge granted a defense motion that would keep Carter out of jail until her appeals in Massachusetts courts are exhausted. Read more

It is important to understand the precedence this sets for others who will do this same crime. Think about it for a moment. What mentality must someone have to assist someones suicide and namely someone that you have a relationship with as close as a boyfriend? What type of mother would she make and what type of girlfriend will she be to someone else? She is dangerous and parents should take note that hardly anything is being done. This is a slap on the wrist.

This sentence is the result of white privilege and it will cost white society more lives in the long run. Let’s watch and pray.