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Heart Fix

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Make sure you’re asking the Lord to forgive your sin. Try and do it as quickly as you sin.


Lord forgive me. I have sinned against you. You give the rule that requires obedience and I have sinned against you. Forgive my lust, depression and anger that follows sin and fear. I receive your forgiveness now. Thank you Jesus. Take out of my heart the need to be validated by men. Go into the historical hurt and pull the entire root out of my heart that connects me to the need for compliments and praise. I am letting go right now. I am laying my will at the feet of Jesus. Now, Holy Spirit of God fill my temple to overflowing. Every empty space I want you to inhabit it. More of you and less of me. More of you and less of me. More of you and less of me. In Jesus name.

Grave Sucking and Blood Moon Worship


Grave Sucking and Blood Moon Worship are rituals that the Christian church is picking up from demons. What is grave sucking? The act of taking an anointing from a dead Christian and using it to finish the mission. Some have distorted this to be the same as Elijah and Elisha receiving a double portion from God by watching Elijah leave into heaven. Elijah and Elisha were both alive. That is a huge difference.

What happens when an ignorant Christian follows their pastor into doing this type of thing. They get an anointing. The anointing is to finish the mission. What is the mission? The mission is to assemble an army against Jesus. What they get is demonic power.

Satan knows his time is running down. He is a master seducer. He seduced 1/3 of the Angels in heaven. This must be respected. Now if he is able to do this in heaven, how much more with ignorant and blind people on the earth? He will succeed in my opinion to fool 90% of the people on earth. That leaves 10% of the elect to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

Now all of the elect do not have Christ. They are waiting for someone filled with the Holy Ghost to bring them in. Let’s not forget those we can pull out of the fire as well. The stranglers.

You may have noticed the end time prophecy of the blood moon? Foolish people will be gathering together for a (quasi Christian) service that will demonize them. Your ignorance unfortunately is not a shield. Take notice of the Scripture: Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Notice the whole duty of man is to keep the commands of the Lord and yet we have so many so called Christians consumed over a  blood moon and not Christ.

Real quick: If you want power with the real Jesus and not his antichrist or the false demon spirit called Jesus. Then you will have to forsake many and follow Jesus. It is crucial that you do not depart from the KJV Bible. Read this Bible today and everyday. You will be deceived by Satan’s craftiness if you do not. Never underestimate him. He tricked angels. Now we are created lower then the angels and most Christian Pastors cannot see in the spirit and the ones that do are working for Satan.

Its time Christian for you to get your head out of the clouds. This is not our home and if you make this your home you will be like Potiphar’s wife a worthless statue with no life.

P.S. Stop worshipping Christian jewelry. You are not a saint because you wear it. You are a saint because you serve Jesus with all of your heart. Christian jewelry is worthless and will burn like everything else when the King comes back.

Jesus is coming for a clean and faithful bride. He is not coming for a whore.

Get your life right with Jesus.

HOPE (not just a cliché)

The believer in Jesus Christ has hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but hope realized makes the heart glad. Whenever you find the turmoil of life enclosing on your joy, grab a hold of hope. What is the believer’s hope?

The believer wins in the midst of losing. The believer wins in the midst of winning. The believer has eternal life. The believer has a constant relationship with his creator. The believer may fall, but will always rise. The world’s critics cannot stop the believer. The believer cannot be delayed, for all things work together for those who trust in Jesus. The believer is triumphant. The believer has a continual source from which to draw. The believer has access to the water that does not run dry. The believer is more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. The believer is the head and not the tail. The believer knows and loves God. The believer has the ultimate hope in death.

There is no hope for the sinner not saved by Jesus. They have no hope in the midst of prosperity. The sinner enjoys sin for a season. The sinner enjoys walking in freedom from the restraints of faith. The sinner enjoys temporary wealth and riches. Notice how the most wealthy, in fact all the billionaires in America do not profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. God says he has not called many that are rich and noble, but the base things of the earth to confound the wise.

Hope thou in God. Hope thou in God. Your hope will never ever, ever, fail.

EXPOSED: The “Illuminati” infiltration of Christianity (R$E)


roger tharpe

If you’re looking for souls to fill the pews do not think it is found in assimilation for it is found in power. God used Paul to reach the masses and establish many churches through power.  Paul said my message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power (1 Corinthians 2:4).

So the next question is how do I get the power of God so that I do not have to assimilate the church to the world, that some may be tricked to come inside and when they come inside many leave for lack of power and those who stay become users of the church remaining babes in Christ. We lead them to the cross of Jesus Christ through the disciplines we have learned from scripture. Jesus Christ displayed disciplines that were critical for his power while he walked on the earth. His ministry begins with his relationship with the Father and then baptism and then fasting in the desert. I believe this is a model new believers should use. You have lived in the world a long time and the thoughts from that worldview are strong and the spiritual beings that would have you stay in bondage will continue to attract you. Paul begins his ministry the same way the only difference is that Paul fasts for three days and Jesus fasts for 40 days. I believe today as the New Testament church the three day fast is best.

Remember, we are talking about having power within the church that produces dancers for Christ alone and while we dance for him it will attract others to come watch us praise him. Who is worthy of this kind of praise?

The second discipline would be prayer to God for spiritual gifts, which consists of discerning of spirits, wisdom, healing, speaking in tongues and gifts of prophecy. Understand these things are not the means to an end but are disciplines for the display of power that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 2:4, for all of our ministry needs the covering of love and not simply the works for Christ shed his blood in love for those who would later be saved.

The third discipline would be to read your Bible every day in a translation that you find most helpful. The Lord gives understanding to those who ask for his guidance.

Lastly, although not the last thing that should be done, but here is a good starting point worship God in song, singing melodies in your heart to him, for he loves to be worshipped and adored and comes quickly to those who do. The choice of music should be based upon the thoughts that your mind conjure, for if so-called Christian music you are listening to causes you to think of thoughts that are not Christ center discard and find music that does. We want power in the church not wise persuasive words where the world may begin worshipping the messenger, we want power and this is how God through his word establishes it.

These disciplines are critical and the reason why this is not being followed is not because it is something difficult to interpret in scripture it is because it is not easy, but if the whole Christian Church were to grab a hold of the disciplines, like an athlete who trains for a trophy, we would not see the decay that is taking place.

Lord Jesus, help us turn our hearts, minds, and bodies back to you that you may heal our land.