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Know Your Timing

You have heard about the seasons, the importance of being on a schedule and being ready for good opportunities to arise. You have heard the early bird gets the worm. The Bible says, The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

No one asks to be born and here you are. No choice given when or where you would be conceived and what position you would have as a birthright. All these things are by time and chance. Your ability to move forward and create wealth is determined by TIME and chance. A man born at the beginning of God’s prophecy of slavery for the Israelites of 400 years has no chance for upward mobility.  That individual was born to be a slave and will die one. Time and chance.

Men seek to determine the will of God’s prophetic timeline, even though He said, no man will ever know it. They hate their lack of control and try to ignore that time and chance happens to us all. No matter where you are today, your life is the sum of time and chance. You may regret a decision, but you will never know whether that decision saved you from something far worse. You replay it over and over again, but whatever you input as a better possibility there are millions of worse ones that have equal value in your imagination, let it go.

What you have from God is the present and make full use of that. Let the present cheer you as you seek the Lord’s direction for your life. Knowing your timing is living in the present and being present for God to continually perform miracles in your life. Use God’s grace and consider your ways, but understand that for all your striving time and chance happens to us all.


The Fight To Remain The Same And Be Different

No matter how wicked the world gets and how disgusting people become, God still requires His children to remain faithful. He has been upfront with His plan and what things we would see as time moves closer to the end. He said, sin will wax worse and the poor would always dwell among us. He said, we would suffer trials and tribulations. He said, the way that leads to destruction is broad. He said, there would be a multiplicity of ways to enter hell, but only one way to enter heaven. The devices of Satan are countless and imaginations of the hearts of men to do evil is countless. The moment you think, it can’t get worse the depravity cannot go deeper, mankind will prove you wrong every time.

Women have forsaken men and rushed to have childless sex with other women & men have left the intimacy of a woman to engage in erotic sex with robots & other men. Children are not safe from male and female sexual predators in school who hunt them down. Women are raped in every industry known to man and yet its glorified on television and rape movies that play on lifetime are popular. Hollywood actresses are speaking out of both sides of their mouth, they will accuse a man of raping them and then play a rape victim on television for hire. What is really going on?

Satan does not care how you choose to live as long as the end result is death without Jesus Christ. Take drugs and drink excessively. Get STD’s or don’t, just keep having sex outside of marriage. Get into fights with other people. Kill or be killed or just simply stay at odds with people. Keep spinning around and around until you get dizzy, just don’t stop long enough to hear the voice of God. Go to a godless concert and worship Satan willingly or unwillingly. Never call on the name Jesus and do not think about His Word.

Satan knows that if he can keep you busy doing godless things, you will never consider what happens to your soul when you die. You will have godless conversations with other godless people about spiritual things, but it will be another trap, another addiction, try yoga, do godless meditation or listen to sounds that illuminate ones mind, just don’t give attention to Jesus.

As a Christian we must fight to remain the same. There is no such thing as Christian yoga, Christian porn stars, Christian homosexuals, Christian female pastors. Do these title exist? Yes! Christianity is not defined by the godless, but men and women who follow the teaches of Jesus Christ. Fight to remain the same. New types of Christians pop up ever day. Harry potter Christians, Christian witches, Christian white supremacist, whatever evil you want to practice, Satan will allow you to deceive yourself by slapping the title Christian in front of it. See, all better now. It’s Christian.

There is to be difference between a Christian and Satan’s children and when they come to alter Christianity it is your duty to contend for the faith and keep it pure. Don’t allow Satan to confuse your children, be on guard. Guard your heart from every evil device by reading the Bible and submitting to what God’s word says. When someone approaches you with something contrary to God’s word and calls it Christian, don’t argue with fools, say nothing and walk away. Answering a fool in his foolishness will make you the fool. It is not your profession to correct fools, those ready to repent will ask you, what must I do to be saved? Anything else, is wasteful conversation that never produces good remaining fruit.


The Power Of Kneeling

There is a model in Scripture for the person who lives a life that pleases the Lord. There is a physical position that all will take whether willingly or unwillingly. Satanist have learned the power of positions in the form of yoga. The devil has revealed the spiritual implications of them that practice them. People who practice yoga will talk about being open, relaxed and filled with a spiritual release. Now this door opens one to the demonic realm and it brings all kinds of evil addictions that cling to the door opener and their family. Now God has a position for his believers and it is kneeling.

It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God” (Romans 14:11). To be made to bow before God will not be a good day, but to willingly take a knee, is safe. Written in the book of Psalm 95:6 the Psalmist writes “Come, let us worship and bow down, Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.” In Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians he say’s, “I ask you not to be discouraged because of my sufferings for you, which are your glory for this reason I bow my knees before the Father, whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name.” Taking a knee before the Lord in prayer is a position of strength. And Stephen kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep (Acts 7:60).

The knee is a symbol of submission, but more importantly it is the symbol that God sees. The sign of surrender that tells God I cannot handle the enemy before me and without your intervention, I am done. It is an acknowledgment of your weakness and an invitation for God to send you His power. Kneel before the Lord in prayer. Acknowledge your weakness and give God space to make you supernaturally strong.

Meat For White Supremacist That Want To Meet Jesus

The way that leads to eternal life is narrow and few find it. It is because the way is narrow. There is not a lot of room for mankind to live the way they have been raised, unless Jesus was doing the raising, and choose many things that Jesus has not sanctioned that disqualify one from being his son or daughter. God is very clear about the type of person that will see him and the type of person he will meet. He is very particular. Notice the work of God in the days of Noah, saved only eight. His work in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, saved only three. His work in Pompeii, Jericho, & Egypt when the Israelites crossed the sea. How many Egyptians were saved? God only saves a few that are righteous.

We find ourselves in the 21st century in a time and space where white supremacy is the law of the land. Pick any country and turn on the television and who do you see? White people. Black Africans are bleaching their skin to become white because they have been fooled into thinking that will save them from white rage and it has not. They have taken the Satanic image of the white Jesus and placed them into their homes thinking that will save them & poverty and lack is all they see. We come to America and black people in their churches, always confessing God will make a way and the blessing is around the corner, but they are still largely unemployed or underemployed, mass incarcerated, and many of them who own property have them in failing districts. They are on schedule to be a zero net worth by 2020. There plight is not by mistake or misfortune, but done on purpose, by what has been termed white supremacy.

Here we have the white oppressor and the black slaves, but neither one will be rescued by God without repentance. The white supremacist so-called Christian that began in the KKK church and extends today will not get away from God. The rich heap up treasures for the last day and God will give away his profits to the man or woman who is righteous and the lakes of fire will be the reward of those who practice wickedness. So how do you identify whether you fit the so-called Christian white supremacist? You deny black injustice in America. You deny white supremacy. You prop up black athletes, but never question how come there are no black sports owners. You protect white criminals in the church and outside the church. You hate interracial marriage. You prop up the white Jesus without Scriptural support. You lie on black people and tell lies to your children. If any of these things fit you, then you have an issue with Jesus.

Jesus has only one issue with men and that is unconfessed sin. If you want to be saved and one of the eight saved in the days of Noah, you must confess your sin of white supremacy. It is near impossible not to have it working in your life because the system is baked into every area of life. The school system, television, snack cakes, your teachers, coaches, friends, video games, etc. Its time to let it go and let God heal you. This weight is heavy, it causes depression, anxiety, misery, high blood pressure and for some white supremacist even suicide. Be healed today. Pray this prayer.

Heavenly Father, I confess that I have enjoyed the fruits of white supremacy and have used its privilege to garnish rewards and oppress others directly and indirectly. I have not been a strong defender of the gospel of love and have made separation a daily diet. I have practiced denial because its painful to hear. Take every evil root lodged inside and pull it out. Forgive me for every sin in this area and any other addictions and sins that I have committed. Forgive me Jesus and cleanse my heart of all unrighteousness. Open my eyes and let me see the world how it really is. I want to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and power. I want to be renewed and filled with joy. Break every chain off of my head and anoint me in Jesus name.

The Beauty of Division

The word divisive or division has become a bad word to many people. A word used to shame those who posit a different opinion or religious preference. A word some use to give themselves a higher moral ground, not realizing that division is a Godly principle.  Jesus said, “Do not think that I came to bring peace to the earth; I came not to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34).

Division is a purifier. It removes confusion and brings clarity. Satan comes as an angel of light, so that his evil plan may only be detected when its too late. Secret societies and white supremacy works best in the shadows and under the covering of denial. Like, Satan it cloaks itself within the Christian church, the court room, the medical room, the military, and the government. It takes careful examination to discover it. You see its results through mass incarceration, black unemployment, black poverty, black pay, black home ownership and black business.

Sin is the same way. Sexually transmitted diseases is the direct result of sin, but you will hear people deny that the choice to commit adultery, fornicate, sodomate, or beastuate is sin. They will confuse you with term disease, which implies you were just unfortunate. Denial is Satan’s tool of choice to deflect from the results and confuse.

Today, white supremacy is being uncovered and this is good. The hidden division is becoming exposed. What Christians need to do in this hour is to keep asking Jesus to uncover the mystery of iniquity for all people. Make the line separating evil and good extremely clear. The line between the false church and the true church. The line between white supremacist and those who believe everyone has been created in the image of God.

When your eyes have been opened, be very careful not to cast your pearls before swine. Division will always exist, until Christ returns, however it is most deadly when it is cloaked. Discernment uncloaks the division and allows you to see clearly. Keep asking God to remove every ounce of confusion and bring every ounce of clarity to you and those around you. In Jesus name.