Woman Commits Suicide Because She Was Tired Of Being Single At 31

Danielle Saul, 31, hung herself after she was tired of being a bridesmaid while all her girlfriends were getting married. The business development manager’s “cry for help” attempt on her life turned out to be her suicide after her ex refused to settle the issues they had in the past.

The 31 year-old extremely depressed and desperate-to-marry Danielle died after seeing her ex for the last time. Prior to her death, she had been holding unto a relationship that had ended five years ago.

She had met up with her ex that night and decided to continue the little party which included some of his friends at her apartment in Fallowfield. Though she had the intent to reconcile, her ex didn’t as he refused to take her back and he left.

Her body was discovered when a concerned friend who hadn’t seen or heard from her in three days decided to stop by her apartment only to discover her decomposing-hung body.

Danielle’s friends and family had knowledge of the woman’s desperation to get married as all her friends were all settled and she was feeling left out.

Don’t give up the goods until after marriage. Forget the try and then buy. Do it, God’s way.