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You Can Be A Believer With Unbelieving Parents

When God fashioned you and designed you for the entrance into what we call the earth, you start off in His image. Your socioeconomic background, race, age or gender is not a hindrance for the reception of God. What hinders you is your unbelief. If you refuse to hear the voice of the blind (unbelieving), God will grant you supernatural wisdom that will surpass the knowledge of your unbelieving parents. This knowledge is not for you to be lifted up in pride, but for God to use you to be a blessing to your unbelieving parents. You will become a conduit for them to receive grace and blessings.

As you obey God’s voice, expect your parents to act more ungodly. Satans number one tactic is to destroy your resolve early. Expect this. This is wisdom for you. This is only the beginning. As you read the Bible and your knowledge grows, your love for your unbelieving parents will grow, your obedience will grow and the devil’s hands on the necks of your parents will begin to tremble. Keep living for Jesus. Your relationship will get better, but be careful, Satan has his hand on your parents neck still. The evil spirits are only weak, not gone.

Your parents will need to become Christians to receive the light of God to free them. Keep living right and doing what the Bible calls righteous. Watch out for ungodly friends, who you will surpass in maturity, but your flesh is still alive and will pull you toward the pleasures of sin. Understand your choices here will determine your future issues in life. The closer you stay to Jesus the less drama, you will experience and the horrible stories your unbelieving peers will have to tell, will not be yours.

Stay in God and God will stay in you. Deceivers will come, but God will give you discernment.



A Wrinkle In Time: Satan’s best Sermon

If you have seen this movie and got chills, then you are not alone. This movie was filled with some of the best teachings that Satan has to offer. If you were a new ager, a witch,  a yogi, or satanist you would have found your home here. This movie will reboot and throughly cleanse the sinus of demonically filled people.

No time was waisted. The trinity Oprah, Mindy Kaling, & Reese Witherspoon covers the basis for all races. The black, brown, and white coalition was in place. Oprah being the Father, Mindy the Holy Spirit, and Reese was Jesus Christ. They each played their role as entities of light. They were guides who taught the main character how to astral project. They used yoga as the entry point for the light (Satan) to enter. At the point of Mindy’s eyes going white, flashes real quick, demons entered the people in the movie theater. Oprah’s demonic power is impressive. Evil spirits of depression, fear, and anxiousness.

A superb way to keep one entangled. The hook that keeps one chained to demonic methods of living that loop over and over again. I heard a young girl express her delight in the movie and tears began to fill my eyes and I felt it difficult to hold them back. Ignorance may be temporarily blissful, but it will not protect you from the truth. Demons entered the children as well. Parents totally unaware of what transpired. Simply heart breaking, but A Wrinkle in Time is brilliant.

There was one statement that stuck out to me. “Light enters through the wound.” I have found speaking to demons that women who birth children out of trauma are the easiest to enter. It is no coincidence that when you see a homosexual, they all have a trauma story. The angel of light (Satan) enters through the trauma. Why do you think entering a fraternity requires a ritual that produces trauma? A gang? A secret society? Hollywood? It is the reason young girls and boys are sexually abused. It produces trauma and demons enter.

The trauma is the hook that keeps one enslaved to sin and in bondage to all kinds of addictions that are harmful, suicidal, genocidal, and homicidal. This movie moves past the understanding of most of the adults who will watch it, but their children will receive the message loud and clear. The universe in this movie is Satan and he will teach you how to enter the spirit world and you can in the spirit move faster then the speed of light.

If you have watched this movie with your children ignorantly, then pray this prayer.

Heavenly Father, I am aware that ignorance does not save me or my family. What I don’t know can kill me. Your word says over and over again to get knowledge and wisdom and understanding. To seek it as for hidden treasure. Forgive me. As the leader of my home, I should have watched over my children. Lord Jesus, send your healing. Touch me and the rest of my family with your cleansing blood. Rescue my children from filthy spirits that seek to destroy and remove from them every disease satan has planned for their life. Bring conviction to me, so that I walk well in this evil world where Satan is the prince of the air (airwaves). In Jesus name.

Lord, I know you don’t dwell in unclean temples. I know offending you will not go well with me. Fill me Lord. Give me a fresh touch. Restore me and my family in Jesus name.



Yoga Instructor accused of murdering twin pretended to be her, boyfriend

The trial for Alexandria Duval, the woman accused of murdering her twin sister by driving their car off a cliff, entered its second day Tuesday, bringing disturbing testimony from the deceased twin’s boyfriend. Frederico Bailey, who dated Anastasia Duval, said Alexandria dressed up as her sister after the car crash that killed her.

Alexandria dressed up as her sister, wearing an outfit she had worn just a few days prior, and tried to flirt with Bailey, he testified Tuesday.

“She began cuddling up on me, it seemed like she was flirting with me,” said Bailey, who was dating Anastasia at the time of her death, according to the New York Post. “She sat down beside me really close and lay her head on my shoulder. She put on Anastasia’s clothes. I started talking to her about what happened, she avoided answering any of my questions.”

Alexandria, 39, was behind the wheel with Anastasia in the passenger seat when their car plunged 200-feet off a cliff in Hawaii, where they lived, in 2016. Alexandria sustained major injuries but survived the crash, though Anastasia did not. Alexandria pleaded not guilty to her sister’s murder, maintaining it was an accident.

Prosecutors, however, claimed the crash was intentional.

Witnesses said they saw the twins arguing in the car before the crash. Chad Smith, a resident of Maui, testified that he passed them on the highway before the crash and saw them arguing but could not hear anything. Smith said he was forced to swerve out of their way to avoid them.

“The girl that was on the passenger side [and] she was yelling and yelling and yelling,” said Cecelia Kupau, according to People magazine. “And that’s when the girl who was driving the car said, ‘Call the psychiatrist, I need a psychiatrist.’”

They are teaching yoga in schools today as a way to control students. Pray for your children or they will be demonized by the yoga teachers that are feeding your Pre-K, and Kindergarten children.

Who knows the countless ways that Satan will use their bodies for his service in the kingdom of darkness.

Interracial Teen Couple Assailed With Horrific Racist Comments After Posting Video Of Amazing Gift From Her Family

The look on 17-year-old Chris Hunter’s face said it all. Shock. Pure shock.

When a member of his girlfriend’s family handed him the keys to a car as an early Christmas gift over the weekend in suburban Dallas, Chris looked like he couldn’t believe it.

His girlfriend, 16-year-old Madison Duke, posted a video of the heartwarming gesture on Twitter, where it has been liked nearly 36,000 times — but has also attracted nasty, racist, abusive comments.

Chris is black. Madison is white.

The teens have been dating for 11 months and go to high school together, according to NBC 5 in Fort Worth.

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Nearly 2018 and it never gets old that interracial relationships, especially the pairing of a black male and white female trigger evil reactions from the dominant society. Will 2018 be different? More of the same or worse? What is the direction of a nation that appears to thrive on hate?


A Teen Killed Herself After Being Tormented By Rumors That An Ex Had Shared Intimate Photos Of Her

A 15-year-old girl killed herself after being plagued by rumors that an ex-boyfriend had posted intimate photos of her on social media and incessant bullying from classmates about her hair — and then a photo of her dead body was leaked to a popular messaging app.

Karina Saifer Oliveira, who lived in Brazil, seemed like a typical teenager. Her parents said she was smart and wanted to study law. They said they had no idea that she was thinking of suicide.

It is the parents responsibility to arm your ignorant children of the dangers of dating and the parameters of which they should engage to stay safe. They should be shown my blog or others with these examples of children who engage in child porn, because intimate photos of a fifteen year old is child porn. They should understand that the countless photos of child porn online and porn in general is made to look glamorous, but the effects are damaging.

The only person that should see your naked body should be your husband. The internet is filled with naked rich women and it seems like sexy selfies is cool, but now look at these same rich women and their accusations of sexual harassment for selling sex. There is truth to the law of attraction, although it is a spiritual thing. There is no reason for this behavior and parents should inform their children of what happens to people who perform this. Let them learn from others.

If you take care of the root, the branches die.