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You Cannot Serve God and Money

Every man is tempted of his own lust and enticed and when that man falls into sin, its practice, gives birth to death. You cannot serve God and Money.

We live in a society where women will take there bodies and use it to pay bills. Men will use their intellect to sell another man something that will destroy his mind in order to pay bills. You have others who will rob stores and even their own family to pay bills. You have females who will allow men to run trains on them to pay bills. You have people who will sell body parts to pay bills. Men and women selling sex hormones to pay bills and no one is asking why do I have to literally sell my soul to survive? You have artist writing songs, twerking, men dressing up like women, to pay bills. All these actions just to get a dollar that you cannot take with you when you die.

Jesus said, the world always worries about how they will survive financially. He mentions they worry about how they will be clothed and fed. He tells the believer to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. He tells the believer to have faith in God. He tells the believer that our currency resides in heaven and we are simply passengers in a dying world. Our affections should be on things above. Root them in heaven. On the mansion he’s preparing. On the future that he has promised for the believer. Hold on to the promised land, which is heaven.

Worry is not for us. It means you are spending too much time listening to Satan and too little time thinking about living righteously. You cannot serve God and Money and this is becoming clearer everyday in America.

What Is Your Plan To Stand In The Evil Day?

The television preachers have turned up the temperature on soul draining programs that victimize the users brain with lies and demonic distractions. They are no longer using foxiness to wain watchers asleep, but full propaganda messages to massage unlearned minds and toss them to and fro for any doctrine besides the one that saves their soul from eternal death and hell. These liars and false pretenders are feasting on your minds and dollars, hoping you never discover that your life is fading away. What will you do with the years that you have wasted? What is your response to the time on soulless endeavors?

The Lord is able to restore what time and disobedience has stolen. He is able to give you back what Satan has stripped from your hands. He is able to renew your mind with truth and strengthen your frame with wisdom. God is able to make sure you can stand when all hell is breaking lose and nothing, but demonically filled people surround you like they surrounded Stephen, Paul, Peter and Jesus.

Will you take the hand of the Lord Jesus and walk with him through valley of the shadow of death? Will you pick up your cross daily and follow him? Will you work out your salvation with fear and trembling? Will you challenge those who claim to be believers that are walking in blatant sin? Will you love your neighbor as yourself and love your enemies who despiteful use you?

You will only be able to stand in the evil hour when you know your role as the prisoner of Jesus Christ. If you are a man and you play the role of a woman, then you will miss heaven. If you are a woman and play the role of a man, then you will miss heaven. When Jesus returns for His Bride will she be in the place that he created her to be in? Will he find her faithful and true? If she is caught or found in the hands of another man, she will be shunned forever from the presence of the Lord.

Do not allow the world to move you. The ungodly preachers will continue to preach you continue to ignore and listen ONLY to the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your plan should be to get educated on the Bible and follow its design for your life and do not allow anything to enter your heart that is not based in the Word of God.

These Are the Drugs Killing the Most People in the U.S.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration based the data on death certificate information that is typically written by medical examiners or coroners.

“The method was applied to provide a more in-depth understanding of the national picture of the drugs involved in drug overdose deaths,” their study says.

You will notice below the epidemic is only increasing. STD’s are rising. Beastuality and Homosexuality is rising. People are running to drugs because they have no hope for the contradictions they see everyday.


As the Godly example of the natural family structure declines, the drug epidemic increases. The answer is Jesus.The answer is repentance and the answer is in men and women of God who operate in supernatural power. You want deliverance, then find anointed man of God that God has given supernatural gifts to be a blessing to you. Absorb the lessons he teaches and glean from his wisdom and prosper in joy and hope for a better future. One filled with peace and love. Through Jesus Christ.

Letting Your Light Shine

It is important that believers around the world use every opportunity and platform to share the wisdom of God with the world. You are being force fed debauchery and every sexual deviant image that Satan can conjure in the minds of his servants and God has called the Christian to contend for the faith.

You should take an active role in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and expose the darkness within the world and give them directions to head toward the light. You may have noticed some sad stories on this blog that may make you cringe or you may want to stop reading, but this is our world. The one that Jesus left behind for you to shine in.

If Satan is using social media and polluting the platforms with filth, then we should use social media to flood the internet waves with light. Use your resources and your relationship with Jesus and share what things God has done for you. Don’t hide in this fight, but pray and use social media to shine light on all the darkness.

You are here for a reason and that reason as a Christian is to produce good fruit or God cannot say to you, well done thou good a faithful servant. The man who hid his talent God rebuked, gave it to the man with ten talents and cast that man into the fire. Work out your salvation with fear and tremble and produce good fruit daily.

Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order Would Protect Religious Freedom for Gay Marriage, Abortion Opponents

President Donald Trump may issue a “religious freedom” order that would protect Americans’ rights to live their lives and run their businesses in accordance with their religious beliefs on marriage and abortion, according to draft order that has been leaked to the press.

As social conservative activists are voicing their disapproval over reports that indicate that Trump won’t rescind an order signed by President Barack Obama in 2014 that puts religious charities and other federal contractors at risk of losing federal grants because their employment practices are consistent with their religious views on marriage and sexuality, a draft of a potential executive order that began circulating through the administration on Tuesday indicates that Trump could move to protect organizational and individual religious convictions on social issues.

The draft, which was leaked to the The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, is titled “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom.”

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” – Proverbs 29:2