holy_spirit_fire_by_jpsmsu40Saints of God, what are we to expect from the world? For them to uplift a righteous standard of living? For them to care about the unborn and not themselves? For them to give credence to arguments concerning God’s commands or to be moved by apologetics? We are fools if we think this works. What drew many in the days of Jesus? Power! Stephens’s wisdom never changed the mind of the men in the synagogue; instead they lied on him and killed him. That is what wicked people do. In time they will do it in America.

Wisdom is only part of the key. We need power. Natural power and Supernatural power. If we begin to separate ourselves from the world and take our money and put it toward Godliness, then things will change. Money is natural power. We buy the devils food (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets) and yet call ourselves Christians. We watch the devils movies. Oh I know, you don’t watch pornography, but instead you watch movies filled with sex outside of marriage and homosexual relationships on television and somehow wonder why your house is full of sin and growing worse and why your daughter is twerking as the boys at school shout. If you are unfamiliar with the term ask your teen.  Where should you spend your money? Acknowlege God in all your ways and he will direct your path, just be obedient.

We need supernatural power. This only comes when we are operating in perfect love. We can only operate in perfect love when we are operating in obedience. Obedience gives us the confidence to ask the Lord in faith believing that our prayer can heal the sick and raise the dead. We depend so much on science today because we are not yielding to God like we should. He does miracles today. We need this gift operating in more people.

The homosexual is not our problem. The problem is our attendance at the devils table. He sets a beautiful spread with delicious foods. A little adultery here, some premarital sex there, of course, getting drunk at home is ok, as long as you don’t go outside. Most of our meditation and conversation is ungodly and then we go to church and pretend. We have absolutely no power and have not heard a word from the Lord in months, some years. You may wonder how I know? I have seen your Facebook accounts.

I understand my Baptist brothers your limitation in the supernatural, but I assure you, when you cast off the things of this world, a supernatural power will arrest you regardless. Cast off pride and arrogance. Cast off pornography and listening to ungodly music and God’s power will arrive in a fresh way.

To them with ears to hear, Let them hear.


  1. Really Good. Thanks for saying it so well.

  2. “We depend so much on science today” Indeed we do. There are pills, therapies, and surgeries to “remedy” nearly any issue we may have. There is of course a time and a place for such things, but the Scriptures teach that demonic possession and oppression is the cause of much of our torment. Many churches in America have been blinded to this truth, yet Jesus cast demons out that caused sickness and insanity. We need to be more like our Master.

    • Indeed.
      The price for such power is suffering in the flesh. No one likes to suffer. God is not giving up his power and quite frankly cannot, because we can’t handle it. You must be broken and completely yielded to him. We rather yield to our flesh and so we receive its reward. Sickness and no power.

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  4. wonderful, in separating should one not take up the title or the designation which Paul used so very often? that is followers of the way, the ways of the Christ. for one is so lost within the massive all excepting views of the all embracing Christian church infected by the world.

  5. I agree! Good post! You are so right! I hope that people will take to heart what you have to say—God Bless

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  7. I am SOO glad I found your blog! You speak “my native language”. I am definitely following your blog. So much truth in this one post, I’ve been looking for people who actually believe this. God must have led me here. God bless you and THANK you for selling out to God–fully!


    • I hear you. Super! Make sure you are continually looking for people who believe the scriptures and when anyone departs from it. You depart from them. As you know, you can go only higher than the person before you. Paul admonished the believers to follow him as he followed Christ.

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. I appreciated this post a lot. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I got from it was “Don’t blame homosexuals for the sins WE commit,” i.e., “Don’t point out the splinter in your brother’s eye and ignore the beam in your own.” Which is a message I love.

    • Indeed. There is a power that accompanies the believer in Christ who walks in obedience. He/She has the authority/power to move mountains. God’s ear is not unable to hear our prayers, but for many of us it is our sin that prevents him from moving in great power in our lives. You know, if he gave us some real power we would surpass Oprah in wealth. Our heart is not yielded and so we attack a group of homosexuals at the same time we are living with someone who is not our husband or wife. In fact, when you look at the book of Revelation, it mentions fornication over and over in the different churches. I assure you there are more people committing adultery and fornicating then committing the sin of homosexuality. All are sin and all who continue in this behavior will find themselves in hell. For none of these shall have any inheritance according to the scriptures in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  9. Am I allowed to say what I want to say without being called a divider of the church?

    Yes, we are not to judge—that is, I shouldn’t condemn you for drinking if I’m an alcoholic—but we are to be discerning of the spirits. How else do we separate the chaff from the wheat; the man of God from the false prophet?

    It is refreshing to hear someone boldly speak the truth. This brand of Christianity is not everywhere taught these days and, if I may say, you will never hear this message preached at Lakewood (I hope you understand the reference). For those who have ears let them hear!

    (Thank you for leading me to this website.)

  10. My apologies, but I wasn’t logged in so my comment was posted Anonymous.

    I’d like to add that you won’t hear this kind of message preached at some mega churches which have become nothing more than tickle-your-ears, motivational, New Age seminars with very little, if any, theology.

  11. May God bless you for speaking His truth Roger. I just posted an article on my blog about this very issue. So many in the Church today have become so drunk and bloated at the devil’s table that they don’t even realize that they have been lulled into complacency. I pray that God sends revival to His Church before we suffer the same fate as the fallen Roman Empire.

  12. What we are to expect of the world should be the same that God expects from the world I believe.

  13. Matthew 16:24, “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me”.

    • Such a difficult scripture. Such a hard thing to maintain doing. Deny my will, my pleasure, my life, and hand it all over to Jesus Christ and follow him.

      Powerful! This means that if I take up my cross, I too shall be endued with power from on high. What a mighty God to serve.

  14. “Does God have the right to legislate morality for all of creation?”

  15. Such a good reminder! People who don’t know Jesus… sin. That’s all we can expect. Everyone has been in darkness at some point in their life… aka: life before knowing Jesus. So a little grace and understanding should be offered in order to help direct them to the Truth.

    Whether you love Jesus or not… at all times we are either sowing into the spirit or the flesh. I remind myself daily of this 🙂 Thank goodness for grace and thank God that He’s faithful to teach me His ways.

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