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Frequent Trips To God Strengthens The Believer

When you believe in God the Father and know His Son Jesus you have moved beyond the physical realm and have entered into the spirit. Once you are in the spirit you access the Father through prayer. You commune with God. You speak with God. Worship is a part of this realm. Singing songs and hymns to the Lord is in this realm. The presence and power of God is in this realm.

In the spirit you begin to be strengthened within your inner man. Your spirit/soul is strengthened and you become on fire. This fire that burns on the inside repels demons and causes them to tremble. A fire is placed in your eyes and weight has been granted to your words. Your words become life to those who receive them. Your desire in this realm is strictly for the Lord and you enjoy hearing his loving commands. It is in this realm where you receive your supernatural gifts. It is in this realm where you receive the mission for your life. The purpose for your existence is in this realm. Direction is in this realm.

Frequent prayer strengthens the believer because it gives you rest from the world. You leave the world and enter a new realm when you pray. You are transported from this world and now the spirit world has been opened and in this realm all things are possible to those who believe. In heavenly places you acquire tools that aid your earthly life. Tools that not only benefit you, but those who hear you.

Prayer is the door into this realm. This is why Satan hinders prayer. He does not want you access your strength and your gifts and those wonderful tools and jewels of wisdom that God grants to those who are faithful in coming to him in prayer. Keep praying. Pray everyday and ask the Lord Jesus how do I get those heavenly tools to work in the natural. Ask the Lord to show you what are the best tools for my current situation. Believe and you will receive access and wisdom.

Charging Up From A Fall

Anyone who has walked with the Lord for any length of time will tell you that the mountain top experiences do not nullify your ability to fall and require God’s forgiveness of sin. Paul rebuked Peter for being racist, if you translate what happens today. Peter a Jew by birth demanded Gentiles to behave like the Jews, as if, ones birthright gives someone access to heaven and not that everyone requires Jesus. Peter forsook the Lord Jesus three times and the sins of David are numerous. What we find is their unrelenting fervor to return back to God again and again. They make it a habit to stay in God’s face.

If you are going to walk with Jesus and have power with God, it will require an ignoring of the devils desire to get you to quit and a fervor that makes up ones mind to seek the Lord again with everything that you have. When you fail to pray on a daily basis, you limit the power of God in your life. When you fail to worship God daily, you limit the power of God in your life. The Lord created us to worship him. He has around the clock in heaven creatures that only have one job. That job is to cry Holy, Holy, Holy, which was and is to come the Lord God Almighty. Our job is to make the earth look like heaven. The best way to get God’s attention is through worship. Worship before prayer. Create an atmosphere that is similar to heaven in your home. Worship God.

When you worship God he fills the temple (you). When you worship God you overflow with new wine. When you worship God, you become more like him. He transforms the worshiper, while you worship. Train yourself to worship God.

For those familiar with Dragon Ball Z will appreciate the analogy of Goku and a normal Christian growing in God.

What we have here is the different stages of Goku. The first he is normal and then becomes a super saiyan, next super siayan 2 and then super saiyan 3.

His final stage is super saiyan god.

For each phase his training is intense, but also the enemies he faces pushes him into the next level. Every level he attains, invites greater threats to his life and his family. So he trains even harder. Never discouraged by the challenge, but intent on overcoming it. His power dwells within himself. Now if you are a believer in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit within you is your power. Your power is within yourself. Not in a humanistic fashion, but God dwells on the inside of you.

Jesus replied to the Pharisees, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’ ? Peter’s shadow healed people. The same God then is doing the same thing today, but it requires the believer in Jesus to train himself in the art of making love to God through worship. The harder you train, the more power you will attain.


holy_spirit_fire_by_jpsmsu40Saints of God, what are we to expect from the world? For them to uplift a righteous standard of living? For them to care about the unborn and not themselves? For them to give credence to arguments concerning God’s commands or to be moved by apologetics? We are fools if we think this works. What drew many in the days of Jesus? Power! Stephens’s wisdom never changed the mind of the men in the synagogue; instead they lied on him and killed him. That is what wicked people do. In time they will do it in America.

Wisdom is only part of the key. We need power. Natural power and Supernatural power. If we begin to separate ourselves from the world and take our money and put it toward Godliness, then things will change. Money is natural power. We buy the devils food (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets) and yet call ourselves Christians. We watch the devils movies. Oh I know, you don’t watch pornography, but instead you watch movies filled with sex outside of marriage and homosexual relationships on television and somehow wonder why your house is full of sin and growing worse and why your daughter is twerking as the boys at school shout. If you are unfamiliar with the term ask your teen.  Where should you spend your money? Acknowlege God in all your ways and he will direct your path, just be obedient.

We need supernatural power. This only comes when we are operating in perfect love. We can only operate in perfect love when we are operating in obedience. Obedience gives us the confidence to ask the Lord in faith believing that our prayer can heal the sick and raise the dead. We depend so much on science today because we are not yielding to God like we should. He does miracles today. We need this gift operating in more people.

The homosexual is not our problem. The problem is our attendance at the devils table. He sets a beautiful spread with delicious foods. A little adultery here, some premarital sex there, of course, getting drunk at home is ok, as long as you don’t go outside. Most of our meditation and conversation is ungodly and then we go to church and pretend. We have absolutely no power and have not heard a word from the Lord in months, some years. You may wonder how I know? I have seen your Facebook accounts.

I understand my Baptist brothers your limitation in the supernatural, but I assure you, when you cast off the things of this world, a supernatural power will arrest you regardless. Cast off pride and arrogance. Cast off pornography and listening to ungodly music and God’s power will arrive in a fresh way.

To them with ears to hear, Let them hear.

What is Man?

in-the-pale-moonlight-benjamin-sisko-19024748-694-530There are many things within the world that define what a man is. Is he the Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Cyborg, or a normal guy? Is he the fireman, police officer, pastor, mechanic, janitor, or retail owner? He may be a guy in a costume portraying supernatural powers, as an actor or have a job as a police officer or fireman, but what is he? Man was created in the image of God.

It may surprise you. The feelings or emotions you possess like love, joy, peace, anguish, laughter are all emotional responses possessed by our creator. He is not without feeling, like a juggernaut shielded by mystical powers and impervious to hurt or pain. No he is much more.

Man was created on the sixth day after all the creatures and everything man would require existed previous to his arrival. The only addition was the woman. Man was created to be set apart from the other creatures in both intellect and functionality. Man was created to lead and have authority over all living creatures. His responsibility given by God was huge.

Man was different from angels. Unlike angels with abilities to fly and appear as a man, we would remain in our present form. Sounds a little like a sci-fi movie. I assure you, it is not. Man was to keep things simple by being obedient to his master.  God required little in the form of obedience. He was told not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Unfortunately, his disobedience made things more difficult and complicated.

I recall from my former years hanging out with guys who would play girls (cheaters) and the one thing I remember most is the trouble they had with keeping up with the lies and getting caught and how my life with one girl was so much more simple. I did not have to recall lies and differing stories about who I was I could simply be who I was.

Man is called to speak the truth in love. Man is a natural vessel with a supernatural component under the authority of the wisdom of his God. Man is a slightly independent being that operates like a mouse in the cage. He has the freedom to turn right or left within the cage, but does not have the option to choose where the door that leads out of the cage is. God has given us one door from which gives life and freedom.

He has given man the compass (Bible) from which we glean the proper direction. Now we choose whether as a man we will go left or right. Man is bound by time. His years upon earth are limited. His strength and abilities will not rescue him from the grave. The man does expire. When and how is not known until such time he does, but while the breathe of life is in man, he has hope for better tomorrows.

You may wonder why a discussion on man is important for building healthy relationships and the reason is simple. The more you know of you it becomes easier to communicate it to others and we know communication is one key in building healthy relationships. Also, the relationship maker is Christ the Lord and who better to first know then him.