AN EVIL DISEASE (for Pastors)

bacteria2There is something amazing about bacteria. It’s ability to change its makeup to remain effective and cause the same damage it once did after a chemical was created to remove it. This evil disease adapts to the environment and like a parasite attaches itself to any moving object. You must be careful believer in Christ. The rider is tricky.

What is moving around in our culture attaching itself to the word of God? One thing I noticed lately is the movement of the homosexual community attaching itself to interracial marriage. Are they the same thing?

What else is moving around in our culture attaching itself to the word of God? Another thing I noticed is secular and Christian music on the same CD. Are they the same thing?

Do not underestimate our internal weakness. Paul said, Oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death? He understood that even in Christ there continues to be a war within. We must be vigilant for our adversary the devil is like a roaring lion seeing whom he may devour.  He will destroy your children, marriage, and health if you allow him.

How do we stop him? Having a correct assumption of your strength. I hear so many say, “It does not take all that.” Really? Have you noticed, lately, the amount of ministers of the word of God falling by homosexual relationships, cheating on their wives, sleeping with underage girls and boys? How does this happen? I don’t believe they ALL started that way. They started strong and than listened to weak Christians about what it takes to stay faithful and let their armor rest on the ground.

The enemy like a shark smelled blood in the water and sent the final blow that destroys their credibility and ruins the ministry and places many in the congregation in danger of what it means to serve Jesus. Now we thank God for grace and these men should step down as they are now disqualified by God’s standard. But what will they do? Continue on disobeying the word of God and the flock with leavened bread has lost its lampstand.

Cj06SjvVEAEaToyIt must be this way, because our nation is becoming more and more ungodly. Less and less fruit is being seen. Do you see the same things?

Ex-Girlfriend of HIV Pastor Speaks Out with an Open Letter to the Public

Tacky or Brilliant? Preacher’s Wives Now Want to Be Basketball Wives

Man Gets Hooker on His Honeymoon, arrested along with a Youth Minister

Married Pastor Accused of Sexting with a 14-Year Old Girl in His Congregation

Superman: Flying to a church near you

Lutherans elect first openly gay bishop


Before you get self-righteous, please understand this process takes time. Little by little, you depart from the Scriptures and then you find yourself on your back, in a hotel room with someone who is not your wife. Stay connected to Jesus and forsake all those who say to you, it does not take all that. It takes the FULL armor of God. Never lower your shield and do let go of your sword. Use your other hand to pull suffering people out of the fire. We must remain different from the world.

We are called to love. We are called to stand. We are called to be bold. Being a suitable example for others to follow. If your congregation members lived like you do, would it be a congregation of heaven on earth?


6 responses to “AN EVIL DISEASE (for Pastors)

  1. Wow! Powerful. Thanks for this reminder, Roger. As I contemplate spiritual warfare and its captives, I, too, realize it takes all we have and Christ to combat the enemy. Too many good soldiers have dropped their weapons in the face of the enemy. We don’t have to be casualties of this war. We are equipped. Unfortunately, few are trained.

    • Well said,

      I would add that few are willing to yield to the Holy Spirit in EVERYTHING. Pastor’s and ministers have four battles to face. Their own flesh, their wife’s flesh, the flesh of their children, the parishioners flesh and the world around them. Unfortunately, the war does not end until Christ returns or death. If the pastor or minister has married a woman who refuses to yield to the Holy Spirit, it makes the fight twice as hard. That is why Paul gives strict guidance on those who should minister. For if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God’s church (1 Timothy 3:5)? It is s good thing to be a teacher of God’s word, but starting right and finishing well is another matter.

  2. Great Post!! I reblogged this on churchbus71 and forwarded it to some people, There is no doubt that the church is in trouble today. It is vital that we understand the roots of this problem so it can be combatted. We need to shine the Light into the shadows that surround us and reveal what is truly lurking there so that we can begin to combat it before it is too late for our churches and our nation.

  3. Reblogged this on churchbus71 and commented:
    I think this is a great post on what is ailing the church today.

  4. Amen!!!! Very well said. We must be vigilant at all times.

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