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Directed Thoughts

Our thought life as Christians is crucial to our growth and sustainment in the will of our Heavenly Father. Our meditation in the morning and at night works to perfect our ability to cast down imaginations that work to exalt itself above the knowledge that we have of God.

Our meditation keeps us from wandering in our flesh and allowing the devil to receive  a foothold in our life. It is our meditation that keeps us connected to Jesus. It is the abiding in him that grants us access to God’s power to produce righteousness and operate in spiritual gifts.

When we fail to meditate on the Lord Jesus Christ, we fail. Our flesh is weak and cannot be depended upon to commit righteous acts without deliberate doses of Jesus in the morning and night. It is your thought life that will determine your success in Jesus and whether or not you will be prepared for His coming.

Your meditation is watching. Your directed thoughts are making you ready to receive the power of God. Your directed thoughts makes you a good husband or wife. A good father or mother. A good brother or sister. A good friend. A good boss. A good employer and employee.

God requires us to take responsibility for directing our thoughts on Him.

Pulling Your Power Out

It is hard to believe, but the human body is capable of housing a legion of demons. One human has the capacity be filled with over 3,000 demons. Each with a separate personality and function. Although, they have the same master and follow the same playbook, they each have specific functions on the prism of evil that may be performed on earth.

Considering that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we also have our own spirit within the center of our being, angels and even God is able to occupy a space within the vastness of what is considered our being. Very difficult to comprehend and so complex that no one knows how it all works, but God allows us to catch glimpses or parts that enable us to grow spiritually.

What this means is that we must cling to the Word to be free to obey the will of God. Demons are fully aware of our blindness to them and work diligently to stay hidden, while working behind the scenes to destroy your life and those you love.

You may have the gift to cast out demons, but be aware that your level of anointing has a limit and some evil spirits are so powerful and can withstand so much torture that even after you feel light, there may be stronger ones that you cannot see.

Now the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and God alone is to be feared, because he alone has hell’s keys and decides whether your fight of faith was acceptable. It must be stated that faith without works is dead. Your salvation is a gift in so much as your faith (work) is able to receive it. The Bible states that many will think they are God’s servant and will discover later they were the servant of Satan.

How does this happen? There is no fear and trembling in the working out of ones salvation. Fallen into the demonic attack that God doesn’t require much from us is a lie that many in hell today have fallen victim to. God requires a lot and Job tells us that man born of women is few days old and full of trouble. So how do I pull the power out?

You must recognize first the darkness within and call it out in Jesus name. You know the areas of your life where you are not faithful to God and behind those actions there is a demon. Call that evil spirit out. It may be lust, fear, pride, anger, worry, limitation, anxiety, envy, or depression and many others. Call out whatever is wrong in your life by name/function and tell that evil spirit to descend into the pit in Jesus name. You must call that evil spirit to the floor and recognize his work. Laziness is another evil spirit. Once you have done this, until the point of a physical manifestation, then ask for Jesus to fill your entire being with more of him. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and forgive others and ask for more of him in your life.

Let Jesus know that you want to be hidden and crucified in him. That when people see you they see Jesus because you have died and no longer live for self, but whatever the Father wills. You want to operate through Jesus love and not your own. You want to operate through Jesus peace and not your own. You want to operate through Jesus joy and not your own. When people see you they see Jesus because you have emptied your will and ask Jesus to fill you to overflowing with his will. This is how you pull power out.

It is not humanism, pulling on some vague inner strength, but a replacement of your strength, you connect to Jesus and pull from him. Just like the woman with the issue of blood. She knew how to draw from Jesus, now you know how to draw from Jesus as well. Everything you do is by faith, but you are working out what I have already written.

Preparing the ground through forgiveness, Calling out the darkness, and asking for the filling and replacement power source in Jesus name.

Charging Up From A Fall

Anyone who has walked with the Lord for any length of time will tell you that the mountain top experiences do not nullify your ability to fall and require God’s forgiveness of sin. Paul rebuked Peter for being racist, if you translate what happens today. Peter a Jew by birth demanded Gentiles to behave like the Jews, as if, ones birthright gives someone access to heaven and not that everyone requires Jesus. Peter forsook the Lord Jesus three times and the sins of David are numerous. What we find is their unrelenting fervor to return back to God again and again. They make it a habit to stay in God’s face.

If you are going to walk with Jesus and have power with God, it will require an ignoring of the devils desire to get you to quit and a fervor that makes up ones mind to seek the Lord again with everything that you have. When you fail to pray on a daily basis, you limit the power of God in your life. When you fail to worship God daily, you limit the power of God in your life. The Lord created us to worship him. He has around the clock in heaven creatures that only have one job. That job is to cry Holy, Holy, Holy, which was and is to come the Lord God Almighty. Our job is to make the earth look like heaven. The best way to get God’s attention is through worship. Worship before prayer. Create an atmosphere that is similar to heaven in your home. Worship God.

When you worship God he fills the temple (you). When you worship God you overflow with new wine. When you worship God, you become more like him. He transforms the worshiper, while you worship. Train yourself to worship God.

For those familiar with Dragon Ball Z will appreciate the analogy of Goku and a normal Christian growing in God.

What we have here is the different stages of Goku. The first he is normal and then becomes a super saiyan, next super siayan 2 and then super saiyan 3.

His final stage is super saiyan god.

For each phase his training is intense, but also the enemies he faces pushes him into the next level. Every level he attains, invites greater threats to his life and his family. So he trains even harder. Never discouraged by the challenge, but intent on overcoming it. His power dwells within himself. Now if you are a believer in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit within you is your power. Your power is within yourself. Not in a humanistic fashion, but God dwells on the inside of you.

Jesus replied to the Pharisees, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’ ? Peter’s shadow healed people. The same God then is doing the same thing today, but it requires the believer in Jesus to train himself in the art of making love to God through worship. The harder you train, the more power you will attain.

Rest Your Faith On God’s Power

My message and my preaching were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, s
o that your faith would not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power (1 Corinthians 2:4-5).

As a Christian you should always be about the power of God. Jesus taught his disciples how to move with power when they shared the good news that the grace  of God through Jesus had come and the gift of the Holy Spirit was accessible to those who believed. The Holy Spirit within a man or woman will produce good fruit in that vessel. They will demonstrate supernatural gifts and will walk with wisdom toward those that are without. They will have the ability to discern spiritual things.

When a man or woman is fleshly they will hang their hang their hat on intellect, but will deny God’s power (speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing). They will glory in the admiration of men and will never answer the simple question. How come your life is different from the Master (Jesus)? How come you don’t operate in the same power that Jesus did when the Bible records that signs and wonders would follow those who believe? How come so many people love you, when Jesus and his disciples were persecuted and martyred? Are you stronger than  Jesus?

No beloved. These men are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Never forget, it was the church that had Jesus killed in his day. The church brought Jesus to Rome for their death penalty may be used to kill him.

As a person seeking the truth, never be satisfied with simple intellect, because it will fail you when real test come and try you. Many are called, but few or chosen. Few find eternal life. Rest Your Faith On God’s Power.

Preachers Preaching Without Paul’s Demonstration or Jesus

Fat lazy guy on the couch
You may have noticed that today’s preachers have no power. Either a pseudo-power of false prophecies and voodoo magic that leaves the person in a worse state after demons get through destroying their emotions and body or intellectual preachers that have academic vernacular, but cannot cast out demons, lay hands on the sick, but still claim that you need to be like Jesus. Did not Jesus do those things?

You must stir up the gifts of God. The confusion comes when one thinks because they have decided to serve this awesome God, who can do anything that he will. He will not. God has given his creatures a mind and a map and says to us, figure it out. He will step in and guide, but for the most part you are on your own. He designed it that way. He created Eve in the Garden of Eden so that Adam would have a partner in the navigation process. If God wanted to be that involved with us, he would not have created Eve. Eve is a purposeful distraction, while God sits back and looks at his fish in the fish bowl. He gives the obstacles as the grand designer and we figure out based upon his map our next move.

Why did I say all that? The reason you can have a pastor preach month after month and year after year without any demonstration like Paul is because people are puffed up with mans wisdom and not God’s. Take for instance the white Christian church, which boast millions of members and yet racism in the US is prevalent. Black churches are not the cause of the division, the color thing was started by white so-called Christians, but how? Because the gospel that is preached is without power. All words and no power. Why? Because God grants power to those who love. Love is the foundation for God’s power. You can exegete and use hermeneutics, but without love, you will not have any POWER.

If every leader in the New Testament Church demonstrates power and your pastor does not, it is because he is not serving the God of the Bible. You cannot teach something and not produce its fruit, if what you are teaching is in your heart. It all starts with the love of God in ones heart. No love and no power. Divorce happens because no love no power to stay married. Get love in and produce love for others and God grants the power.

How do I get the love in? Set your “AFFECTIONS” on things above. Is your conversation more about what you plan to do on earth or what you plan to do when you get to heaven? Are you more focused on the end of life or its middle and beginning? This will reveal if your affections are set properly and if you find they are not, you must begin a Bible binge reading session until the Word overflows in your heart and you literally feel the love of God pouring out. When you read, you make sure you have a yes I will obey attitude. You will struggle with some things in the Word, but you must submit and say within yourself Yes Lord Jesus I will follow.


Don’t be confused by those who give either. Most rich people have charitable organizations. Why? It makes them more money. They are the CEO’s of the charity and as such will receive a tithe from the money given from people poorer then them. The motivation isn’t love, but deception and all rich pastors fall into this as the New Testament church is one where all members have the same sufficiency. Don’t expect your rich pastor to teach you about Peter, who had power to cast out demons and heal the sick, to teach you God’s real economics. Rich pastors are like other secular rich people and use charity as another tool for the portfolio.