cotton-candy-machine-rentals-5The sticky, melt in your mouth and not in your hands, unless they are wet, fluffy sweet stuff. A summer/winter treat for the kids and adults. The family pet may join in the lip smacking goodness. This good stuff is called cotton candy. In order to begin the process of making cotton candy one needs to know the things that make up the carnival delight. Before we begin with the ingredients, we must make sure we have the correct tools for the task. You will need a measuring cup, a wisk, wire cutters, wooden spoons, garbage bag, large pot, glass bowl,  and candy thermometer. Once all the tools are accounted for one may begin with the ingredients. First depending on your preference of color you may use the traditional pink,  or blue, purple or yellow coloring, it doesn’t matter, baking spray, 1 cup of water and 5 cups of 100% sugar, flavored oil and I think we are ready to begin the process.


1.         Grab a garbage bag and cut it down the middle. Place it on your kitchen
floor to avoid any mess. Place two wooden spoons on the counter and
lean them off the counter a bit.

2.         Cut the end off of the whisk. Space out each piece of metal so that they all
have equal areas between each other.

3.         Put all of the corn syrup, sugar and water into a pot and place on the stove
under medium heat. Cook the mix to 320 Fahrenheit, and then remove
it from the stove top.

4.         Pour the mix immediately into a glass bowl. Rinse out the pot you used to
cook  the cotton candy mix in, so it does not keep cooking and burn your

5.         Dip your whisk into the hot cotton candy mixture and let it drain off for a
bit. Stand above the two wooden spoons and wave the whisk over the
spoons quickly. Keep doing this back and forth and the cotton candy mix
will become flossy and fluffy.

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As you enjoy your fluffy treat that was moderately easy to make consider for a moment the time it took to make cotton candy. All of the intricate things that went into making this delight, that cannot sustain ones health. It simply taste good and pleases the taste buds. Nutritional value is really low and can quickly give cavities without flossing. So, if it takes this amount of time for cotton candy and all the tools and ingredients to make it, can we expect a deep relationship with Christ to be easier? Are we being fooled, by quick services and think we shall have power with God. The men and woman of the Bible who had power with God, also gave up their life for God. Remember the next time you pray and worship, how much time goes by and measure that against the time you spend on pleasure. It shall be known, to you, how well you taste to others.

13 responses to “COTTON CANDY

  1. Wow, great post! A truth I shall ponder now. Cotton candy? Love it but recently learning that I am diabetic kinda puts the crunch on that tasty treat…

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  3. This reminded me of my childhood days ! It’s great to read this post.
    Back in India, there is a funny name for cotton candy – “Buddhi ke Baal” which means old woman’s hair for the way it looks ! It’s funny but that’s what the kids would be told when they were really small to say Cotton Candy.

  4. I have adored cotton candy all my life. A bit like heaven on earth, perhaps?…

  5. Ah, cotton candy. Nothing transports me back to my childhood like biting into a soft, sweet cloud of sugar. 🙂
    Peace & grace,

  6. I love the color in this photo!!!!

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  8. remembered childhood

  9. ah i love cotton candies … reminds me of my childhoodays, loved your blog and the post and by the way thanks for visiting my blog!! hope to hear from u again1 take care!!!

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