Cosby Syndrome

The world is full of labels. Everything is defined by its label. Some things carry several labels and mean the same things and some labels are interpreting differently from one group of people to another. Labels are fabrications of language that change over time. Words can have life and produce death. Who determines our labels? God or Satan. Satan can label you rapist like Joseph in the Bible, or a criminal of the state for praying, like Daniel, who went to the lions den, or three Hebrew men who would not stand when the King desired their worship to a false god. They were labeled criminals. Jesus, was taken into custody and labeled a blasphemer and paid a criminals death. John the baptist was locked up in prison for speaking about adultery as sin and later losses his head.

To be a Christian means that you will receive persecution. The only people that escape persecution or the people that bow before Satanic rule when he says this sin over here is not sin, but good. Cosby is labeled as a black man who has no self control over white women and must drug them for sex. He has been labeled by white supremacy, which is also led by Satan. Now is Cosby the cornerstone that should be labeled for the abuse of women, is he the brain child behind sex trafficking in America and its funding or is he a scapegoat. It seems like black men have a habit historically of being accused of crimes they did not commit, but still suffered and died for. I think Jesus can testify to this.

As a Christian you must get yourself prepared for persecution if you want to stand, while you suffer for crimes you did not commit & loose your life to evil men. The Bible prophecies that the evil will win the first battle and many Christians will loose their life to martyrdom. Prepare yourself with the understanding that your own mother or father or brother or sister not filled with the Holy Ghost will reveal themselves as enemies. The false teachers will reveal themselves as devils and you will see their true face & agenda.

Never forget what Jesus told us about how life would be serving him and never forget the cross that paid for our entrance into heaven. The blood was shed and the suffering promised for the master and shall not his servants pay the same?

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