America Falls in Love with Jesus!

If you want to see a movement of Christianity that sweeps the America nation with wisdom, power, and prosperity for all it must start within the church walls returning to the principals found within the Scriptures. Asking the questions about all of the things we have made church. The ceremonies celebrating pastors, celebrating our denomination, celebrating our race, placing idols within the church. Statues of Jesus and his disciples. Remembering the Lord with orange juice, fasting from sweeping the living room, playing secular movies in the church, grinding in the church.

There is way too many things within the Christian church that cannot be found within the Bible and we pray and pray and pray and wonder why our country is getting more and more evil. Those who stand for righteousness are losing their jobs and those who support sin and abominable works are celebrated and praised. They are given the medal of freedom and have not freed anyone.

Christians must stop supporting the hireling pastor that is leading you astray. Follow the man of God bold enough to tell the gospel truth. Do it right now. Don’t support with your dollars or your time. Starve churches that are ran by Satan and flood the church that works hard to follow the Scriptures. Let their freedom to speak on sin be your guide.

We are at war. Pastors that are padding the pews with fluff does not prepare you to become a Christian soldier it prepares you to become slaves. Pick your head up and pray to the God of War. Yes! The God who opened the ground and killed 23000 fornicators in one day (1 Corinthians 10:8). Lets walk in obedience so that his fury can be exacted on those who support the demise of many by aiding in the enlargement of hell.

According to the unscientific tweet more people believe we can Make America Great Again!

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