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Oxygen Releases ‘Preachers Of L.A.’ Trailer

preachersoflaWhat a blessing it is to see African American men prospering! Mom! I made it. All I had to do is deceive my black sheep into thinking we are under the Old Testament covenant and this life here is the Promised Land. After all, Jesus did say it was easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a poor man to get into the kingdom of God.

Now that I have the female’s attention, what is my next logical step? I will use the weaker sex to destroy the rest of the world. Did you think I chose the oxygen network by mistake? You make me chuckle.

Right now, I have black boys worshipping white women on twitter and YouTube, after all she is considered to be the prettiest women on earth. My hand is at work and my plan is working perfectly. It brings a literal tear to my eye.

While you are shocked by Miley Cyrus performance, I have young girls all over the web being sexualized and sexualizing others. I am beginning what I call Operation UF.

I am releasing the parents of the pesky responsibility of raising your children. I will raise them. I need them to mock the creator and to again spit in God’s face.

Don’t think I don’t see you Christian. I see Christ in you and have something special planned for you. I underestimated God’s power in you the last time, but this time, my plan is global. Your persecution and execution led to your increase. So, I learned, to deal with you delicately. If I push you too hard, you will expose Christ power, but if I gently caress you, you will forget that I hate you. You will lower your shield and put down your sword and I will then kill you.

Florida school bus driver watches 3 black teens savagely beat 1 white teen

Viewer Discretion is Advised

This is sorrowful behavior that appears to be on the rise in our nation. Of course, violent behavior is not going anywhere and can be found in every aspect of life. We fight wars with other nations that lead to countless deaths and domestic violence is high, along with sport figure murders. What should be the response of the church?

The church pastors and people should take this as a wake up call concerning the sin in our nation and the preaching against such behavior. I am not sure about your church experience, but there appears to be an increase of church pastors preaching careful messages about Biblical Scriptures that don’t affect my life personally.  It almost seems, like the pastors are preaching from the position that every church member is living the separated life and just waiting for God’s blessings because of their faithfulness to his Word.

The children in their congregations are twerking and making posts on Facebook, YouTube, and twitter. Many parents are ignorant of this because of the lack of communication.  Parents are deceived if they believe their children have not seen porn, violent acts, and other horrific things on the Internet. Just because you said no internet (not smart), does not mean, they don’t receive access from children at school or in the neighborhood. 

I saw my first porn magazine, from a friend, whose father would hide them in the garage. I never told my parents.  My parents and the church I grew up in, talked about the importance of living righteously and I remember working hard to commit myself to living holy.  Of course, I fell multiple times, but because I had a constant stream of how I should live, I abstained from multiple sinful things, I could have gotten into as a teen.

Unfortunately, many black teens are the product of single mothers I have many in my family. Fortunately, I grew up with both parents in the home, my father was the head of the house and even the cat knew it. Our cat Candy would bring him the heads of rats that she would kill.  I saw my father love my mother and even though I was never taught anything about saving sex for marriage it seemed to be something automatic.  I knew I wanted one woman for the rest of my life. Living examples are the best.

This is where the family structures that are whole need to help and pastors need to preach about sin. I come to church to feel uncomfortable. I go to the gym to feel uncomfortable. Why? So when I leave church, I become better. So when I leave the gym, I am more cut up and stronger. The church members should be evangelizing and bringing people to church and the pastor should fillet. So that members who leave the church are mean, fit and fighting machines against the demonic powers we face and our children may be protected.


youtube-largeWhat an awesome opportunity it is to use YouTube to broadcast quality information to those who seek it. The opportunity to learn anything from A-Z about a variety of genres is spectacular. You can learn about ways to save money, decorate the house, body build, crochet, or preach. What a fascinating system for transmitting quality information. Of course, there is a downside.

We thank God for freedom and would not desire it’s stifling, but this freedom gives the devil access to be free within our lives as well. When children access YouTube they are immediately transported into a cesspool of garbage done by adults, teens and little kids from every nation, color and creed. Things that would be rated X and R on the big screen are easily accessed here. Like every human on the planet we come equipped with curiosity and the sin nature. No parent works hard to get their children to lie, they automatically do this. It is important that parents are aware of the dangers of YouTube.

YouTube has become the place to leave suicide notes and incite death threats. YouTube encourages individuals to participate in harmful acts for views. You have fathers beating their daughters for twerking and other violent acts. Some crimes have been solved and others escalated because of footage seen from YouTube.

What should be our response? The Bible says overcome darkness with light. I encourage all believers in Jesus to make YouTube videos. Spread the love of God and wise words for people to have multiple points of access. Let’s flood the system with wisdom. Let’s encourage girls to think more about their character and not flashing their body parts. That young girls and women will choose to use discernable language and not physical violence. Let’s do better.

P.S. Adults must grow up. You are no longer a teen. Stop acting like one. You should be chaste and you should display a level of decorum that is fitting for your age.

Two teens found guilty in Ohio rape case


When I hear on CNN that parents should speak to their children about rape, we definitely live in a sad day. What happen to spanking? I grew up playing Mortal Kombat, highly discouraged by my mother, but she allowed me to purchase it with my own money. I played the game, used the fatality and never once thought about harming someone in real life.

The main reason is that I was taught that everyone was created in the image of God. Every female and every male possess a spirit. They are more than just a result of the big bang. They have value. They are more than gases and atoms. They have a soul.

What fools fail to realize is that without the understanding of God, life becomes meaningless. I heard Neil deGrasse Tyson say we are the same as space. Really?

Taking thoughts like these lead to a devaluing of life.

Another huge problem is that many women feel they need to use their body for promotion. How many women are catapulted in our society using sex and their body? Older women are not teaching younger women how to be chaste because they are not. We have older women on television shows talking about having premarital sex and being for all practical purposes prostitutes. Are we going to serve the dollar or God?

I made the mistake of typing into YouTube the word twerp and found a horrific array of teen girls bending over and doing things that are downright shameful. I kept thinking where are the parents? Where are the parents? Are we going to serve the dollar or God?

Now I understand the Bible has declared that sin will wax worse and worse and the hearts of many will grow cold. I also understand that I am unaware of Christ exact return and will live as if another revival is around the corner. Who knows it could begin today. Reblog this message if you’re bold enough.

I want to convey the clear message that we have responsibility to uphold the wisdom of God and not be confused like the world when horrific acts like this happen.

Let’s recap:

1. God gives meaning and value to human life.
2. People are not inherently good. They need to be taught to love.
3. Be bold and share your knowledge of God.

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