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Wyoming high school wrestlers accused of waterboarding freshman teammate in horrific hazing attack: report

A group of wrestlers at a Casper, Wyoming high school have been accused of assaulting and holding down a freshman teammate as they waterboarded him, reports the Casper Star Tribune.

According to to two sources who are friends of the teen’s family, the incident occurred on January 3 at Kelly Walsh High School, following some teasing as the athlete was grabbed by three teammates and forced deeper into the locker room.

One source, who asked to remain anonymous, said the unidentified wrestler attempted to escape but his assailants ““yanked him back, and they threw him on a bench.”

“One kid held his legs, two other kids held his arms, they put a towel over his head, and one kid said, ‘Let’s p*ss in his mouth’” the accuser recalled.

According to the report, the wrestlers placed a towel over the struggling teammate’s face and began pouring water on it as the victim choked. Afterward they rubbed a cream on him used by wrestlers after a match to protect against skin infection, before allowing him to walk into the showers and wash it off.

This behavior is indicative of their home training or lack thereof. Parents should be fined when their children behave in ways that contradict good order and discipline. When they fail to raise good citizens, they should pay. A portion should go to the family of the victim. In/out school suspensions should produce fines for the family. Every victim should get a check.

People are born evil. That is why the Bible requires a rod to drive it from them. Not only a rod, but parents should love their children. Love + Rod =’s a good behaved child and a productive adult that knows better than to harm others.

Parents who fail: should pay money for their evil child who torments others.


Whether or not you desire to participate in the wrestling matches of the day, you simply do not have a choice. You will wrestle are you will be defeated. Whether you’re wrestling with the temptation to sin or wrestling with your spouse, significant other, friend, family or foe. Understand that our wrestling is not with flesh and blood. All you see with the physical eye is flesh and blood and therefore the object of your frustration stands before you, but this wrestling is in fact only seen through eyes of faith.

Genesis 30:8 records Rachel’s wrestle with her sister, but why? On the outside it would appear the wrestling match was simply done because Leah did something on purpose or physically to her sister. The reality is God closed the womb of Rachel and even though her sister had children and gloated about it, behind the veil the question should be asked who controls the womb. God controls the womb. Oh, you think its sex. Ask the hundreds of women who adopt because they are unable to have children after seeing a specialist.

We don’t like to wrestle. We want things in life to come without much toil. Not so. God has not intended for us to be in a sinful world that is not our home to be in a constant state of perpetual ease. We must wrestle and fight using the weapons the Lord provides and they are prayer, fasting and fleeing. Some temptations you simply have to run from. I have had to run. Joseph ran from a man’s wife who wanted him. Run if needed. Always pray. Live a disciplined life with fasting and the wrestling matches of life like Jacob will be met with victory.