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Landmines in your spiritual walk with God

cambodia-landmine-museumSoldiers are trained in all known aspects of warfare. They are trained to battle the enemy on the land, sea and air. These are the words a recruiter might say to a new military recruit. I want to make a comparison to the training they receive which prepares them to look for landmines and our Christian walk.

A soldier will have a tool that they use to sweep the ground before they walk on it. These landmines secretly planted by their enemies are just under the earth and sometimes hidden within dead animals. If they step on a landmine it will either kill them or lame them for life. They are used by the enemy to disable any person or vehicle by an explosion of fragments that are released at high speeds. Landmines can remain active more than fifty years after they are planted in the ground. Fifty years, can you imagine that?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Our enemy Satan and his hoard of demons started setting landmines before we were born; they set them for our grandparents and their grandparents, and so on. Some of those landmines went off in our families past and we see the results in some of our lives. However, remember, they are still landmines that we ourselves have to be aware of on a daily basis.

Sure these landmines are spiritual and can’t be seen with our natural eyes, but we still face the consequences, if we over look them. Sin in all its varieties are landmines to destroy us. Believers in Christ are made aware of sin landmines and must guard themselves from the temptation that so easily besets us’.

I have good news to tell you! The Holy Spirit is our landmine sweeper! We must follow his guidance and leading…keeping our Spirit in tune with the Holy Spirit allows us to know things much faster than our mind will. The Holy Spirit as the Bible says will ‘guide you into all truths’ and he will protect you because he walks along beside you, but you must LISTEN to him!

Don’t lose your communication with the Holy Spirit, you need him minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, year by year… You need him until you pass from this life and awake in Heaven. You keep him foremost in your life and the landmines won’t destroy or harm you; you will be alerted to them before you fall into their trap because of God living inside of you!

by Sheila (Guest Post)