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Your Vision Will Guide You!

journey through the desert

As citizens of life you will embark upon a journey. You may not like the idea of being on one and there are those that will commit suicide to shorten the journey, but your decision to be upon earth was not your own. You neither created your life nor chose the talents that you would have when you arrived. You were simply a decision that God made.

There are many today who have sex and cannot bear children, others are simply destroyed by man before arriving and still others make it from the womb and are killed, but if you are reading this, you have been on a journey. You will continue on this journey until either you or God sees fit for your departure. I say, you because you have a limited free will to determine to end your life sooner than what God desires. It is God’s desire that none perish, but that all are saved. His decision to give humans a limited amount of free will determines that he must allow his creation to choose to live righteously or not.

Everyone’s journey is unique. The color of your skin, the time in which you are born, the economic status, the family structure or lack there of, all determine how your journey will be shaped as citizens of earth. Your relationships will add layers to the way your journey is shaped and your future is determined ultimately by the same. It is the relationships in your life that make it rich or dull. Surrounded by a loving family, loving spouse, and loving children is the epitome of a good life. It is the life that God has written about in his Word.

The rejection of God is the rejection of love and so what you have left is evil men working diligently to increase the pain and destruction of others. Visions of death and destruction fill the minds of evil men who plan the demise of others and for what? They themselves are tormented with the pain of being a citizen upon earth. Those in charge and those who enslave all in pain, because of sin.

So blinded by Satan they cannot see that the pain they experience is sin. The hardships of divorce, adultery, and deception all are sins that God prohibits, but why do people still do the things that are painful? Because they are slaves to the flesh and the only solution that works is to find and commit yourself to the one who died for others, although Himself is free of sin. The only God who can save humanity found in flesh and written within the pages of Scripture to deliver.

The answer to your journey is Jesus. The answer is walking in his righteousness and being filled by his power. No other name has been given by God. God said, his name is Jesus. It is important to know the name on this journey, it is like the password for access to the gold room. Jesus is the name of God. It is important that you know God’s name. It shows disrespect when you don’t. Names are important. It is why you study them in school.

So important to the journey is your vision. Can you see the name Jesus? Do you know who’s name that is? If the answer is yes. Then keep your eyes on him. Follow him and let him lead you thru the storm and into the promise land and straight up into heaven.


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