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Teen suspect shoots 15-year-old girl at Italy, Texas school

Officials say a 16-year-old suspect in a Texas high school shooting “engaged the victim” and fired several shots from a handgun before being confronted by a school district staffer and fleeing.

A fellow student said the suspect in a shooting at a central Texas high school has been violent at school in the past.

Cassie Shook tells The Associated Press that she was just arriving at Italy High School when the shooting happened Monday morning. The 17-year-old said she saw the cafeteria doors fly open and a rush of students running out.

Shook said she had complained about the suspect at least twice before to school officials, including a vice principal. She said the first time was after he allegedly made a “hit list” in eighth grade and her name was on it.

Then last year, she said the boy got angry during a class and threw a pair of scissors at a girl. She said he also threw a computer against a wall. Shook said police came to talk to the class. She said the boy was removed from the school but eventually was allowed back.

Police have not named the 16-year-old suspect.

School officials said they cannot comment on disciplinary actions involving students.

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