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14 Year Old Sleeps with Teacher, then Blackmails Her for $28k

teacherA Texas middle school teacher was charged with having sex with one of her students, who then blackmailed her into paying him nearly $28,000 to keep quiet about their trysts. Thao “Sandy” Doan, 27, a teacher at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School in Dallas, allegedly admitted having sex several times with the 14-year-old boy beginning in 2015, the Dallas Morning News reports. She was arrested on Friday and charged with sexual assault. The affair came to light this month after the boy’s mother told the school’s principal that she had found inappropriate text messages from Doan on her son’s phone—as well as cash. The mom told CBS Local she assumed her son was dealing drugs, not sleeping with the teacher. The texts show the teen asking for money and Doan denying that she had any, per the Morning News. The teen threatened to reveal their affair, sending one SMS that read: “Anit [expletive] watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready … to show the cops right I anit playing.” Doan, who is also a soccer and cross-country coach, says in an affidavit that she and the boy exchanged messages via Instagram and Kik before having sex for the first time in a park in summer 2015. In January 2016 she began getting texts from different numbers threatening to tell the cops if she didn’t pay up. The boy’s mom told Fox4 the affair “really turned my son into another person that he wasn’t.”

This is another unfortunate story that will only increase in the coming days as the sexualization of people is being promoted by the elite and the millions online that push pornography. The desensitization and the elevation of sex in every area of life is having huge impacts on adults and children. Save yourself from this generation by connecting yourself to Jesus and disconnecting yourself from the world.

Alabama Drafts Bill To Address The State’s Fire Crotch Teacher Epidemic

Stand Your Ground

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A Christian should know intimately what it means to stand your ground. When your schoolteacher teaches that you came from a fish, snail or slug the believer stands their ground in believing they are a person created in God’s image. When your schoolteacher teaches that it’s natural for the same sex to be intimate with one another, you stand your ground knowing that they have to adopt to have children. It’s obvious that this is not natural. Stand your ground.

Stand your ground when the laws change, saying, it’s acceptable to be a pedophile and that their action does not negatively affect children. Stand your ground and refuse to be under the teaching of a false prophet. Stand your ground against mediocrity and embrace the challenge that comes with being a believer in Jesus. You shall have trials. You shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer because Christ has overcome the world.

When a preacher departs from scripture, you depart from him. Do not be afraid of man, but God. Stand your ground for doctrinal things like Christ crucified and rose from the dead. Jesus is the only way to heaven and the believer is made righteous because of him. Some things we don’t stand for.

When a woman is dressed like a harlot and approaches you for sex, you flee. Standing your ground is not wise. When a man tells you how attractive you are and puts out the red carpet and proceeds to sex you, you flee. Standing your ground is not wise. When friends try and convince you that doing drugs is fine, you flee. Standing your ground is not wise. When friends try and convince you to rob, steal, or kill, you flee. Standing your ground is not wise.

Because you live in a fallen world and must be educated in a fallen system, you must answer whatever is required to graduate school, so use wisdom in your stance. No need to cast your pearls before swine.

Stand your ground when scripture supports your stand. Flee when it does not.



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I saw this article about this man with terminal brain cancer; he was a teacher who was seeking out former students trying to ascertain whether or not he had made a difference in their lives as a teacher.

This seemed to be very important to this man, as if he felt this would be his legacy in some way. As I thought on his quest for his former students I couldn’t help but wonder, if his real quest should not have been to assure his salvation and a right relationship with God.

The thought comes to mind that speaks of our “good” deeds being burned up, only what’s done for Christ will last.  As this man’s illness draws him closer to his reunion with his creator I pray that he discovers his true legacy. His legacy of using his allotted time spent accomplishing the work of Christ.

We are busy with so many  “important ” things everyday as our allotted clocks wind down, let’s not forget without Jesus Christ at the center of our lives nothing else matters when all is said and done. He is the reason for the season.

by Delilah (Guest Post)

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I wished I heard that the things you desire now will change, so consider you’re choices carefully. I wished I heard that money is fleeting and you should save a little money every time you make some. I wished I heard that interest will destroy your net worth and it is important to pay for things in cash. I wished I heard that behind every business is an individual and they should be treated as such and make sure what I am borrowing I am able to pay this individual back. I wish I heard that your house mortgage expenses only rise, no matter the fixed rate, as taxes change. I wish I heard that giving some earned income to charity is important. I wished I heard that dating multiple partners in school is nonproductive. I wished I heard that girls are the weaker vessel and should be treated like princesses. I wished I heard that my negative actions affect others in ways I may never know. I wished I heard that each individual is gifted in certain areas for a particular purpose. Although, I may have not received what I believe I should have in school, at home I received some valuable things.

I am glad I heard that I was created in the image of God. I am glad I heard that the Bible contains all the wisdom I need to live a life pleasing to my creator. I am glad I heard that God created me for himself. I am glad to have learned that my worth is in Jesus and no matter my opposition he still loves me. I am glad to have made a friend in high places. I am glad to receive the grace of God. I am glad to have been told that when I am afraid, I may trust in him.

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