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Prayer for Schools

Dear God and Father,

We come before you this day to pray for our schools. The daycare, preschool, middle school, and high school and ask that you flood them with light. Release angels to protect our children from the wrath of Satan and wickedness of man. Keep them from the hour of temptation and protect them from the bully at school. Expose the child molester and the sex addicts, including those who seek to traffic our children. Remove them from positions of power and restore health, vitality, and love within the schools.

Bring prayer back into the school system, including daycare. Bring back the Bible that teaches people how to love correctly. Bring back praying teachers and principles. Give us principles and teachers who love your creation and that it is not simply a job, but a calling. Give Christian parents supernatural discernment about the goings at school and give them wisdom to effectively deal with situations as they arise. Place a hedge of grace on the children and put prayer back in schools. I am asking you Jesus to restore this nation and make America great again. Return families to the dinner table and bring the mothers back home to raise their children. All this wickedness we see in the schools, please protect our children from bullying, murder, and being expelled for foolishness.

Let your fire dwell in your children at school and give them peace that passes understanding and guard their heart. Let the lies that they are exposed to be manifested by them early. Let the parents explain evil cartoons and Bible movies. Let the parents teach them that the Noah on screen is not the Noah in the Bible and that they should question everything on the big screen, especially if it has anything to do with the Bible.  Strengthen the parents and let them add to their children’s learning with wisdom found within the book of Proverbs. Keep them from evil and their mouth from speaking foul language. Let their words be seasoned with salt. In Jesus name. Amen.

Phillipsburg teacher allegedly fired for giving Bible to student, files complaint against school district


“A substitute teacher who says he was fired after giving a student a Bible filed a complaint yesterday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The complaint against the Phillipsburg School District alleges religious discrimination and retaliation.

Walt Tutka was working as a substitute teacher on October 12 when, according to the complaint filed by Tutka, he said to a student who was last in line, “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.”

After the student “repeatedly” asked where the line was from, Tutka told him the Bible. Tutka asked the student if he had a Bible and, when he said no, Tutka said he could have his and he gave him his Bible, the complaint states.

Tutka says he served his last day as substitute teacher on October 15 and alleges that Superintendent George Chando told him on October 18 that he was recommending Tutka’s termination because he gave a student a Bible, the complaint states. Tutka says he was dismissed on January 14.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group dedicated to” restoring and defending religious liberty across America,” alleges that on March 28 Phillipsburg School District “refused to turn over emails and other documents” related to Tutka, despite an open-records request (via nj.com).”

Should we as Christians be surprised by this behavior? Should we shake our heads in rage against the establishment?


I wished I heard that the things you desire now will change, so consider you’re choices carefully. I wished I heard that money is fleeting and you should save a little money every time you make some. I wished I heard that interest will destroy your net worth and it is important to pay for things in cash. I wished I heard that behind every business is an individual and they should be treated as such and make sure what I am borrowing I am able to pay this individual back. I wish I heard that your house mortgage expenses only rise, no matter the fixed rate, as taxes change. I wish I heard that giving some earned income to charity is important. I wished I heard that dating multiple partners in school is nonproductive. I wished I heard that girls are the weaker vessel and should be treated like princesses. I wished I heard that my negative actions affect others in ways I may never know. I wished I heard that each individual is gifted in certain areas for a particular purpose. Although, I may have not received what I believe I should have in school, at home I received some valuable things.

I am glad I heard that I was created in the image of God. I am glad I heard that the Bible contains all the wisdom I need to live a life pleasing to my creator. I am glad I heard that God created me for himself. I am glad to have learned that my worth is in Jesus and no matter my opposition he still loves me. I am glad to have made a friend in high places. I am glad to receive the grace of God. I am glad to have been told that when I am afraid, I may trust in him.

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