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The Need For Jesus In The Midst Of Ruin: Troubled YouTube Shooter

Nasim Aghdam drove from her grandmother’s home in San Diego to San Bruno, 500 miles, on Saturday. Her brother has revealed that the family moved to the US from Iran in 1996 in search of a better life. Until recently, she had been making a living through monetized ads on her various YouTube channels.

Her bizarre videos included workouts she performed in catsuits and Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber parodies. The video site recently stopped paying her, her family claims, and she viewed the move as ‘censorship.’ Witnesses from Tuesday’s shooting said Aghdam opened fire while wearing a headscarf outside the campus. She shot herself afterwards and died the scene, a day before her 38th birthday. She left no suicide note.

Questions over Silicon Valley’s notoriously relaxed and large office ‘campuses’ have now arisen.

The feeling of anger that comes from a crushed dream is natural. This anger attracts demons and demonic thoughts of retaliation ensue. This causes the individuals anger to burn even hotter, like an inferno. This happens to all, who are passionate people. Unfortunately, without God to temper this wrath, foolish decisions follow. Anger rests in the bosom of fools. So, the only thing left is to carry out the commands of Satan that always end in death.

This is why people need Jesus. A relationship with Jesus prepares you for calamity and gives you a strong tower to run to, when your circumstance is cloudy. God will send you a word and prepare ways of escape, while you are in the trial. Suicide eliminates all of your options and sends you toward the grave without a Savior.

If she would have called on Jesus, then He would have said, there is room in my house for you to stay in.

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