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What Have You Come Against?

When you make a decision to follow Jesus Christ, you will come against Satan’s first attack, which is designed to neutralize and paralyze you. Its design is to make you question whether a decision to follow Jesus was wise. He will use previously held relationships with unbelievers, namely your ungodly friends to draw you away from learning about Jesus and begin the process of walking in obedience to his law.

Expect the first attack from Satan to be long and drawn out. Persist through this first wave with success through massive exposure to the Word. Read the Bible voraciously. Start with Matthew and read as much as you can, all the way to the book of Revelation. Write your vision down. Read at least ten chapters a day.

As you read the Scriptures, God’s Spirit will begin the interpretation process as you read. Your understanding of God’s will for your life will begin to manifest and the voices of demons will find it difficult to get your ear. Keep reading and do not stop. No matter what you feel or what distraction Satan will produce, you must stick with your vision. Do not stop reading the Scriptures.

In order for you to be able to effectively wage war against the forces of darkness, you must understand your role as a Christian. You must understand God’s gifts and how to access them. You must know how to use your spiritual gifts to protect your heart, your family, & your walk with God. You cannot do this without first gaining knowledge. This is done through reading the Scriptures. Reading the Scriptures is crucial. Submitting to the text will give you access to God’s power. You cannot access God’s power if you put your feelings above the text. Some things you will find in the Scriptures will go against your evil heart, but you must submit to it.

Your submission to the read Word of God is your power. Transformation into the likeness of Jesus is a process. You can control its speed by how fast you read through the Scriptures and your willingness to submit in obedience to what has been written. The speed in which you learn God is in your hand. This is step 1.


How to Burn Demons Using the KJV Bible?

KJV Bible
Anyone can pick up a Bible and read it. The only qualification you need to have to read the Bible is the ability to read. The more challenging piece is believing what you read to access its power. You can have a doctorate in theology and not have the ability to access the Bibles power. Accessing the power of the Bible requires faith. Believe what you read. Place yourself within the pages of Scripture as you read. Don’t resist the emotions it brings out and do not cease reading out loud. You must give confession with your mouth to bring out its power.

For example, you open the Bible and start to read 1 Corinthians 1 out loud and you read and read and read. Right around 2 Corinthians depending on how many demons have control of your life, you will feel light headed, may cough, sweat or hands may begin to shake. Keep reading. The demons within you are being burned by the words of Scripture as they are being read out loud in faith. The weaker ones will flee without any physical feeling the stronger ones that can resist a lot of heat will manifest in your flesh. Keep reading until it smooths out. If you stop prematurely, the demons will regain its strength in you and you will have to begin again. When you feel a lightness, you will know that evil spirit has left your body.

Satan will work to regain control, so you should read like this for a week straight for rapid growth in the spirit and for defeating this evil spirit.

You can be healed through Scripture reading. The power is found in the coupling of faith when you read the KJV Bible out loud. I say, KJV out of personal experience, however other versions of the Scripture may work, but I would certainly say a no go on the NIV.

If nothing happens. Keep reading. Most people think they have faith, when they actually don’t. Reading the Scriptures out loud will build your faith, for some, you may need to read five of Paul’s letters, just to build your faith before activating the power of the Holy Spirit through his Word.