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Maximize Your Heavenly Wealth Using Earth Strategies

29B1B01000000578-0-image-a-2_1434538867607You may have heard the saying you’re so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good? I understand the premise, however it is misleading. Why? Everything you do on earth will be a reflection of what you will experience in the afterlife. Case in point. A believer in Jesus Christ was once a sinner, but has been saved by grace and that person has been cleansed and created new. From this point on everything that Christian does will either maximize his heavenly wealth or minimize it by the choices they make on earth.

When you increase your capacity to influence others and help others and pray for others these actions increase your heavenly wealth and these actions are all done on earth. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, none of the actions you take will be a reward. Hell is the home of every sinner that does not have Jesus covering and forgiveness. First things first and give your life to Jesus and then your good works are increasing your heavenly wealth.

You should work diligently to increase your heavenly wealth. Why? Because you will spend eternity in heaven and not on earth. King Jesus is in heaven and you should serve him well on earth. He calls us to pray, so we should pray. He calls us to fast so we should fast. He calls us to give, so we should give. He calls us to love, so we should love. All things done for Jesus, through the power of God by abiding in him will produce heavenly wealth.

As you maximize your earthly wealth use it fund your heavenly wealth. When you ask the Lord how to maximize and increase your heavenly wealth, he will give you the tools to do so. God created us with the difficult task of fearing him and keeping his commands for the purpose of building wealth. Jesus said, he left to prepare a mansion for you. Wealth has always been God’s goal, but sin turns it into idolatry. Keep doing good works and understand all of your good works are building for you treasures in heaven.