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Why do Christian women perpetuate myths about attraction?


My husband and I attend a large Protestant church of the superfunrockband denomination. On Wednesday evenings, our church holds small group Bible studies, and HHG and I attend the one for married couples.  We meet in a large room and split into small groups, each group with its own table and leader.

This past week was rough because the topic was sex.  I just could not believe that all the things we joke about Christians saying were actually said.  For example, one young woman actually used the women-are-like-a-crockpot crock of crap.  This is not true, in case anyone has not figured it out yet.  It does not take a woman, Christian or otherwise, eight hours to become sexually aroused.  The idea that a man needs to spend eight hours giving her tender kisses, helping with the laundry, telling her how much he loves her, and bringing her flowers just to turn her on is wrong.  She may like all those things very much, they may be nice things to do, but they will not make her sexually aroused.  Why do Christian women keep telling men this?  It’s like we’ve all succumbed to mass delusion.

Unbelievably, another woman told the group how hot it is when her husband does the dishes and plays with the kids.  She actually said that as a serious comment, and all the other ladies laughed and nodded. HHG immediately texted me under the table, wishing to know why, if women find men doing dishes to be so irresistibly arousing, why has he never received a bl*w j*b while up to his elbows in soap suds.  I could no longer stand it, so I whipped out my iPad and looked up a recent study, refuting her blue pill bull pucky by reading aloud the following quote:

A February paper in the American Sociological Review reported that married couples in which men take on a greater share of the dishes, laundry and other traditionally female chores had sex less often than average, which in this study  was about five times a month. Yet couples in which men confined themselves largely to traditionally male chores such as yard work enjoyed sex more frequently than average. 

Taken to the extreme, men who performed all the traditionally female chores would have had sex 1.6 times less often than men who did none of them. The study authors, from the Juan March Institute in Madrid and the University of Washington, arrived at the correlation by crunching data from the National Survey of Families and Households (NFSH), which gathered survey information from 4,500 U.S. married couples. The researchers ruled out any kind of coercion on the part of the “manly” chore-performing husbands by looking at data from the same survey on sexual satisfaction: they found that women from households with more traditional divisions of labor felt no less happy with their sex lives than women in more gender-neutral ones. Read more

Women are actually quite turned on by a man’s face, body and movement, say Meston and Buss. “Sexually, women are attracted to men with masculine features, although not too masculine,” Meston explains. “A little light stubble is usually a turn-on for women if it’s clean and well-kept. Body-wise, women generally find men with a V-shaped torso or a high shoulder-to-hip ratio sexually attractive. Motion is important, too, as women find athletic prowess and agility to be sexual turn-ons.”

People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). When it comes to women they have eyes like men and are turned on by physical features like a man. That is why athletes can run through women like water and why white women spend thousands of dollars to go to Jamaica to have sex with fit black men.

Christian women work hard to fight against the natural attraction they have in the flesh and instead choose to lie to protect themselves from the vulnerability of being found shallow and from expecting more from a partner than they bring to the table. They also want to protect their fat husband from shame, while even Christian women find themselves drooling over fit men on television.

The bottom line is this. Stay in the truth. The truth will set free those who are held within lies clutches and be honest in your relationship with your spouse. Gluttony is a sin. There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising a little to trim some fat and be better appealing to your lover in the flesh.

P.S. Even though it is true Christian or no Christian we like attractive people, we should strive to be like Jesus and love from heart to heart.

His Words, Not Mine

The word of God is solid. The word of God through the Bible is sure and steadfast.

“All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:16 –

When the Bible speaks on the subject of divorce it is sin period. Do not confuse the fact that divorce may be prevalent, it is still SIN. You may have several questions and in the end the Bible is still clear. SIN! What does this mean? It means if I have divorced repent to God for your sin and move forward. Do not try and justify this, it only causes more pain and lingering suffering. If you are able to get out of divorce do it. Victory is always better than defeat. Paul died for the faith of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to some he was defeated holding on a gospel that led to his demise, but Christ calls him victorious. We do not judge marriage by the struggle, we reward marriage by success.

When the Bible speaks on the subject of strange sexuality it is sin period. Do not confuse the fact that strange sexuality may be prevalent, it is still SIN. You may have several questions and in the end the Bible is still clear. SIN! What does this mean? It means if I have participated in strange sexuality, repent to God for your sin and move forward. Do not try and justify this, it only causes more pain and lingering suffering. Identify the door into strange sexuality and remove it from your life. Victory is always better than defeat. We do not judge strange sexuality by the struggle (the fight of internal desire toward it); we reward right living by success. Sin causes death when it is finished.

SIN hurts the user, but Jesus Christ has made a way through his blood sacrifice, to save whoever calls out to him for his saving grace.



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My last four fortune cookies, yes I said, fortune cookies. That is the name given to them by Panda Express for which I received them. Please do not read into this dogma, just something to make you go hmmm.

Arrived at the Panda Expressed Sad. Recently, I have been having a difficult time in school and sadness is something for which a C makes me. I probably should not have overloaded on school, but I am trying to finish as quickly as possible. My cookie reads:

This cookie made me stop and think. I have made some helpful relationships that led to other helpful people and I have found selling on Amazon to be somewhat fruitful (not talking exponential) I sold my iphone 3’s and used the money earned to pay for my iphone 4s.

At this point my decision for school is being questioned within my mind. My cookie reads:

A class for which I thought I would not make and did (God’s grace). It appears that I should be on track for my grad this May. My cookie read:

Again, not dogma, but I do believe using fortune cookies is not outside a method for God to speak. Historically, he used a donkey, raven, and Jonah can attest, he also used a fish.