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Interracial Teen Couple Assailed With Horrific Racist Comments After Posting Video Of Amazing Gift From Her Family

The look on 17-year-old Chris Hunter’s face said it all. Shock. Pure shock.

When a member of his girlfriend’s family handed him the keys to a car as an early Christmas gift over the weekend in suburban Dallas, Chris looked like he couldn’t believe it.

His girlfriend, 16-year-old Madison Duke, posted a video of the heartwarming gesture on Twitter, where it has been liked nearly 36,000 times — but has also attracted nasty, racist, abusive comments.

Chris is black. Madison is white.

The teens have been dating for 11 months and go to high school together, according to NBC 5 in Fort Worth.

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Nearly 2018 and it never gets old that interracial relationships, especially the pairing of a black male and white female trigger evil reactions from the dominant society. Will 2018 be different? More of the same or worse? What is the direction of a nation that appears to thrive on hate?


Cincinnati man terrorized and then murdered black man for dating his ex-girlfriend: testimony

James Earl is standing trial for the murder of Kevin Neri. According to Mr. Earl “He didn’t want his son being raised by a black man, who was younger and more successful than he was,” Lessa Leigh explained. “The murder was the gruesome intersection of racism mixed with domestic violence and sexism.”

On the day of the shooting, the defendant allegedly used the n-word multiple times in text messages to his ex-girlfriend. The victim’s girlfriend, Cyerra Prather, had previously dated the defendant. “Earl Jones didn’t want a black man raising his son so he drove to the house where his ex-girlfriend and Kevin lived and shot Kevin in the back.” The victim, Neri, was shot and killed in front of the home he shared with his girlfriend in Colerain Township, Ohio.

Stories like these are not unique in nature, but a prevalent symptom of a greater issue called white supremacy. Particularly, white male ownership. This murder had nothing to do with a love for this man’s son, but purely a rage directed at “his women” even though she is his ex. He felt as though he owned this woman and this black man was embarking upon his ownership.

It is here that the slave narrative is revealed and should give all Americans pause of what is being taught within the schools, media, and how destructive groups like alt-right, alt-lite, white nationalist can radicalize this mentality.

Racist high school bullies suspended after harassing black classmate with shocking Snapchat photo

Two high school students in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have been suspended after they posted a photoshopped picture of a black classmate surrounded by Ku Klux Klan hoods on Snapchat.

Local news station KOB 4 reports that the students posted the photo on the school’s official Snapchat group, where it was seen by several other students before being removed.

“It was awful,” Mary Morrow-Webb, the mother of the student in the picture, told KOB 4. “It was frightening. I just really got sick to my stomach. I was afraid for my daughters and for the other children there that are at risk for these types of threats.” Read more

Dylann Roof ‘enraged’ when love interest who spurned him chose an African-American guy

White Supremacist mass murder suspect Dylann Roof began his hate-fueled descent when he lost at love, according to a report.

The 21-year-old white man who confessed to gunning down nine African-American parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., bore a grudge when a girl didn’t choose him, his cousin told The Intercept news website on Thursday.

The hate-fueled killer “kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back,” Scott Roof said. Read more

This is another result of the religion of evolution taught in schools. You came from an animal so your behavior can be animalistic. These stories of females either getting killed or others by white men who can’t handle rejection is getting old. The news is getting flooded with them. 

Jesus specifically states that children must be trained in righteousness. This begins at home and should be followed at the schoolhouse where children spend the majority of their hours learning. Stop teaching lies for political reasons and teach children the truth. Even in ancient times when myths were told, they were told so that people could live orderly and not chaotic.

People were created in the image of God and this God sent his Son to rescue you upon the cross and commands us to love one another. He provided the example and we should follow it.Parents must understand that their children are wicked until they train them.

Sin is natural state since the fall in the Garden of Eden. Now Go! Train your children in righteousness and start demanding that your tax dollars going to schools teaching your children they are nothing but animals to stop or do not be shocked when they display animal behavior.

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