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If You Lost Your Mind To Satan – This Prayer is For YOU!

This prayer will require your undivided attention and will require your heart and mind to be in agreement with the words that exit your lips. You should pray this prayer out loud, yelling isn’t necessary, just be audible. If you get stuck, you feel something building up on the inside desire to escape, start over and read aloud. Keep starting over until you can read out the prayer without any hesitation. If should flow from your mouth to heaven smoothly. Let’s begin:

I have subjected my body to sin. I have disobeyed the commands of God. I have surrendered my life to the will of my flesh and have not resisted the temptation to sin. I have sinned in mind and my heart has not been perfected in Jesus Christ. I have chosen every time to do it my way and have not acknowledged the Lord in all of my ways. I have sinned and require your forgiveness Jesus. I chose right now to forgive individuals in my life that have sinned against me. I no longer hold them as prisoners attached to their sin. I forgive my dad, my mother, my brother and my sister. I forgive my co-workers and my friends. I forgive my lover and ex-lovers. In Jesus name. I do not hold them guilty in my personal trial in Jesus name.

I turn my attention to receiving your forgiveness as promised in your Word. Thank you Jesus for forgiving me as I have forgiven others. I submit myself under the authority of your Word and my heart is prepared to receive your transmission.  I look up and my heart is directed towards the heavens. I see the light of your gospel shining on me. Your light is streaming from the third heaven and is filling me. My head is being filled, my torso is being filled, my arms & legs is being filled, my hands & my feet is being filled. The darkness that is within me is finding it difficult to remain as the light within me is exposing every hiding place. The poisons in my stomach are coming out of my mouth in Jesus name. The demonic forces within are looking for the pit as your eyes look directly at me. The angels are disconnecting them from my body and my mind is becoming clear. Go evil spirits of infirmity. Your license to this body has been revoked and Jesus is filling me. Go evil spirits of lust. Your license to this body has been revoked and Jesus is filling me. Go evil spirits of divination. Your license to this body has revoked and Jesus is filling me. Out comes all the darkness and flees into the pit and in comes all the love & joy that is found in Jesus. The love is filling me. The peace is filling me. I see the angels with the buckets of joy in their hands and they have begun to pour them over my head. There is so much joy coming out of those buckets that I can hardly take it. Love is also in the buckets. An overwhelming peace is in the buckets. Jesus has handed me his heart for mine and he has also handed me his mind, for mine. I am undone with his love and with his gifts in Jesus name.

Jesus, I will take your love, peace, & joy. I will share your heart and mind with those I meet. I will walk holy and guard my heart as Satan has lost some of his army fooling with me. In Jesus name. I declare from this day forward, I will fight the good fight of faith and hold onto your commands through your wisdom found in Psalm 1 to meditate on your Word both DAY & NIGHT.

Thank you Jesus.



Dreams, Visions,

The dream begins with me in the middle of a foyer seated behind a desk with a computer. The space was similar to an office without walls. As I was typing on the computer, a medium size, Lt Colonel approaches and I call the whole area to attention. Within moments another gentlemen approaches with the rank of Colonel and says to me “did you not see that I was in the room?” I was a little intimidated and said, “I apologize, but I did not see you.” He tells me to have a seat and that he would be back.

In the foyer there were huge columns and he disappears behind one as he cuts the corner down a large hallway.

When he comes back he has within his hand a book. Already having the book parted, he asks me to sign my name on the book. I noticed written on the pages of the book were my works. Both good and bad were written on the pages with dates beside each action. Written on the last line was the thing that I had just did which was calling the room to attention, when a higher official was already in the room. In the military this is incorrect behavior. I signed the book and the dream ends.

As I pondered the dream, the verse that comes to mind is “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good” (Proverbs 15:3). My actions are being watched and recorded. The steps I take are being weighed in a balance and I will have to give an account for the things that I have done.

This dream was a reminder to me that God is watching me. To see what I will do with the words he has given me. What I will say to those in whom I will come in contact with and what path or way will I continue to take.

picture by  Agnes_F