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Do You Have A Jesus Pop-Out?

Jesus Christ
What does a Jesus pop-out look like? What does it mean? Do you pop Jesus out whenever you need him and pop him back when you are finished. Today, we see many people asking for prayer in their nearest storm, but soon as the coast is clear, they resume with swearing, getting drunk and doing things that they ought not to. They have no desire or hunger for the things of God. In a nutshell, they are displaying the fruits of the flesh and not the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5).

This is a stench in His nose because they are just paying lip service but their lives are consistently contrary to Gods word. So the question is, is Jesus your whole life or do you pop Jesus out like a lucky charm?  Is your ‘commitment’ to Christ limited to just an ackowledgemnt that he exists and that he supplies for you or have you totally surrendered your life to him and desire what he desires and hates what he hates which is sin.

I know of Scarlett Johansson, but I bet if you asked her if she knew me, the answer would be no. In the same way, many people know and even acknowledge Jesus, believe that he died on the cross and rose on the third day but MANY of those very same people will hear Jesus say ‘ I never knew you’ when they stand before him to give an account (Matthew 7:23) because they continued to work iniquity.

So how do you know that you will not be amongst that number. The bible makes it clear. Examine yourself to see if you are in the faith.

The Automatic Love


It is nearly impossible to love your enemies. Those who willfully choose to hate you and go out of there way to destroy you. It is difficult to love your spouse who refuses to either work or have sex with you. It is difficult to love your children who continually work against you or worse try and harm you. It is difficult to love your work partners who work to sabotage you or the racist on your job. It is difficult to love when everyone around you is cold.

The automatic love comes from loving God. It is the first command. To love God with all of your heart, mind and strength. It is here where the automatic love for everyone else is now possible. It is here where you receive supernatural power to love others the right way. It is here where God shares his heart with you and energizes you to love others. Your trouble of loving others starts with your trouble or lack of love for Jesus Christ. When you open the doors of your heart to Jesus without any reservation the heart of God opens without reservation for you. Now you are becoming filled with God’s love and his love seeps through your pores and touches those around you, but keep this in mind that some with hard hearts will still hate you.

Automatic love is for you. It secures your place in heaven and increases your crowns in glory. Automatic love is your peace and joy. It makes you better and increases your spiritual power in God. It is not a tool for manipulating others to love you, because some people will still hate your guts. Never forget Jesus who is  love was still crucified by hard hearted people.

The beauty of automatic love is that you will love the right way. The discerning way. You will also bear good fruit this way. The fruit you bear this way will remain. Now choose to love God with your whole heart. In Jesus name.


He Leads Me…



Not sleeping? No peace in your life?


Was it a restless night for you? Did you toss and turn and wonder if you would ever fall asleep? I have been there so many times and questioned, ‘why’? Let me share what I feel the reason was for me anyway. In the natural I had to cut back on caffeine and yes, even chocolate, just a little caffeine had an affect on me. Now when I took care of what I could do in the natural then I started to look at the spiritual aspect of the problem.

Peace? Well I thought I had peace, I mean I sang the song….’Peace, peace wonderful peace coming down from the Father above, sweep over my Spirit forever I pray….’ you must know that song, well most of us that have been in church know the words to that song. But…I still didn’t have the peace to fall asleep at night, not being funny, I would hum it, sing it and nothing. What was wrong?

Written within the pages of Isaiah we find that ‘Jesus shall keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon him, who trusts in HIM’. Ah…there is that word, ‘trust’ and in the same sentence as ‘peace’ and even the adjective ‘perfect’ was before peace. Was this my answer? Was this the formula that I, as a child of God, a believer in the Word of God could use? YES…YES and YES!

Where is your mind when the sun sets? What are you thinking about? Are you thinking on him, God? Look at the scripture; ‘who’s mind is stayed upon HIM’. What about during the day? Is your mind ‘stayed upon HIM’? What about when you hear bad news? What about when you get the utility bill and it is double? What about when you find out your teenager is having sex? What about when you lose your job? Does your mind ‘stay upon HIM’? When you are determined to trust your Heavenly Father and control your mind to ‘stay upon HIM’ you will gain the perfect peace and you will sleep at night. Oh it might take a few nights of fighting the battle in your mind or it might just take a few hours to break the habit of trying to work everything out from 9 to 12:00 at night each night, but I promise you that you can change, I did.

Today I am going to pray and believe that the Holy Spirit will guide you throughout the day and remind you, to ‘keep your mind upon HIM’ regardless of what comes your way. What is robbing you of your sleep is robbing your health also. Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” I am living proof that lack of sleep can be turned to a ‘good night’s sleep’ when you are determined to ‘keep your mind upon HIM’.

photo by  jdaviddean

by Sheila (Guest Post)

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