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Follow The Patterns

stockIf you want to see the hand of God, you must look at the patterns you see in life. You must start with the commands of God. You must start with the origin of man. According to the Bible, man sinned against God and he cursed man with death. His life on earth would be temporary. The very first pattern. Sin=’s death.

We fast forward and we find a pattern for a nation of people. When a nation of people sin against God it equals death. When a nation repents we find a pattern of God’s forgiveness and a delay in death. The people of the nation experience peace and joy. A pattern that is also seen on the individual level.

We find a pattern of disease, sickness, & death when man disobeys the laws of God. For example, prayer was removed from schools in the US and every year from that time mass shootings, death occurred. Before prayer was removed we did not see the pattern of death. Sin=’s death. We find the same pattern in death from sexually transmitted diseases. Those who practice sexual sin do so with the cost of sickness, disease, & early death. A pattern that is clearly seen. Those who commit adultery, obesity, all have high disease, sickness, & early death rates and they all happened to be sins. From the very beginning until the present the pattern of sin equals sickness, disease, and early death is clearly seen in our data and if we are honest, we have seen the harm of rape, drug & alcohol abuse, which are sins that cause sickness, disease, & early death.

God is revealing himself with this pattern. There is another pattern of forgiveness that God gives that allows one to escape diseases & early death. Its the pattern you see in followers of Jesus Christ. No one can escape the first death. God cannot go back on His Word to Adam that if he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil that He would die. The escape is in the second death for people who reject Jesus and live according to the rule of sin. These individuals will die a second death. Sin can only produce death, but forgiveness from God allows one to escape. Look at the patterns in your life and in others. See the hand of God in it. Sin=’s early death.

Mission Assignment


List two Old Testament and two New Testament passages (verses, narratives) related to world evangelization.

1. Gen 12:1-3
2. Psalm 33:10-12
3. Matthew 28:16-20
4. Luke 24:46-48

Why did you choose them?

I chose the above verses because they all point to God being the originator of missions. In particular, Missio Dei or “mission of God” the central idea that God is the one who initiates and sustains mission (Moreau, Corwin, and McGee 2004). In Gen 12:1-3, God calls Abram, from among his family, to enter another land with a promise that all peoples on earth may receive a blessing. In Psalm 33:10-12, The Lord authors frustration to all nations that they may worship and serve him. In Matthew 28-16-20 Jesus gives the disciples the place and the message. In Luke 24:46-48, Jesus tells the disciples to proclaim his name to all nations that through him repentance and forgiveness may be possessed. In the passages selected we find God author’s missions and sustain missions using his created beings.

How do they show a basis for world missions?

They show world missions by the inclusion of the word “all.” There are no nations left outside Gods purview. His call to Abram in Gen 12:1-3 was a promise of blessing to all nations and until all nations receive blessings, God will continue to call people from their family like Abram and relocate them to be a blessing both physically and spiritually. Psalm 33:10-12 reveals the heart of God for all generations and any nation who’s God is the Lord will be blessed. Matthew 28:16-20 plainly says “go and make disciples of all nations” and Luke 24:46-48 “and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.” God is the created of all and through him revealed in Jesus we have a duty to be blessing to all nations proclaiming his truth.

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