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Excess Spending: A Sign You Are NOT Acknowledging God

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold (Proverbs 22:1). Your name is better than any designers name. Any celebrities name. Your name matters. Take full responsibility for the value of your name. Understand that your name separates you from someone else. It is a designator that says to angels and demons that another one of God’s creation exist. Your name means something.

When you spend money, it is your name attached to the dollars that leave your hand and it is your name that qualifies another. Do you value someone else name more than your own? Michael Kors, Lexus, or Star Bucks. Have you been deceived to believe that your name is less than theirs? Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, John Macarthur, Franklin Graham, TD Jakes, or Steve Harvey.

Who is responsible for your soul and who will God hold accountable if your righteousness falls short of the Pharisees (Matthew 5:20). Who will you blame for your excess in spending? God said, be content with food and raiment. God said, acknowledge him in all of your ways. Did you buy the car after acknowledging God? Did you buy the house after acknowledging God or did you disregard his command and now your sucking wind in debt. Do you value your own name?

That credit card is a tool that you now with reward points can make you money. Do you use it wisely? Do you acknowledge God before doing so? Whose life are you living? A Christian ceases to exist when they meet Jesus. Buried with him, your life is now only lived for his pleasure and gratification. Excess spending is a sign your living in sin. Repent.

Now pick up your cross and follow Jesus again. Now this time acknowledging him in ALL of your ways.

How to “Spend” Your Tax Refund

Planetary Nebula NGC 2818, Hubble Space Telescope
Spring is a dangerous time of year for your financial security. I know so many of you will be getting a tax refund; some of you may be getting money back from both Uncle Sam and your state. The danger is that you blow the money on a want, rather than focus on your needs.

And that’s a shame, because chances are your refund could be a serious chunk of change. The average refund last year on federal returns was nearly $2,800.

Don’t you dare spend that money on a vacation or a new flat screen. Or anything that qualifies as a “want”. You are to focus on needs first.

My short list of important needs:

  1. Pay off high-interest credit card debt.
  2. Pay-down a high interest car loan.
  3. Pay down student loan debt.
  4. Build up your emergency savings. 8 months of living expenses is the ultimate goal.
  5. Fund a Roth IRA.


Spirit Money

spirit money
It is important that you understand that whoever you support financially for a cause you have joined yourself with that person. You have made an agreement with them. Whatever evil spirit that person has your home will receive it. Do not be deceived. God watches over all of our actions and will judge us accordingly. Satan is also watching with his many demons waiting for access, when you seek to serve His agenda through someone else. This open door brings in sexual immorality, depression and deception into your home.

Be careful who you support. Don’t fight against your prayer by supporting with your money things you are praying against. This behavior is double minded and unstable.

Sanctify your money by supporting the things that God is pleased with and you will be rewarded by Him for being obedient to His Word and for not being double minded.

Parents Should Teach Their Children How To Manage Money

Actor David Oyelowo, his wife Jessica and children pose at the 26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in Palm Springs

How was I to know that the result of hard work is money stacked in the ATM?  Unknowingly, parents miss valuable opportunities to teach their children what it means to earn and manage money.

Money, and the concept of earning and managing money, is a process that must be respected.  As soon as the child is ready for school, they should be given their own income to manage.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but enough to show them the importance of earning, saving, and giving the money he/she has made.  The amount of the income that you give your child is not as important as how they handle it.

If little Brittany/Brian wants to cry to get that new toy from the shelf at the toy store, a Happy Meal from McDonalds, or a drink from the grocery store, let them blow their entire budget on the item.  When the “law of natural consequences” takes place, and they realize that they have blown their entire income on the first day for an unwise purchase, don’t think about bailing them out.  Create some boundaries and offer advice on how the money should be spent, but give the child freedom within these boundaries.

Since money is important part of life and a huge tool used by the devil it helps to have a healthy respect of it. It also, helps to establish a correlation between work and money. We know that money answers all things and that we can either serve God or money. Giving them the proper understanding of money will set them up for ruling over money and wants, instead of being ruled by them.


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