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If You Lost Your Mind To Satan – This Prayer is For YOU!

This prayer will require your undivided attention and will require your heart and mind to be in agreement with the words that exit your lips. You should pray this prayer out loud, yelling isn’t necessary, just be audible. If you get stuck, you feel something building up on the inside desire to escape, start over and read aloud. Keep starting over until you can read out the prayer without any hesitation. If should flow from your mouth to heaven smoothly. Let’s begin:

I have subjected my body to sin. I have disobeyed the commands of God. I have surrendered my life to the will of my flesh and have not resisted the temptation to sin. I have sinned in mind and my heart has not been perfected in Jesus Christ. I have chosen every time to do it my way and have not acknowledged the Lord in all of my ways. I have sinned and require your forgiveness Jesus. I chose right now to forgive individuals in my life that have sinned against me. I no longer hold them as prisoners attached to their sin. I forgive my dad, my mother, my brother and my sister. I forgive my co-workers and my friends. I forgive my lover and ex-lovers. In Jesus name. I do not hold them guilty in my personal trial in Jesus name.

I turn my attention to receiving your forgiveness as promised in your Word. Thank you Jesus for forgiving me as I have forgiven others. I submit myself under the authority of your Word and my heart is prepared to receive your transmission.  I look up and my heart is directed towards the heavens. I see the light of your gospel shining on me. Your light is streaming from the third heaven and is filling me. My head is being filled, my torso is being filled, my arms & legs is being filled, my hands & my feet is being filled. The darkness that is within me is finding it difficult to remain as the light within me is exposing every hiding place. The poisons in my stomach are coming out of my mouth in Jesus name. The demonic forces within are looking for the pit as your eyes look directly at me. The angels are disconnecting them from my body and my mind is becoming clear. Go evil spirits of infirmity. Your license to this body has been revoked and Jesus is filling me. Go evil spirits of lust. Your license to this body has been revoked and Jesus is filling me. Go evil spirits of divination. Your license to this body has revoked and Jesus is filling me. Out comes all the darkness and flees into the pit and in comes all the love & joy that is found in Jesus. The love is filling me. The peace is filling me. I see the angels with the buckets of joy in their hands and they have begun to pour them over my head. There is so much joy coming out of those buckets that I can hardly take it. Love is also in the buckets. An overwhelming peace is in the buckets. Jesus has handed me his heart for mine and he has also handed me his mind, for mine. I am undone with his love and with his gifts in Jesus name.

Jesus, I will take your love, peace, & joy. I will share your heart and mind with those I meet. I will walk holy and guard my heart as Satan has lost some of his army fooling with me. In Jesus name. I declare from this day forward, I will fight the good fight of faith and hold onto your commands through your wisdom found in Psalm 1 to meditate on your Word both DAY & NIGHT.

Thank you Jesus.


Not sleeping? No peace in your life?


Was it a restless night for you? Did you toss and turn and wonder if you would ever fall asleep? I have been there so many times and questioned, ‘why’? Let me share what I feel the reason was for me anyway. In the natural I had to cut back on caffeine and yes, even chocolate, just a little caffeine had an affect on me. Now when I took care of what I could do in the natural then I started to look at the spiritual aspect of the problem.

Peace? Well I thought I had peace, I mean I sang the song….’Peace, peace wonderful peace coming down from the Father above, sweep over my Spirit forever I pray….’ you must know that song, well most of us that have been in church know the words to that song. But…I still didn’t have the peace to fall asleep at night, not being funny, I would hum it, sing it and nothing. What was wrong?

Written within the pages of Isaiah we find that ‘Jesus shall keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon him, who trusts in HIM’. Ah…there is that word, ‘trust’ and in the same sentence as ‘peace’ and even the adjective ‘perfect’ was before peace. Was this my answer? Was this the formula that I, as a child of God, a believer in the Word of God could use? YES…YES and YES!

Where is your mind when the sun sets? What are you thinking about? Are you thinking on him, God? Look at the scripture; ‘who’s mind is stayed upon HIM’. What about during the day? Is your mind ‘stayed upon HIM’? What about when you hear bad news? What about when you get the utility bill and it is double? What about when you find out your teenager is having sex? What about when you lose your job? Does your mind ‘stay upon HIM’? When you are determined to trust your Heavenly Father and control your mind to ‘stay upon HIM’ you will gain the perfect peace and you will sleep at night. Oh it might take a few nights of fighting the battle in your mind or it might just take a few hours to break the habit of trying to work everything out from 9 to 12:00 at night each night, but I promise you that you can change, I did.

Today I am going to pray and believe that the Holy Spirit will guide you throughout the day and remind you, to ‘keep your mind upon HIM’ regardless of what comes your way. What is robbing you of your sleep is robbing your health also. Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” I am living proof that lack of sleep can be turned to a ‘good night’s sleep’ when you are determined to ‘keep your mind upon HIM’.

photo by  jdaviddean

by Sheila (Guest Post)

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