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Gunman Opened Fire On Packed Oklahoma Restaurant In Terrifying Mass ShootingPolice have said today they have n’o reason to believe this is a terrorist type of incident’, and that the motive was unclear.

Police have said they have no reason to believe this is a terrorist type of incident’, and that the motive was unclear. Though the gunman opening fire into a packed restaurant was terrifying. He shot a mother-of-two and her young daughter, who were there to celebrate other daughter’s 14th birthday. The birthday girl’s best friend was also shot and is in hospital, but all are reported to be in a stable condition. When the shooter tried to flee the Oklahoma City restaurant, he was shot dead by an armed bystander.

Meanwhile, Many Have Questions After Black Man Brandishing Fake Gun at Las Vegas Mall Is Charged with Terrorism. Read more

We live in a system of white supremacy that overlooks white male mass shooters, but focuses and punishes and brands black ones. Will God continue to overlook judgment?

This behavior will only increase the amount of white male mass shooters as they get passes for their crimes again and again and again.

The moral of the story: Live for Jesus. Watch and pray. The harvest of what has been sown is coming up.


10 Dead After Shots Fired in Texas High School – Suspect Identified

Law enforcement sources have reportedly identified the suspect in Friday morning’s deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School is Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old student who attends the high school.

Sources told CBS News that Pagourtzis is the Texas student that’s in custody. The identity of another male student being detained and questioned isn’t immediately known.

A student who claimed to have been next door to the shooting told CBS News that he saw a student with a “black trench coat,” sawed-off shotgun, pistol grip, and “something sharp” emerge from the classroom. He said the student went back into an art room. A teacher pulled the fire alarm as the students had no phone service, the student said.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Santa Fe Independent School District (SFISD) Police Chief Walter Braun revealed Friday afternoon that they believe “fewer than” 10 people died and six were injured in the high school shooting. He went on to confirm that explosives were spotted at the high school and in surrounding areas.

Christians will give thoughts and prayers and this event will renew talks about gun reform, but that will do nothing for the heart. As long as children in America see injustice on black people, the seeds sown will only reap more evil. The action America needs to take is to repent and do justice. Take away guns and keep injustice and evil will still reign.

When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong (Ecclesiastes 8:11).

Can history predict who will become the next mass shooter?

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.43.37 PMThere is mounting evidence that men who have sex with men are dangerous. Not only are they statistically far more likely to molest children along with the staggering statistics from the Pentagon within the military for rape and the STI and STD rates, the leaders who practice this are lethal.

Hitler was gay. Army interrogator Herman Merl, who was a medical technician who interviewed Hitler’s doctors, Karl Brandt and Hitler’s primary physician, Theodor Morell, wrote “Homosex” in the space provided for Hitler’s sexuality. The doctors told Merl that Hitler did not sleep with girlfriend Eva Braun in her bedroom, and he himself received female hormones. Merl wrote, “Eva Braun = separate rooms” and “female hormone – injection 50,000 units.”

Jack the ripper was a closet homosexual that hated women and killed them. Elliot Rodger was a suspected homosexual who also hate women and killed. Omar Mateen was a homosexual who killed a record number of people.

This list goes on and on of the cry of children suffering in silence.

WILL YOU HEAR MY BLOOD: More Men Are Raped in the US than Women by Men

A year after mass shooting, Charleston church embraces its community

A year later, the grief still feels raw. Nine churchgoers, all African-American, were shot by a young, white man who entered their Charleston, South Carolina, church, joined their Bible study for an hour and then opened fire. The shooter blamed his victims because of their skin color.

After the tragedy, the church could have closed its doors or cut back on public events. Instead, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest black church in the South, flung its doors wide open and welcomed people.

So as to buy the helpless for money And the needy for a pair of sandals, And that we may sell the refuse of the wheat?” The LORD has sworn by the pride of Jacob, “Indeed, I will never forget any of their deeds (Amos 8:6-7).


How can we sing the LORD’S song In a foreign land? If I forget you, O Jerusalem, May my right hand forget her skill. May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth If I do not remember you, If I do not exalt Jerusalem Above my chief joy (Psalm 137:4-6).
But in keeping with God’s promise, we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells (2 Peter 3:13). 

the ‘deadliest’ mass shooting in U.S. history is African-Americans houses set on fire, lynched, and murdered in the 100s and 1000s, all because of their skin color

mass shooting
Before the mass media spreads lies about Orlando incident being the ‘deadliest’ mass shooting in U.S. history, let us not forget African-Americans houses set on fire, lynched, and murdered in the 100s and 1000s, all because of their skin colour.

1. East St. Louis Race Riot: 1917. It is estimated that 200 to 700 people were killed as a result of this:

“On July 2, 1917, the violence resumed. Men, women, and children were beaten and shot to death. Around six o’ clock that evening, white mobs began to set fire to the homes of black residents. Residents had to choose between burning alive in their homes, or run out of the burning houses, only to be met by gunfire. In other parts of the city, white mobs began to lynch African Americans against the backdrop of burning buildings. As darkness came and the National Guard returned, the violence began to wane, but did not come to a complete stop.”

2. Arkansas Massacre of 1919. Estimated 237 to 800 people were lynched, beaten and murdered:

“No one could know it at the time, but within a year these inauspicious meetings would lead to one of the worst episodes of racial violence in U.S. history. Initiated by whites, the violence—by any measure, a massacre—claimed the lives of 237 African Americans, according to a just released report from the Equal Justice Initiative. The death toll was unusually high, but the use of racial violence to subjugate blacks during this time was not uncommon. As the Equal Justice Initiative observes, “Racial terror lynching was a tool used to enforce Jim Crow laws and racial segregation—a tactic for maintaining racial control by victimizing the entire African American community, not merely punishment of an alleged perpetrator for a crime.” This was certainly true of the massacre in Phillips County, Arkansas.

3. Tulsa Massacre 1921. Estimated 300 black people and over were murdered:

“In the early morning hours of June 1, 1921, Black Tulsa was looted and burned by white rioters. Governor Robertson declared martial law, and National Guard troops arrived in Tulsa. Guardsmen assisted firemen in putting out fires, took imprisoned blacks out of the hands of vigilantes and imprisoned all black Tulsans not already interned. Over 6,000 people were held at the Convention Hall and the Fairgrounds, some for as long as eight days. Twenty-four hours after the violence erupted, it ceased. In the wake of the violence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, over 800 people were treated for injuries and contemporary reports of deaths began at 36. In 2001, the Tulsa Race Riot Commission released a report indicating that historians now believe close to 300 people died in the riot.”

Rosewood Massacre, 1923. The Police, those in authority have for years hidden and concealed the number of blacks killed. They put the numbers around eight to ten people. In reality, those African-Americans who witnessed the death of their own people put the number at around 40 to 150 being murdered.

“…those survivors who were interviewed by Singleton placed the number of African American dead at a disturbingly higher number: 40 to a possible 150.” (Source: Filmography of American History by Grant Annis George Tracey, page 53) Click here to read more.

The truth will set you free and pave a better future for anyone who receives it. Lies will always create chaos as truth works its way to pop to the surface. God said, he will bring everything that is hidden into the light. It pays to tell the truth or face the wrath of God for all liars shall have their place in the lakes of fire.