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Quick to Listen and Slow to Anger

If you want to be wise in this world, you must become a fool for Jesus Christ. This means that your wisdom must be exchanged for the wisdom found within the Scriptures. Your understanding exchanged for the understanding found within the Scriptures. This does not mean you do not test or prove the Scriptures, it means that everything you receive as truth never leaves the foundation of Jesus Christ.

If you have any other foundation, it will fail. From this foundation you build upon it the knowledge of God and learn to enjoy hearing and receiving truth. Truth will not always be comfortable or pleasurable, but will set you free. Lies always end badly as the father of lies is Satan and his destiny is hell. As Christians you must learn how to listen quickly, be slow to speak and slow to anger. If you listen quickly, you will automatically speak less and your anger has little information to feed on. Quick anger comes from a lack of understanding and a lack of understanding comes from a lack of listening.

Triggers are triggered because a person has failed to listen and has failed to love truth. When you understand that truth can sting and you listen for truth when someone speaks, you should not get angry. Seek to understand through listening and your response in life will be constructive and you will grow in your understanding and experience rather then be stagnate in your maturity in Jesus Christ.

Anger rests in the bosom of fools (Ecclesiastes 7:9). But you want to be wise. Be wise and listen.

Make It Available

people-whispering1If I whisper the truth that Jesus saves will you hear me? IF I SHOUT THE TRUTH THAT JESUS SAVES WILL YOU HEAR ME? Is there a special code or password that unlocks someone to hear the truth that Jesus saves? You may use a combination of all three or discount all three as useless, but one thing for sure without the hearing of God’s word a response to God’s word is impossible. Let’s make available the truth that Jesus saves throughout our lives by living righteously and telling those around us that Jesus saves. Jesus died for the sins of mankind and unity through him will create a lasting peace in the future. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. He saves those who call upon him and trust in him.