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Why Does Kim Kardashian Take Nude Selfies?

The internet goes a flame every time Kim Kardashian exposes herself to the world. A white mother of black children showing the world what it means to be free. No shackles here. I have married a black man, when many in our culture still oppose it. Remember this state farm photo that had the nations racist passing out?

The Bible is very clear why Kim Kardashian poses nude. For some it could be a sign of mid-life crisis, but it is much more sinister and tragic then that. For evil people can’t sleep until they’ve done their evil deed for the day. They can’t rest until they’ve caused someone to stumble (Proverbs 4:16). Satan will not allow her to have peace until she carries out his will. His will is to fill the earth with harlotry and lewdness.

Kim Kardashian ties together the two races and brings to the earth a lewdness that is bringing the judgment of God to the earth. She is the queen of the west, she is Rome, the daughter of Babylon. The evil spirit that is using her flesh seeks the blood of men and through whoredom she will be responsible for sending millions to hell. Her successor is Kylie Jenner, whom I have prayed for, but I was  told in the spirit that her love for money is too great. She will be even greater than Kim in her reach and devastation.




I hear the word debt and see the verse that says “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law (Romans 13:8). Could love be the catalyst of debt destruction? One thing I have noticed concerning the state of residents in America is that white and blacks are the greatest users of welfare. Some may blame immigration and so on, but Asians and Hispanics are in the single digits percentage wise.

Have they learned something that whites and black must come to realize? Are they closer to their families and this is why some statistics reveal this? After all they say the married are more financially well off then the divorced and single. Poverty’s greatest fear is rejection and hate. For when love comes on the seen, we find healing and restoration.

Some are saying there is a debt crisis in America and the state of the nation is bad, but Man of Steel is breaking records at the box office? Women are complaining about pay when more women in this nation are employed then men? More millionaires and billionaires were added to the list in 2012? Charities are being exposed for mishandling the funds. What is really going on?

Child of God (white, black, Hispanic, Asian, mixed, other), acknowledge the Lord Jesus in all your actions. You should have the mind of Christ and follow a different set of rules then the world. Although the time for true worshippers in America is ending, concerning earthly prosperity, I see a lot of pretenders (Revelations 2:9; 3:9); we still have an opportunity to live debt free and should.

If we are honest with ourselves our lusts have created our debts. We spend more money advancing the Kingdom of Darkness then the Kingdom of God and we are feeling the results. The reason the church is facing the same problems as the world is because most people are using the world’s wisdom for life and you are receiving their reward. STD’s, Divorce, Repossessions, Obesity and Blindness (spiritual). I am speaking to American Christians here.

If you believe that through Christ you can do all things, then you must believe he can cure STD’s, remove repossessions, stop obesity and give sight to the blind.  Use the tool he gave us. Pray children of God and then move toward the direction of your prayer. Turn a death ear to the world and become sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. He leads to green pastures.

I know Kim Kardashian had her baby. I know Miss Utah fumbled on a question. I know Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, but I follow the wisdom of GOD.