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Have you been walking long? Running after sales and looking for the next product or toy for the youngster. Is your mind spinning in several directions and you want to sit down and rest? There is a cure. Sit down and rest.

No one is making you run around and be dismayed but you. No one is forcing you into the stores, to struggle, to get the last deal. No one is going to imprison you for placing your feet up in the love seat or recliner. You deserve to rest.

You have been working long hours and your feet are worn out. I know. I have seen the ash on the heels, yes, white women have ash as well, you need to rest. Rest is good. Just the other day, at the gym, a gentleman comes up to me while I am resting in between sets and says, “you’re not going to get anything done just sitting there.” I told the man that the rest is just as important as the rep, for without the rest, it would be impossible to maximize my workout.

There is nothing wrong with rest. Rest maximizes your health, joy and happiness. It creates strength for the journey. It aids against burnout and depression. It is a God thing to rest. The people of Israel would not rest and ran into God’s judgment. Please rest.

There is a difference between rest and laziness. They are not the same thing. Rest restores and is temporary. Laziness leads to poverty and is continual. There is no end to doing absolutely nothing. Laziness is bad. Rest is good. Please! Rest.

HOPE (not just a cliché)


The believer in Jesus Christ has hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but hope realized makes the heart glad. Whenever you find the turmoil of life enclosing on your joy, grab a hold of hope. What is the believer’s hope?

The believer wins in the midst of losing. The believer wins in the midst of winning. The believer has eternal life. The believer has a constant relationship with his creator. The believer may fall, but will always rise. The world’s critics cannot stop the believer. The believer cannot be delayed, for all things work together for those who trust in Jesus. The believer is triumphant. The believer has a continual source from which to draw. The believer has access to the water that does not run dry. The believer is more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. The believer is the head and not the tail. The believer knows and loves God. The believer has the ultimate hope in death.

There is no hope for the sinner not saved by Jesus. They have no hope in the midst of prosperity. The sinner enjoys sin for a season. The sinner enjoys walking in freedom from the restraints of faith. The sinner enjoys temporary wealth and riches. Notice how the most wealthy, in fact all the billionaires in America do not profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. God says he has not called many that are rich and noble, but the base things of the earth to confound the wise.

Hope thou in God. Hope thou in God. Your hope will never ever, ever, fail.

Thoughts about Creation


           Recently I was given the task of looking up the Hebrew meaning of the word ברא which transliterates to bara, which means to create, form or fashion. The word ברא in the Bible takes on many different charateristics of the word create. One thing interesting to me is that God, in most occurences of the word is creating something. He creates the heaven and the earth. He creates mankind and his capacity to procreate. He creates the circumstances and the situations, we find ourselves in. He creates calamity and misery. He creates joy and happiness. Our God creates everything.

            As I read verse after verse occuring 52 times in the Hebrew Bible I realized that out of those times, I recall few occurences where man is the author of creation. God literally has created everything and little is left for us to claim some sort of dominance or control. It is this reason the Bible commands for man to fear God. God has also created death, hell, and the lakes of fire. His power is simply magnificent. The development of all the things we see and touched formed, fashioned, created, by a God who knows no limit. We should be foolish not to put our trust in him. We should be foolish not to rely on him. We should be foolish not to put all our eggs within his basket, because he has all the creative power to make it last and grow. If God’s creative power is not enough to warrant his worship, I simply do not know what is.