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The Lord is not a man that he should lie. If he said that he would never leave you or forsake you, it means never. That means when you find yourself in a hard place, he is still there. When those around you forsake you, he will never leave you. You can trust him. The God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac will be your greatest reward.

Please do not forsake him. Do not think your work for Christ is done in a vacuum and is vain, because only things done for Christ will last. You can take your reward to the grave. Are you hindered by financial debt? Trust the Lord in all your ways. Learn to attend unto his words. He will set you free, but you must be obedient.

God is love. His mercy endures forever and he protects his children from evil. Learn to love him with all that you possess. Attend to his words daily. When wisdom enters your heart and obedience is the action you take, wrong relationships will fall away. Bad financially decisions will fall away. His secret is with the righteous.

 Do not let anyone fool you into thinking you can continue in sin willfully without any negative consequences, they are lying. Satan promised Eve something contrary to God’s word and was removed from the Garden and had to get a real job.

Sin will always cause you to work harder than you need to. Remember, the wicked are being set up. Do not be foolish and think your promotion comes from man, it does not, it comes from God. He will provide for all your needs. He will do it. Trust me. Coming from a man with ADD. God has never failed me. But one thing I do when I hear a word from God is lay my will down and pick up his.

The other day a guy asked me, if I had my own mind, I told him no. I have the mind of Christ. If the word of God, the Bible, is telling me some action in my life is wrong, I repent and press. Repent and press. This is how you walk in the Spirit and go from glory to glory.

When you make excuses for sin, God’s ears are closed to your prayers. Do not let someone lie to you. The people of Nineveh was on God’s hit list for destruction, but when Jonah came and warned the people, God changed his mind about destruction, when God saw what they DID and how they TURNED from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened.

He will be your greatest reward when you have faith to believe him and you are walking in the wisdom in which he gives.


Bomb by _Gavroche_, on Flickr

The informed have known for years that the original family is under attack. The informed have also known that before homosexuality became a huge item in America the enemy was often found in ones own home.  Cain murders Abel, Ham mocks his father, Noah, by looking at his nakedness, Jacob deceives his brother Esau and Absalom tries to take his father’s throne and many more stories like these are found in scripture.

In fact, chaos began with God. The Tower of Babel was one demonstration of unity that God interrupted. Why? The people were not unified in giving God glory, but rather to make a name for themselves, which contradicts God’s reason for our creation. This contradiction in-turn creates chaos.

If the family is to unify, it must be under the umbrella of giving God all the glory. By contradicting your purpose, you create chaos in your life. Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked (Ecclesiastes 7:13)?

There are churches picketing and putting up signs against homosexual marriage. Some are even bold enough to disrupt funerals and cause all sorts of drama, but is this wise? When the LORD takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them (Proverbs 16:7).

What should the church do? Unify under the umbrella of giving God ALL the glory. Not actors or actresses. Not Prada or Brahmin. Not houses or hummers. God will straighten the chaos created by our contradiction. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to keep your eyes and your affection on things above where Christ sits upon the throne. The measure of chaos in your home will diminish and when the world sees your good works they will glorify God.

God interrupted the people at the Tower of Babel to bring confusion because of their agenda. I can only imagine what he would bring to the people who are unified in giving him glory. God always brings something, but you choose what it will be. Peace or chaos?

picture by  _Gavroche_


ruthI am sorry your husband has passed away. I am sorry that I have nothing else to offer you. Please stay away from me and go your own way. I will not go away from you. I will not leave you in your time of heartache, seeking only my pleasure, I will remain with you and serve your God.

Your God and people will become my own. I will dwell in your land with you and become a part of your lineage.  Very well! Remain with me. Now listen to my words and become blessed. Because my words will follow the words of my God and he prospers those who are obedient to his will.

You may be at the verge of losing all. You may have lost it all. You’re choices thus far have served other gods and yourself. You come from idol worship and now you have chosen to receive a better portion. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has rescued many. He has saved and restored those who worship him. Those who turned away from wickedness have received his forgiveness and love. Becoming triumphant!

It seems the day I made the choice to obey and serve your God I have been feeling closer. Your God is a giver of life to those who serve and worship him. Your God provides and gives aid to the needy. He helps those who are outcast from the wealthy and those who appear wise in this world. I love your God! I am glad I made the decision to serve him. Thank you, Jesus, for providing your sacrifice for my sin and sanctification. I am feeling closer everyday.