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Male domestic violence victims


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Sharon Edwards, 42, jailed for life this week for killing husband David, 51. Mr Edwards’ brother, Peter, 50, said double standards made him vulnerable. Men often struggle to stand up for themselves and are ashamed of abuse.  Nineteen men are murdered by their partners or ex-partners each year. Click here to read more.

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:12-13). Expect more and more domestic violence. Expect more and more incest and family violence. Expect more and more sexual immorality and violence. Look at the selfie explosion and sex tapes. Look at the filth on television, youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The filth of the earth increases and only fools will believe there will be no negative consequences.

The time to cry out in prayer is now. For yourself and for your children. Ask the Lord to protect you from the storm, the thief, the murderer with his tongue, and shield you from the sexually immoral who lacerate the mind and body with satanic ritual abuse. Don’t be caught of guard when God told you to watch.



Elijah Wood among various models say sexual abuse of children common in Hollywood

sexual abuse
Elijah Wood says sexual abuse of children is fairly common in Hollywood.

The 35-year-old “Lord of the Rings” star, who appeared in his first film at age 8, told the Sunday Times in Britain many of his young peers were “preyed upon.”

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood,” he said. “It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry — people who only have their own interests in mind.” Click here to know more.

The underlying assumption that has led to the increasing legitimization of same-sex marriage is now fueling a growing effort in academic circles to mainstream pedophilia.

Once considered taboo, psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists established more than 50 years ago, insisting that pedophilia is an inborn “sexual orientation,” not a learned sexual behavior.

If people are born with a sexual attraction to minors, the argument goes, their “orientation” should be accepted as normative and not stigmatized.

“Believe it or not, even child sexual abuse, rape, and incest (which its apologists euphemistically now call ‘adult-child-sex’ and ‘intergenerational sex’) are slowly but surely gaining respectability,” Kupelian wrote.

Kupelian noted that many people “think having sex with children is a good thing,” pointing to 100,000 websites at the time offering illegal child pornography. Worldwide, at the time, child porn generated $3 billion in annual revenues. Click here to read more.

Click here to know more.

The devil is busy and making moves to destroy mankind by pushing sexual immorality that diminishes love and promotes ungodly lusts that eats like cancer on the minds of men. This agenda has big money behind it and falls in-line with the prophecy of Scripture that the mystery of iniquity is at work.

We could have another revival as we do not know the Lord’s exact return. Lets pray for Jesus to reveal to us the perfect strategy to save our children from death. Cry out to God for your own children and the resources to aid in the delivering of others. Cease not to call upon his name. Perhaps we can hasten the coming of the Lord.

Pedophilia: The Next Step Toward Progression for America

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 10.01.46 AMThe nation’s tough anti-pedophilia laws are unfair to pedophiles, according to an op-ed published by The New York Times’ editors. The nation needs to move forward. We have done it for the sodomites and it should be allowed for those attracted to children and moving forward to beastuality. America will become the land of freedom for every defiled sexual act that man can imagine. – Your Friend Apollyon

Pray for America! The next step under Hillary will be pedophilia.

Mom-of-four substitute teacher, 38, accused of having sex with 17-year-old student in family home and using social media to seduce at least five other boys


32FF6ADA00000578-0-image-m-8_1460208713943Kisha Nuckols, 38, was arrested Friday and is now being at Hancock County jail without bond. The Indiana subs teacher is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old in her family home. Police allege she had sex with at least six current or former students. Nuckols used Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to reel in students, say police. She worked at  Mt. Vernon Middle School but used the school system to contact students at Mt. Vernon High School. Also sent sexually explicit photos of herself and inappropriate messages. Read more


What many fail to see is that this behavior is driven by the unseen world. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

This woman has not been born again. She does not know the Lord Jesus Christ and like millions in our world have no governor against a direct assault by Satan. It is similar to the effects found in the movie called the Matrix. You have the agent that could change any walking human who was not connected to the red pill into himself. Satan is the same way with his army of fallen angels and demons.

The solution is ” you must be born again” (John 3:7). Through believing the work performed by Jesus on the cross and repenting of sin can a human host be a candidate for the indwelling Holy Spirit, thus making one new creature in Christ Jesus. This new creature has supernatural power and is given a sword to hurt the kingdom of darkness. Outside of Jesus you have no power against demons. No power to escape their deception or torment.

It is important for parents to cover their children in prayer so that the blood of Jesus will be upon them and pass by. Unfortunately, for children without Christian parents to cover them there is little help against these predators. This is one story out of thousands that will never be reported. Satan is busy and sex is his favored tool to taint and destroy a persons spirit. It is abuse and any counselor can tell you that most of the people they see have been sexually abused in some form or fashion.

When this abuse takes place these people are given a demonic spirit that attracts more abuse. The abusers can see this spirit and make moves to harm these children in Satan’s hope to use them later to commit the same atrocities on others. Hence, the rape culture, incest, and adults sleeping with children.

Ask Jesus to protect your family in Jesus name.