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People keep seeing Jesus in strange places

false Jesus
While the city of Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia gained international attention in 1981 when six children claimed to have encountered the Virgin Mary, there has also been a long history of religious apparitions in the United States, as well, and often in some of the most unusual ways.

Two Houston women recently claimed to have seen the face of Jesus Christ on a neighborhood oak tree.

In 1996, a Nashville coffeehouse became a tourist attraction when a customer found a cinnamon bun that resembled Mother Teresa. On Christmas Day in 2005, the “Nun Bun” was reported stolen.

Back in 2004, the Virgin Mary’s face was embedded on a grilled cheese sandwich.

A couple in Iowa in 2010 sliced open a potato that had a cross-like design in the middle of it. They later listed the potato slices on eBay.

In 2014, a Michigan man also saw Jesus’ face in a pierogi he purchased at a Parish festival. Just a year before, a man in Ohio photographed an image of Jesus appearing in a bird dropping on his car windshield.

For some this may be comical and for others these are true encounters with God. It is important to understand that we do live in a spiritual world. This means  that not only does God speak, Satan and his fallen angels speak and reveal themselves as well. Be careful that you are not deceived. God has not revealed his face. His instructions for the believer is to worship him in Spirit and truth.

Jesus said, in the last days people would claim Jesus is here or there, but do not believe them because when Jesus appears again, he will not be revealing himself to a few people, but all will see him and every knee will bow before him.

I have a tile in my bathroom that has what appears to be an image of the false Jesus that many of us are plagued with. I don’t worship the tile or believe its God speaking, because he speaks to my heart through the Holy Spirit. No images of his majesty, a still small voice, a knowing that does not contradict the Bible.


Evangelical Leader Says This ‘Idol’ Separates White Christians From God

Sojourners founder and president Jim Wallis says white Christians who worship the idol of white supremacy are separated from God.

Christian activist Jim Wallis has said he is grateful that Martin Luther King, Jr. was more than a civil rights leader. King was also a minister who “spoke in the language of sin and repentance,” the kind of language that must be used to talk about racism today, according to Wallis.

“Until we talk about racism in that language, I don’t think we’re gonna get to all of the things we have to change and fix, like the criminal justice system, our policing system, education, the economy, all the rest,” Wallis said to a small, mostly-white crowd at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City Tuesday night.

The gathering, organized by Union Theological Seminary and Demos and featuring a panel discussion on racism, was the first of many Wallis will be holding at notable churches in cities that have been the focus of headlines amid the Black Lives Matter movement. The discussions are based on Wallis’s new book, America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America, which he described as a “roadmap” or “path of repentance.”

The language of “sin” and “repentance” is necessary particularly for white Christians because of slavery and its legacy, he argued.

White Christians, said Wallis, chose to mark their enslaved blacks as non-humans as a means of reconciling “their faith with what they had to do with these slaves to make a profit.”

Today, white Christians remain “blinded and their hearts are bound by” the sin of white supremacy, the ideology that positions whiteness as the norm, the Sojourners founder and president argued. Continue