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Horror Movies Are A PORTAL FOR EVIL SPIRITS! – How to Cleanse Ones Home

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For those who frequently watch horror movies and experience strange things happening in your home, like shadows zipping across the room, moving objects, the television or lights coming on or off, when no one in the house turned them on or doors opening or shutting when no person is entering or exiting the room, you have made your home a fortress for evil spirits.

Horror movies especially are a portal for evil spirits. Who do you think gave the wisdom and understanding of dark spiritual things to the writers and producers and actors and actresses of those movies? They are spirit writing and listening to demons for the material. They teach them how to open portals so that they can infiltrate as many homes as possible with this demonic doctrine.

If you want to cleanse your home of these things you cannot use demonic rituals to do it. There are plenty of youtube videos teaching house cleansing that uses the same evil spirits to supposedly cleanse the house. Demons cannot and do not cast themselves out. Of course, that would be counterproductive to their mission which is your soul in hell for eternity. Keep in mind every electronic device you use to watch horror films are portals. Evil Spirits ride on the current that allows you to see the picture on the screen.

So the first thing you do to cleanse your house is remove every horror film from your house and of course stop watching them immediately. On any device where a horror film may be watched stop using that device for it. This will close the portal. Now that the portal has been closed, what do I do about the demons that have entered my house?

Now some people will tell you to anoint the house with oil. If you anoint your house with oil, you will mark the home as a house that evil spirits need to tread lightly around. Meaning: If you do it properly in faith your door frames that you anoint will have fire on them, but remember the demons did not get into your house through your front door. They used the portal so this will not work. You can cover your house with anointing oil and open up the portal by watching horror films and you would be waisting your time as floods of evil spirits poor inside your home through this open door.

Once the door is shut you pray in Jesus name. There is power in the name of Jesus when used in faith. Remember, the name Jesus is useless to the person who prays without believing. You can scream Jesus to the top of your lungs in prayer and nothing will happen until you believe. It is not in the yelling that demons flee. It is in the faith. You may yell out of high emotions to get them out, but they will only leave by faith.

Pray this prayer below for all the activity mentioned above to cease. If you are unwilling to close the portal, don’t bother praying this prayer. Faith without works is dead.

Lord Jesus Christ forgive my sin. Forgive me, for allowing my eyes to behold that which is evil. Forgive me of all my iniquities. Cleanse me. In Jesus name.

Lord Jesus Christ I offer my home to you. This house, this apartment, this dwelling place, this room, belongs to you. Every space and every door belongs to you Jesus. Fill my home. Fill my rooms. Fill my dwelling. Fill my heart. Let your presence rest here. Let your anointing rest here. I bind the strong man in my dwelling and spoil his servants of evil in the name of Jesus. The pit is open and they are fleeing inside. Every evil spirit that entered my home through open portals must go in Jesus name. I call a thousand angels to make sure that every evil spirit within my home included the strongman are being escorted into the pit in Jesus name. Go every dark spirit and every evil spirit in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus for cleansing my home. Thank you Lord Jesus for filling this place and making this dwelling a home of peace.