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Catching fire is more than hunger games. It’s being a light and hope that leads the way for others to pursue victory. Are you a catcher of fire? Do you present others with hope for the future? Is your presence one filled with hope and confidence in God or do you pour on the doubt and despair?

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a living God determined to save his people. He has promised to answer prayer and reveal his secret to the righteous. He is a consuming fire. His eyes are like flames of fire. If you catch his fire you will be like hot coals warming hearts around you.

Do not allow the cold news of homocide and suicide to persuade you to believe that God is sleeping or does not care. You know he delivers and sets free. You know this earth is not the believer’s home. You know that victory over sin, death and disease will be won. You know that catching fire is contagious.

You also know there is strange fire that should not be entertained by the believer in Jesus. This is not the fire from the Lord, but a pseudo fire. The purpose of which is to deceive. How do you tell the difference? Any spirit that confesses not that Jesus came in the flesh is not of God.

The difference is in the name Jesus. Catch this fire and be the hope for others to see and enjoy.


sad-man1Whether in the body or out of the body I cannot tell. There has been a man to whom loved his wife so deeply, that when at first sign of her betrayal with another man he kills himself. He wars and fights within his mind on whether or not to take his life. He loses the victory and for him life is already over. He had placed every ounce of his being into a frail person who let him down. As teeth within his flesh, biting down to the very soul he gives his last rite. Writing down his letter of how hurt and betrayed he feels. “The world has offered me a beautiful woman and the world has taken her away.”

This young man is a symbol of other men who have taken their life, in part, because of a woman, but why? Why did he take his life for such a temporary condition? Why did he end his legacy so soon without first considering a little bit more?

His whole being was placed into the woman and for him his life had ended. He was a dead man walking, when she walked out.

I am calling young men or even old, are you thinking that a cheating girlfriend or wife necessitates suicide? Is life really over? If your all, is in a woman, it will be. Please consider placing your all in Jesus. He is the firm foundation. He is the rock of ages. He is the calm in the middle of the storm and a strong tower to those who run to him. A cheating wife is not the end. A cheating girlfriend is not the answer. Do not make rash decisions on temporary pain. Call today upon Jesus and place all your chips in him, for he will not fail you, but with tender arms and wise precision will lead you to a place where goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


How to Prepare for Hell – A “Just in Case” Letter to My Unbelieving Friends and Family

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Originally posted on Real Christianity:
In a post a few years ago, I talked about using Facebook and Twitter for the glory of God and how I have been able to use it to tell my friends and family about Christ…


Here are simple words from my heart.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.21.26 PMIf this day causes you pain and suffering, I understand what it means to be lonely. I have experienced the sting of many lonely nights, crying myself to sleep, watching Lizzie McGuire. I have experienced the empty feeling of desiring someone close and realizing that alone I sit, stand, and sleep. The heavy heart and the despair of life can sometimes get quite shattering. I am amazed at how many Valentine days pass. Alas, I am saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and still I experience this. What is my hope or joy? It is Christ answer to prayer. It is the precious pain before the calm. It is our story. It is our saga. It is a great movie with all the implications that make movies great. The troubled waters before the peace that passes understanding, but does it end here? The movie ends on a note that is grand and leaves the audience to ponder the pleasure of the couple’s reunion, but what after? The story continues with more valleys and more peaks, the difference for the believer in Christ is this, our valleys and tears are being touched by God and he hears our prayer and will repay. The valleys and hills are the saga. Be of good cheer. Your day is coming. Stay the course and be strong and forget not this Valentine Day for when the memory of the past is gone we may be doomed to repeat it.