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Spiritual magic and powers from mysticism and spiritual catalyst are real. They have power given to them in their eyes, legs, privates, backsides, walk, hands. and feet. There may be more, but this should suffice. These individuals can be very dangerous. Some unfortunately make their income from using these powers and will have a difficult time coming out of this heavy deception.

Now this power is not from Jesus the One True God, but the god of this world. They have been given power to heal and can produce real results that is why the deception can be so thick. But here are ways you can identify God’s power from an imitation as far as I see. Sin.

Women, I come across will dress seductively and use sex. They have an evil spiritual power of seduction in their eyes. Those not protected by the Holy Spirit will not be able to resist them. Not all of these women know they are using demon power to produce these results. Many believe it’s harmless and focus on the immediate results, not seeing Satan’s payoff their soul in hell. It literally hurts me. The deception is so thick. Heterosexual women can be seduced by these women as well, so do not think this gives you protection. A relationship with Jesus Christ is the only protection.

Also, do not let them lay hands on you or listen to their demonic instructions. They have power that is evil and will give you evil spirits that will manifest in a healing, but your end will be destruction.

Also, this heart sign that everyone is making is demonic. When you listen to someone that tells you to picture an arrow going through it, there is an evil spirit moving inside those who are not protected by the Holy Spirit.

Men, I come across using magic, meditation, spiritual catalyst will also have evil spiritual power of seduction. They will have charm and smoothness. Women call this swag, but it is an evil spirit. This is more visible when a guy is not physically attractive and can manage to have beautiful 10’s around him. Nevertheless, the Bible says that every man should have his own wife and everyone women should have her own husband. This is the mark of the Holy Spirit.

People using evil spiritual power appears to be growing and many are being initiated into the kingdom of darkness. There are youtubers pushing this who have 100,000’s subscribers and they are destroying many.

You will know them by the fruit they bear. Jesus is ALL POWERFULL! He alone gives the perfect gift from above with no shadow of turning.

Satan gives booby prizes. A reward that ends in destruction.

If you are being tormented contact me and I will lead you to live a righteous life in Jesus Christ.

I Put On…

There are so many voices that speak, but who says you have to listen? God says, set your affections on things above and not on the earth. When spiritual creatures of immense dark power come raging with false accusations and false prophecies of defeat, put on the full amour of God. Put on every piece and let his voice alone speak into your mind and fill the depths of your heart, so that when its time perform his word in your life, no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Similar to this commercial I simply put on Christ.


don't judge me, impostors, navy yard shooting suspect,

I am sure by now you have heard the term “Don’t Judge Me.” A term often used as a defense mechanism. A last resort message to ward off accusations and feelings of regret, hurt and failure. Because I am guilty and my heart has been exposed, I utter the phrase “Don’t Judge Me.” My wrong has caused my heart to break and without an adequate defense, I utter, “Don’t Judge Me.” The proverbial shield of protection but does it work?

When an individual uses the term, they neglect the problem and no solution for change is found. The psalmist writes “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise (Psalm 51:17). When the judgment is correct, rather then harden yourself to it, use it rather to change. When a brother or sister in Christ judges my actions to be hypocritical and they are, I may be tempted to say “Don’t Judge Me” and continue being hypocritical or I could accept the judgment allow the pain to sink in and change for the better.

God cannot use individuals (for the individuals good) who are unwilling to be hurt with truth. Most of the time when people say, “Don’t Judge Me” they are wrong. The church is not required by God to judge those outside of the church, only those within it. This is how the church remains a shelter for the sick and a blessing to those who enter it.

The world is supposed to be disgusting. It should not be strange that a man desires to enter another man or a woman allows a dog to enter her. Women exposing themselves online with children and men running after little boys. This is natural behavior from an unregenerate man and such were some of us, however judging outside the church belongs to God.

When you decide to take the title I have been given by the Scriptures, my judging will begin. I am a Christian (Acts 11:26) and a minister. It is my desire that we all grow in wisdom and knowledge and understanding of the word of God. Namely, to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things. So if our conduct is less than what the Scriptures demand, I will judge you and I will gladly accept your judgment.

I am not ignorant of the fact that if I judge the same measure will be measured against me and I assure you, that whatever judgment I cast, I am not guilty of the same. The purpose of judging our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is so that we become better. For those who have jobs understand that the progress report is a judgment of your character and your abilities for the job you are presently engaged in. For those who desire to remain employed accept the judgment of their supervisor and change, or else continue down the same path and get fired.

How much more important is the judgment of the people of God? The people of God are judging so that you may not miss heaven and be counted with the many folks that will say, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:22-23).

God’s Favorite Race


The tide is coming in. The sea is bringing all the lost letters on the shore. The love stories, of old, are coming forth into the light. The structure is changing. Can you feel it? Let the sun hit your face and look up. Let the wind spray and the taste of salt, be refreshing. The alignment is taking place and God’s favorite race is being revealed.

He is gathering from the four corners and causing a global shift. Can you see it? Are you aware that all across the nations of the world this race gathers in unity, calling the same God? He has given this race his name and they fail not to call upon it, daily, for his power to move within their lives.

God has chosen them and set them apart revealing his Son Jesus within them. As this race of people pursue him, they begin to take upon themselves his likeness. The leader looks no different from the subordinate.  Their instructions are the same. Love God and keep the faith as it have been given. Do not alter the instruction nor change its content as this changes its ability to set the captives free.

God’s favorite race has been revealed to the hearts of his children and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. He knows them. They know and love him. They are the obedient filling precious time with worship toward his Holy temple. They are holders of light and pursuers of righteousness.

You will know them by the fruit they bear. You will know them by the clothing they wear. You will know them by their delight. You will recognize them by the feeling you get when they leave the room. This race is extremely powerful and when stirred will leap over walls and trample over the so-called strong man. This race is called…