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Bakari Henderson Black College Grad Beaten to Death, During Vacation in Greece By White Gang

A 22-year-old Black American college student’s vacation to Greece ended in tragedy after he was beaten to death by a white gang. Texas-born Bakari Henderson was reportedly found battered and unresponsive by authorities on a street on the Greek Island of Zakynthos after an argument inside a bar spilled out onto the street.

The young man decided to enjoy selfies with a white female and her enraged boyfriend did not like the joy that he appeared to be giving her. The smiles was too much for him to handle, so gathering like minded white men, they beat him to his death.

It is important for black men to understand that white supremacy is universal and you are not safe, especially if you have the ability to make white women smile. This man surrounded himself by white people and his white friends did nothing. They stayed on code and allowed this man to be beaten to death. Recently, you heard the rant of Shia Lebouf who sought to stir the white police officer after his arrest, by mentioning that his wife looks at black men in pornography. All pornography is evil, but it is very telling that this would be on this mans heart. Did he lose a white woman to a black man? Does that even matter? Is cheating made worse when the person is of another race? Ask Rich Piana he thinks so.

Be careful black men. As a Christian we are taught that we live in a perpetual state of war. Our adversary is vigilant and we must be prayerful and walk in the wisdom and discernment.