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I saw this article about this man with terminal brain cancer; he was a teacher who was seeking out former students trying to ascertain whether or not he had made a difference in their lives as a teacher.

This seemed to be very important to this man, as if he felt this would be his legacy in some way. As I thought on his quest for his former students I couldn’t help but wonder, if his real quest should not have been to assure his salvation and a right relationship with God.

The thought comes to mind that speaks of our “good” deeds being burned up, only what’s done for Christ will last.  As this man’s illness draws him closer to his reunion with his creator I pray that he discovers his true legacy. His legacy of using his allotted time spent accomplishing the work of Christ.

We are busy with so many  “important ” things everyday as our allotted clocks wind down, let’s not forget without Jesus Christ at the center of our lives nothing else matters when all is said and done. He is the reason for the season.

by Delilah (Guest Post)

picture by  h.koppdelaney

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