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Good News

As a teen, one of the saddest things you could hear is bad news that you and your mother have been left alone and no money is left on the table and the bank account has just enough money to keep it open. The first response is fear along with sadness and then anger. Who do you turn to in times of turmoil and grief? Having never been in this situation as described I find it a little ignorant of me to say I know how you feel. I do not. You may wonder than why write about this subject? Great question. What I know is having good relationships in your life bodes well. Especially, from someone who loves you.

The person who loves you is looking out for your best interest. They desire to see you prosper. Often times what looks like a great idea in the midst of stress and turmoil is not. The one who loves you and is typically older than you understands life’s tragedies. They may be used as compasses to guide you. Listen…Youth is a blessing and tragedy can either make or break you.

You choose the former or latter. You choose to accept someone’s love for you and their wisdom gained through experience or you may choose to retreat in fear, blame or resentment. Do not do it.

God always leaves a remnant. Someone that is left behind to give a powerful testimony of what God can do in the midst of dire circumstances. He makes it possible for you to live well and be well for eternity. You must choose Jesus for all of life’s wisdom. I can tell you from experience he has never failed me yet.

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image by  whatmegsaid