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Sitting in his love seat and recalling the times before, my friend believes things in his marriage may be restored. Somehow the soft cushion of this recliner causes him to reminiscence of the days before the confusion. The days before the conflict and as he works through his memory to find, what is at the center of this division, alas the light bulb has turned on and he recalls the suffering of Jesus within the garden of Gethsemane and then the resurrection. If Jesus went through suffering, I must be a fool to think that I am able to escape it, I must also be a double fool not to believe that it has an expiration and with anticipation I can wait for this suffering to have an end.

My phone rings and he is unable to get the words out fast enough. I am planning a trip for my wife and it is going to be spectacular. I am also returning to church and I am going to pour on the love. She is going to be dripping with so much love and I will wait patiently for the results. The cross for this relationship will be over. Apprehensive of his quick excitement, but not saying a word I recall the scripture where Paul discusses about husbands and wives being unequally yoked and if the unbelieving spouse desires to stay within the marriage let them. Why? You never know if they may be led to Christ by your behavior. Needless to say the trip that he plans, takes them to the shores of cocoa beach.

While at the beach as the husband prepares their spot, his wife needs to use the rest room and so she goes to the rest the restroom and runs into an old friend. It had been 6 years since they last saw one another. As they embraced and asked the proverbial question what has been going on and how is life, her friend quickly reveals that she has met the Lord. Now she is taken back by her boldness and odd change because she had always been known to be to smart for Christianity. After the initial shock she tells her about a gathering with other church members on the beach later in the evening and that she is more than welcome to come, in fact, you have not seen me and must come. She accepts the invitation and returns to her husband with the news.

He could not be more excited by this turn of events. It was like the heavens opened and showed him tonight is your night. It was surely his night that night. His wife went to the gathering and met some great people and experienced something she never did before and gave her life to Jesus. She wanted the same thing her friend had found. My friend is funny, because he tells me that she also gave him the time of his life within the bed as well. It was the marriage icing on the wonderful cake established by Jesus. I could go on about how his cross is over at this juncture, but that’s his story not my own.

photo by Vanessa